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  1. Yes, the 3.5 year point into the 7 year Tribulation is when the Antichrist turns on Israel.
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  2. It boggles the mind, Major. :eek:
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  3. I just realized that the reason Lanolin's comments so confusing to me is because she must have me on "ignore".
  4. Sorry to hear that, but my brother, some things are just not interpretational problems but actually false teaching.
    I am pretty sure that many others had problems with your theology so it is not just ME that do not see the Scriptures as you do.
    BUT if it is only me then that is OK too.
  5. Revelation isnt always talking bout things future..its revealing what went on in heaven, while stuff is happening on earth, and a vision of what heaven will be like.
    Some of it is now past...because those churches in revelation are not here anymore, but the types of churches described are still relevant to us.
  6. I just found out that..the whole american known as 'dispensationalism' which I had kinda come across before... but on looking in the Bible it does not add up, so I reject it. Christians from all other countries do not believe in this doctrine.

    it mostly has to do with religious zionists, and belief that THEY are the special ones who will see the end of the world, and be exclusively raptured discounting the fact that all of the saints who have passed are still waiting, and ignoring warnings in the Bible about the anti-christ and mark of the beast.

    I will just say, if you've happened to subscribe to this doctrine, read your bible without those dispy glasses. It will become clear.
  7. did you find out? The internet?

    The dispensation method of understanding God's dealings with man is not "American". IT IS NOT A DOCTRINE. It is a worldwide and accepted method of understanding God's ways.

    That's nonsense.

    You could use some teaching about dispensations.
  8. No dear.
    The nazi's marked the people like that, the Jews had no choice but to wear this symbol.
    It is strikingly similar to the way isis is marking those of Christian faith with the Hebrew n for Nazarene.
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  9. They did have a choice. When you are a christian, you are saved by Jesus, you are no longer just a jew or greek, as Paul said. Your christian identity is what you will proclaim, and look, Paul also said he was a Roman citizen, when he was near to becoming arrested. But it seems the jews refused to say they were citizens of their host nation.

    Our testimony is of the Lord is what saves us. If someone forced me to wear an id with an occult symbol, and said if i didnt wear it i be shot or beheaded, i will say im a christian and it doesnt matter what man does to me, I belong to G0d. I would refuse.

    It is a tough choice but thats what it comes down to.
    Nobody can force anyone to do anything...but many people will cave to please man rather than God.
  10. You need to upgrade yourself in history, and what being a Jew is all about.
  11. We can be victors, or we can be victims.
    What you profess counts.

    Notice, Jesus, did not want to go the cross. Of course not! He was going to die. But he went and did not protest. By his death, everyone saw that he was the Son of God. He did not count his own life more precious than those he died for.
    He was not a victim, he was a victor. Cos in three days, he was raised. Likewise, we believe we will be raised too, so, nothing any man can do to us, even death, holds any sting. Jesus won that for us at Cavalry.
  12. And this has to do with the Jews having been victimized and slaughtered, how?
  13. You lost me at the part where you stated Christians would go through the tribulations... I guess I'm a goofy pretribber? :p
  14. well, some christians believe they won't go through any tribulation but maybe they just mean the end of the world one. Cos every christian I know has trials and tribulations. We show the world what we are made of.

    its ok I'm not holding it against you but I think its best to be prepared (spiritually).
  15. You cannot lose faith when the world turns against you and hates you. Jesus warned of this.
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  16. No Christian worth his salt believes that we will never experience trials. You know perfectly well what most Christians believe the word of God teaches: we will be caught away from this world in advance of THE GREAT TRIBULATION that will befall the world. We are not of the world.
  17. First and formost it is The revelation Of Jesus Christ. This book is about Jesus and who He is and not a book about the rapture.
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  18. I do not want to hi-jack this, but someone shown me something interesting today.
    There is this guy, sorry - he looks American, but he is saying something that is BOOM - in your face.
    Now everyone knows about the blood moons and all that, now the last one is September this year, near the end of the month somewhere.
    Now get this, he says, on the 24th of that month, a meteor will hit earth with catastrophic consequences. Well, the last bit about catastrophic is a given in such case, but the first bit, mmmm...
    So I asked, what about the Jewish temple, what about Damascus?
    Strangely enough, the Jehova witnesses visited us today and they claim that this earth will not be destroyed. The bible I bought last year must be a dud then.
    So many extremes in one day, has the people on earth gone out there minds?
    On second thought, don't answer that.

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