Predestination a biblical perspective

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  1. Let us share our views. What harm can come about? Are there not threads that stretch past 100 pages?
  2. No problem. :cool:

    I still think your position is self-contradictory, but that's okay. Bowing out now.
  3. As long as you're civil. I'll be watching :cautious: :speechless: :ROFLMAO:
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  4. So.......
    "The only sin a unsaved person can commit is not to believe Jesus is the Son of God, and is their saviour".

    Does that mean that all the Old Test. Jews will not enter the Kingdom of God? They did not believe upon Jesus as He was not known to them? What about the Godly line of Seth before the flood.???

    In other words an unsaved, unregenerated person can not committ the sin of murder or adultry?

    What would we then call those actions????

    Miss-stakes? Wrong choices? Un-acceptable behaviour?

    But did you know that there are people in the Bible who have committed one or all kinds of sins /misstakes whom we all expect to see in heaven?

    MY 1st one to remember would be David. Is there a sin that he did not commit?
  5. So.......a peeping tom huh?????
  6. I guess the convo is over... so is the thread :) God bless and good night :D
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