What's for dinner?

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  1. didn't realize you are either a Aussie or a Kiwi

    I have never met anyone outside Australasia who knows what a vegemite is, much less like it.
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  2. aaahahahahahahehehehehe don't forget the blue sheep dip[​IMG] and mix with cream cheese and stuff it in a Jalapeno x12 then batter n fryem fast, Wa Laaaa Appetizers :)
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  3. Testing what? The blue sheep?
  4. I suspect I'd like it but I bet it isn't as good as our (UK) Marmite...
  5. Oh, rubbish!

    How DARE you suggest UK version would be better than Kiwi's!

    just kidding :p

    personally I think nothing beats vegemite made right here in New Zealand, but that is just me.
  6. What is a vegemite?
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  7. it is a dark, salty yeast spread you put on things like toasts.
  8. Alternatively... a by product of the brewing industry (or yeast extract if you prefer). Wikepedia article on Marmite.
  9. Dark + salty + yeast + spread...yikes
  10. Sorry. I needed to check something and I wasn't sure what thread to put it on.
  11. Lol. I thought you were dying some sheep blue and then...well...haha
  12. I got a message saying a mod had to approve my post, so I was making sure I wasn't banned or something.
  13. We are having fish and fries and it smells very good. Hungry!
  14. I had a nice thick porterhouse steak literally buried beneath caramelized Onions and caramelized Mushrooms. No pepper or chilie allowed in my kitchen. What fantastic flavours are released when they don't have to compete with adulterants:cool:
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  16. Possum.
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  17. Cheddar bacon cheeseburger, bleu cheese salad, and jalapeno poppers on the side.

    With fresh raspberries for dessert.
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  18. Anything, except for gizzards, I am easy. :)
  19. Hubby loves gizzards. :sick: Of course he's a master chef so he has a very cultured palate. I just call it a gullet that doesn't discriminate. He's eaten alligator for goodness sake. :speechless: Alligator! :ROFLMAO:

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