What's for dinner?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by NearertoGod, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. If it is the same orange roughy we get up here in OZ,..............nice fish to eat.
    But......it is on the endangered list. Either it it over fished or it is not a prolific breeder.
  2. Maybe we could set up a fertility clinic for fish that are not breeding fast enough to satisfy our eating preferences?
  3. I bet Brian would help with that?
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  4. Who says I don't already have one?
  5. I made awesome nachos last night. Took a chicken breast and seasoned it with garlic, onion salt, pepper and green onion. Then I heated up the chips and cheese and topped it with the chicken, sour cream, green onion and the salsa I made from Where's recipe.
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  6. I need a non-meat appetizer recipe for the Blackhawks game this evening...ready...GO...
  7. Taco salad tonight. You still need appetizer?
  8. Yup. Something simple. Maybe with cream cheese.
  9. Sour cream with cream cheese and a packet of taco seasoning
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  10. Serve with tortilla chips
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  11. I think I have all that. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  12. All I have is fajita seasoning. That will have to do.
  13. Okay, so the cream cheese I had was bad, almost made me throw up :sick:. Now I'm ordering a pizza (y)
  14. Lol sorry. It is actually a pretty good dip
  15. I don't doubt that. I should have tasted or at least smelled the cheese before I used it.
  16. I ordered Dominos last night, I think that will be the last time. Their pizza really isn't that good. Their stuffed cheesy bread wasn't bad though.
  17. I love dominos thin crust pizza.
  18. We were getting the homemade pan for a while. It was good for a long time but the past 3 times we've ordered it, it's either been undercooked, smashed to the box or just not tasting like anything.
  19. Today for Lunch I had bread and Butter spread with Vegemite.......very tasty.

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