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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by hyperkilia, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. :) and would love to make some friends :).

    Be great to get to know some of you.

    Dont be afraid to ask me anything :D
  2. Welcome, jump on in. :)
  3. Welcome!!!!

    You will make NO friends here! Only get closer to your brothers and sisters in the Lord :).

    What are your hobbies?
  4. haha true :).

    Hobbies are drawing and writing :D. Im planning to publish a book when I get it finished :) and become an author and illustrator :)

  5. haha XD. Interest hmmm.... Drawing, writing :). Live in Australia hot hot hot lol. As in learn things off this site? Learn more and more about Christ :)
  6. Hi hyperkilia! Welcome to CFS! :)
  7. Cool! Author, wow. You should find typing and reading posts here will help your writing skills.
    I like drawing too. Getting back into it soon with a sideline busines venture. Nice pics in the gallery!

  8. I really need a simple Pen and Ink job. Got pay pal?
  9. BTW, the only thing I can draw is flies. :|:(
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  10. BWAHAHAHAHA :D that's some funny stuff, but it's not true. Bees, too.
  11. Bees like sweet things. Are you calling me a sweetie? I think that's a stretch.
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  12. "Hyperkilia"..........what is the capital city of Montana???
  13. what kind of thing? Yeah I can use mums :)
  14. Hi thanks :D
  15. I have a sunset picture I want done with very simple lines. If you are familiar with Dennis Mukai and how he took pictures of women and reduced them to the fewest lines he could, that's sorta what I'm looking for. I need it wide and skinney, I'm going to use it as a chapter seperater in a story I'm doing....

  16. Wasnt familiar with him until I looked him up. But I should be able to do that. :)
  17. Ahh cool :D. What type of things do you draw?
    Yeah, I've been into writing since grade 5 and always had a very good imagination XD Defiantly thank God for that!!.

    Thanks :)
  18. hmmmmm Im gonna have ta cheat *looks up on Google* Helena :D
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  19. I think a good imagination and ability to dream a story are needed to write. Then just the skill to put it on paper. Good luck!! I used to draw cartoons quite well. My sideline business will be drawing 'fancy' designs for carving.
  20. Indeed it is XD.

    Ahh cool :D. Humans or Animals?
    I tried people but Im best to stick with animals haha XD.

    Ahh cool :)

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