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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by hyperkilia, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Both. But not the type of animal drawing you do. More like anima.

  2. Is there such a thing as "cold".

  3. haha yup XD
  4. anima? never heard of it.
  5. *Anime :)
  6. Ahh right :D. I used to draw Anime but was never good at it XD. I also used to watch some, do so every now and then but nothing like I did.
  7. I would always get the bodies right, but the faces, so much work.

    My idea a while back was to sketch the cartoons properly onto the pc and use cartoon software to further animate. But work, time and motivation died. Bows and arrows are my new hobby now.
  8. haha thats a cheat way on animating XD the way I did it in study :/

    Oh bow and arrows as in Archery?
  9. Yes. I am moving on though into actually making the bows myself. Starting work on my very first bow this weekend in fact. It will be a composite (wood and fibreglass) longbow. I will post pics here when I am done (if ever done :eek:).

  10. Ahh cool. I did Archery a few years ago at Church youth camp :D. Was so much fun :)
  11. The only drawing I'm good at is at the Bank:(.
    Xian, have you tried irfanview. it is a free graphics tool that will do a nice job of edge detection on an image......might be what you want....to ignore
    hiperkilia, I've been living Australia for a day or two longer than you, and I have no idea what this XD that keeps popping up in your posts means:confused: Is it 21st century 'lol', or Extreme Definition or what??
    Welcome to our slaughter house friendly community BTW.
  12. haha no just a very odd smile thing (smiley face thingy)

    haha thanks :)
  13. Tilt your head to the left and see the X as eyes. Its the same as this :D.
  14. haha Yes thats exactly what it is :D XD
  15. If I tilt my head to the left, (or the right) I just about fall off the chair.:eek:
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  16. haha maybe your tilting your head a bit too far? XD
  17. You're just being diplomatic:)
  18. My head would fall off!
  19. ??
  20. 747...s0rry

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