What's for dinner?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by NearertoGod, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. That sounds WONDERFUL! since I'm from the NW
  2. Whats a matter Calvin you afraid to eat chili? Come on ......man up. this is NOT a hot chili recipe. hehehehe
  3. It is the pepper I particularly dislike.. Did you know that pepper so influences the taste buds that coca-cola tastes odd? (everything else for that matter)
  4. And besides Calvin, eating some hot chilies will put you closer to Jesus, .........what's wrong with that?

  5. Coca-cola it just bad, that's all there is to it.

  6. Chilli? closer to Jesus?
    ♩♫ Then I saw the light, now I'm a believer..♬ ♩ :)
  7. Philistine!:speechless:
  8. "Chilli? closer to Jesus?
    ♩♫ Then I saw the light, now I'm a believer..♬ ♩ :)"

    Ah, I perceive a non-believer, ..just crunch down on a Serrano or a Habarnaro.....

    then come back and I'll tell you the secret to put out the fire,

    ...............then tell me you weren't closer to Jesus! ;)

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  9. So I made this tonight and I just thought it was okay, my wife thought it was awesome. I can't stand the smell of balsamic vinegar which I think ruined it for me.
  10. My wife made cajun ahi tuna steaks last night, they were delicious!
  11. I beginning to think Where was right? He said you was a yuppie, but I defended you!...Now Im beginning to wonder..:(
  12. I do drink perrier with my pinky pointed straight to the heavens so...
  13. I thought you was kinda riding the fence on that gay marriage thread...:eek:
  14. What made you think that?
  15. Don't they drink Perrier and have their pinky up in the air? Just saying...:unsure:
  16. Not sure. I don't stalk people and observe them like you do :p
  17. My wife made us orange roughy last night. It was fried in peanut oil with a beer batter served with seasoned potatoes and green beans.
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