Sep 3, 2009
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Well-Known Member, Male, from Florida

    1. Nehemiah
      Praise the lord... Sir a small question please give me the answer... where will we give the tithes... in the church or prophet?
      1. Major
        Excellant question brother and I am honored that you would ask it of me.

        IMHO and I for one give my tithe to my local church.

        It is the local church that reaches out to the community around it and helps in all the ways that it can. Feeding the needy, helping when medication is needed, paying doctor bills and so forth.

        Thanks again and may the Lord bless you!
        Feb 4, 2014
    2. PIETER
      HI Your notes are very interesting to read and informative.
      1. Major
        Thank you brother and that is a very nice complement.
        Blessing to you !!!
        Feb 2, 2014
    3. Ravindran
      Hi.. Nice to meet you! I learn a lot from your postings.. Thought it would be appropriate to stop by and write a thanks note :) Thanks!
      1. Major
        Hello my friend. It is my honor to speak with you. I hope that you are well and I appreciate your note. I have been away for several months but I am slowly trying to catch back up.

        Blessing to you and your family!
        Jan 13, 2014
      2. Ravindran
        I think we would agree a lot of doctrines.. Based on your posts, I think we will disagree on only one issue.. Operation of gifts of the Holy Spirit today.. I believe it is operational today.. But we can live with that difference :) We agree on far more important biblical truth..

        A wonderful family picture! Blessing to you and your family as well..
        Jan 14, 2014
      3. Major
        Hello my brother and blessing to you.

        I never argue on the gifts of the Spirit. I only post what I believe the Bible teaches and then allow the Holy Spirit to move and teach.

        Actually they are not fundamental to the Christian faith but are more under denominational teachings than they are Biblical teaching.

        As long as we agree on the fundamentals we can indeed live with difference.

        Bless you and your family!
        Jan 15, 2014
    4. whyme35
      Hi Major,

      I just came upon your profile.I also do not know how to send a PM(just because i don't see any button for that) and because i would like to have a chat with you will you send me a PM(private message) ?

      Thanks !
      1. Major
        Hello my friend. I have been out of touch for some time and I just saw your PM today (1-13-14).

        What is on your mind or am I too late?
        Jan 13, 2014
    5. hopeinGod
      We are in agreement on grace and the church as I read in your posts in Heb. 6 thread. Noah did find grace in the eyes of the Lord. Job, too, wrote , "For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:" Such a great truth, salvation by grace.
      1. Major likes this.
      2. Major
        Thank you for the comment. I am glad that we share the same understanding. Peace and GRACE to you in your life and to your family as well.
        Aug 19, 2012
    6. gemma
      I'm grateful for calling me as your sister in Christ! This following comment is long overdue because sometimes I feel that you're going to chew me later on but, yeah, I admit that I admire your boldness and zeal in teaching. Thanks and God bless you, brother!! :-J
      1. Major
        Dear Gemma...........I would never ever chew you out.
        Your faith in Christ makes us brothers and sisters in Christ and that is what saves us and keeps. From what I have read from you, you show the love of Christ and exhibit the grace of God in all that you have said.

        YES you are my sister and I love you without hesitation or exceptions!!!!
        May 26, 2011
    7. HeisallIneed
      I would like to PM you but not sure how to do it
      1. Major
        You just did my friend. Ask away.

        I will get back to you ASAP.
        May 7, 2011
    8. Ginger
      Hi, can you send me a PM. I don't know how to send you one :-)
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