Shoot A Pregnant Burglar

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  1. Too bad the woman wasn't a baby lover.

    The animus in the first line of your thread precludes me participating further in this discussion.
  2. I think you would have to know a person to make that assumption. Nonetheless, I changed it for you. Let me know if you find anything offensive in that, and I will do my best to make it pleasing.
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  4. OK this from the article tells it all:

    "Greer told KNBC-TV he shot Miller twice in the back as she ran away."

    This is not self-defence. This is murder. And if she was pregnant, then it is a double homicide.

    There was no excuse to use deadly force on an unarmed, fleeing person. Even a policeman knows you do not draw and fire on a fleeing suspect when they are not exchanging gun fire in the process.

    More condemning is this from him:

    "The lady didn't run as fast as the man, so I shot her in the back twice," Greer told the TV station. "She's dead ... but he got away."

    She did not run as fast so I targeted her.

    This guy needs to be in prison for the rest of his life. It is inexcusable. His words show his true nature.
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  5. I don't think there was any charges against the guy.
  6. You would make coffee for someone who broke into your home to rob you?

    Oh wait, I see what you are doing there.. Giving coffee to a pregnant lady.
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  7. Too bad he is a murderer.
  8. If it wasn't in the back would you consider it murder?
  9. I would make tea. Have no coffee.

    I would not shoot her in the back for fleeing or because she was slower than the accomplice.

    That's a clear violation of Matthew 22:39. I cannot break that Command and not become a wolveshead.
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  10. If she is fleeing, not returning fire? Still murder.
  11. If she was a sociopath there to kill my children or spouse, I would do it out of self defense, and to protect all the others she would continue to harm...self defense is not is stopping a murderer....but if she broke in without weapons trying to steal or get away from something or someone I would apprehend her and find out what the problem was...
  12. She was fleeing when shot.

    Would you shoot a fleeing person that was not threatening you?

    Most would just let her go. I know when I was about to broken into a couple of days after Christmas in 1995 I just yelled at the guy and he fled. By the time I got to the window all I saw was shoes.

    Did I go after him? No.
    Did I seek to hurt him or kill him? No.

    I was just glad neither of us were hurt in the altercation.
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  13. At the defense of Brother Paul, he was only answering the question "Would you shoot a pregnant burglar" not "Would you shoot a fleeing burglar who was pregnant." The context of the scenario can lead to many different answers.
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  14. I know that is what he would mean, but you have to kind of read the whole post.

    This is why context is so crucial.
  15. That's fair. I just wanted to defend him as I don't think he was suggesting shooting someone who had no intention of harming anyone.
  16. If we have the Holy Spirit what need is there for self defense? We live by faith and have God defense. The Lord is my Shepard.
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    Methinks we've had this discussion recently; should a Christian defend himself and/or his family against violence? I think that was the heart of the discussion.

    I can best compare it to defending one's self or family against a natural disaster or an illness since we take precautions, either by installing safeties to our house or going to the hospital when something happens to us. Though I suspect there are good and fair counter points to this.

    It's a worth-while discussion I think.
  18. Of course
  19. A few questions..

    If the burglar is not visibly pregnant, why would someone trust the words of a burglar? Shooting a person who is visible pregnant is one thing and what is happening is totally another thing..

    Another question.. Even if the person is visible pregnant, how would I know if she is really pregnant or just have stuffed her dress like movies? Just trying to get away with theft? How will I know if that is an exit strategy?

    And when she is running away, how would I know what are all the things she is carrying? Leave out money.. What if she has my SS card, school/college certificates, passport, etc.. And when I have caught her and telling her to stop with a gun in my hand and she is not stopping, what should I do?

    Answers for these questions would help me make an informed decision :D

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