What's for dinner?

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  1. Gimmee some of that lizard! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Your killin me hehehehe
  3. Yep, you're hungry now aren't ya? Go ahead, admit it. :p

    Course, that bacon part on my burger sort of precludes me from saying anything about forbidden foods in the Bible. ;) Pork is forbidden.
    I don't eat it that often but there are times when I crave BLT's. I'll have to start shopping for the vegan bacon I guess.

    But I still don't eat crab, shrimp, or lobster. And no, lobster have a shell fin, but not scales. That's still big biblical nono. Besides that, crab are the worst thing you can eat. Do you know what they eat in order to produce that meat in their body that you eat?

    Ick! Lets's put it this way, sewage is at the top of their menu. :sick: I never liked eating crab nor lobster because of having to murder the poor little things when they're bought fresh.

    Hubby bought a bushel of crabs once and put them in the sink to wash them off and then left them there while he finished prepping the pot.
    There I am crying like a baby apologizing to a sink full of blue crab.:ROFLMAO: They're all holding their little arms up with their claws open ready to defend against the great predator looking down on them. Until they realized that predator was weeping like a baby. I kid you not, I petted each one of them as they sat there and watched with closed claws. :( Then I left the house because I couldn't stand the fact he was making crab dinner for him and my mom.

    Murrrrrderrrrr! :p
    Yep, I'm weird.
  4. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: yes I know what they eat. I been a fisherman all my life:D I've been in the NW most of my life and all n dwn the west coast.
  5. Its almost always something from a hamburger helper box.
  7. Yep! How do you like them? ;)
  8. I usually have the same meals as my parents and as they are vegetarian, that means no meat for me most of the time. Bacon is probably the most common thing I have when I do eat meat. I've not come across any attempts at a vegetarian version?

    For burgers, for a few years now, I've preferred Quorn burgers to ones made with beef. At least I do with one possible exception. I've not had one in a while but I find there can be something nice about the ones you get from a van parked on the roadside served in a roll with fried onions.
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  10. Morningstar is a good Veggie bacon brand. They have lots of options for meat alternatives. Taco meats, hamburger, etc..
    (LINK Veggie Bacon Brands)

    Good food wagons are hard to find. But when you do they're worth it.
    And they do quite well too. There aren't any such things here. Small town and all.
  11. It seems that Morningstar did have a streaky bacon product on sale in the UK but they withdrew it. Still it's got me looking and to my surprise I've found even Quorn do one. I'll get a pack next week (our weekly shopping was done today) and give it a try.

    I'm in a rural area but I'm pretty much on a main trunk route. Heading west on the main road, there's one about 3 miles from me that seems to do very well.

  12. BRING IT! MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Looks a bit on the skimpy side tho. Need more taters and veggies :) O n a couple .....5 more shrimp LOL
  13. That's not all of the meal. It was one plate of several plates. It was on a cruise ship I was on a couple of weeks ago.
  14. AAHHHHHHH!!! OK then hehehe
  15. I might not be able to wait for dinner, but with Summer approaching I'm going to have lots of Pineapple and Banana sandwiches. Maybe a little passion fruit pulp added to jazz them up a bit.
  16. Tonight I had homemade minestrone soup with garbanzo salad! Washed it down with gazpacho! Yummy!
  17. You must really like soup to have two of them.
  18. I don't know about tonight. I'm heading back to my place later today, so I'm probably not going to eat anything for dinner.

    But tomorrow, I'm making Meatball Chili!

    I cooked Chicken Fried Rice the other day for lunch and my parents :)
  19. I do, but gazpacho isn't just a soup, it can be a drink too.
  20. I was also thinking of your post about pinto soup as well.

    You are a soup fan.

    Me I'm a braise fan.
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