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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by hyperkilia, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. The generation gap is wider that I realized:(
  2. Hehehehe I love this, first time I've got to smile and laugh while reading a thread! YOu guys rock. And I'm jealous of anyone with a chance to make a bow, although I'm curious how you pull off a fiberglass/wood composite bow. I saw a handmade bone/wood one once. That thing was wicked potent. With no wind, I could get it 100 yards and have a chance at the target. PLUS I didn't have to fire it at a 45 degree angle to get it that far like you would the old yew long bows.

    Anyway, I'm out again.
  3. haha I just didnt get what you meant by diplomatic
  4. And do you now?:)
  5. haha hmm not quiet
  6. Well, I sort of feared or expected something like a reference to my being a geriatric disaster looking for somewhere to happen. Not as vulgar as that, but not as kindly as was your response. Mind you, I am not suggesting that you would be as heartless as that..............anyway, it was a compliment and recognition of your gentleness of spirit.:cool:
  7. ooooooh I think I get you now
  8. Hey hyper why are you so famous, ?
  9. Famous....hmmmm Didnt know I was :p
  10. Yeah over 400 hits thats pretty famous. Or is that just you comming back over and over.
  11. Well let's do some maths here. This thread just now had 450 hits for 50 replies....that averages out at 9 hits per reply.
    The Thread you started "Hello" has 6 replies for 72 hits...that is errr ummmm an average of 12 hits per reply.
    That makes you something of a legend! or have you just been coming back over and over?
  12. Yeah i was comming back because i was desperate for attention. You dont need to point out my flaws because i know how stupid i am.
  13. umm Im not sure....

  14. You dont need to be desperate for attention :(. Kinda sad.....

    I know what its like to be lonely especially offline as I have 0 friends :/ but I guess its life. You have us though but no need to go around looking for attention :) it will come when you least expect it :).

    God bless.
  15. :) haha Chris

    No stress, we are all stupid and full of mistakes!!!!
  16. This is going to sound extreme, but an argument can be made for Christians having no / little friends. God distributes us like salt on the earth. If we are salty we don't need other Christians (friends / brethren) around us to help with our mission field. We are here on earth to SERVE God not ''do our own'' thing.

    Make sure you are IN Christ, find your mission field and carry your cross to the end. Accept the position and place you are in in life. If you are indeed ''In'' Christ, it is where He wants you.

  17. Yeah but it also helps to have people who want to talk to you. It is kinda depressing when your around school and no one talks to you and everyone avoids you. :/

    Always keep your eyes on Christ. But Hey its the same with the net. Why have the net? why have Tv? all this stuff when you have God? its because were human. God made it so we do need friends :). Everyone needs friends, dosnt matter if your Christian or not.

    At times its good to have Christian friends (especially) because then you can talk about Christ with them and share fave bible versus and stuff.

    *shrug* my own opinion ofcourse. As been a teen and not having any friends is hard. *nod* even if you have Christ.
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  18. The Lord God is a God of relationships. He was first one to think up the idea of family., He in Christ Jesus gathered disciples to Himself and called them friends..................I'll go with that;)
  19. Thats all ok, i have had friends come and go. But the older i get the harder i find it is to make friends. Could be just me

  20. Indeed :)

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