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    I thought of Fiddler on the Roof and the song 'If I were a rich man"

    Great show to watch if you want to see how Tevye (A Jewish dairyman in Czarist Russia) watched all the traditions he relied on crumble. He had a constant conversation with God (I Thess 5:17), and although He daydreamed a little about being rich (and thus able to spend time studying and discussing scripture) he never blamed God.

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  2. Pancakes Hello,
    Yea I get it. If you have seen any of my post where I talk about my first 10 years of being born again. The first year was amazing..........then the bottom fell out and I blamed every bad thing on God. It seemed nothing I did was ever good enough and when I thought I had done right it seemed that there was always something that I needed to do different or changed etc.

    I used to get mad at God ( thank YOU Father for being so loving and merciful ) and I would and I mean all the time would throw things like with you I feel like I am called to battle and every time I run to my airplane I get shot down before I start my engines and all the others always take off. It felt like this. Nothing I did ever pleased Him and so forth.

    Guess what ? It never was and never could be God doing that to me or any one else.
    It was the enemy using his camouflaged tatics every single time. See I had not in over 20 year once been taught or prepared for the battle of the mind. Churches taught persecution as friends giving you a hard time for being a Christian....What a watered down lifeless bunch of trash teaching.

    Then it happened, I began to learn, or perhaps hear better and began to learn about how the enemy the devil operated and this battle of the mind and so forth. Long story short. It was always my fault because I WAS MAKING POOR CHOICES. I mean you can not make much more of a BAD choice then listening to the lies of the devil.

    So yea believe me I know where you are coming from......I just pray that you find a way to open your eyes and see that it is NOT GOD doing this to you. Will be praying this over you as well.
    Be Blessed and feed your self and develope some true blue Joy of the Lord. It changes everything.
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  3. A lot of us have been down the road that you are on! And we all know that it is not a pleasant road. So if you see someone that you can talk to who may have gone through some of what you have, maybe you could talk to them to get some advice or tips so to speak as to how to move forward and mend your relationship with God. You are not alone! And trust me, it does help to have someone whom you trust to talk to about things that you have been through! I used to journal, because all i had was me and God. And it made me feel as if someone was listening.
    We all want to see you happy and peaceful, and no one wants to see you struggle or feel as if you can't do anything right. Blessings!

    P.s. always remember that confusion and anything bad, is not from God. He will guide you in peace.
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  4. 2 Timouthy 1:7
    For God did not give us the spirit of intimidation BUT of Love, Power and SOUND MIND.
    If what you are dealing with does not line up with this....WELL IT AINT GOD DOEN IT !
  5. Great video!
  6. I desire to have more faith in God. I have some but I want more. I can feel it in my heart pulling on me.
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  7. My dear Lord and Savior
    I want to live this life for You
    Present myself a willing vessel
    You may live Your life through
  8. I guess right now my desire is to get back into church, but with a newborn and me taking the night shift taking care of said newborn it just isn't happening. I don't get to go to bed till 5am or 6am sometimes 7 am and I sleep till after 1pm most days. Yesterday, I slept till after 6pm.

    My Lutheran pastor says there is no need to worry about going to church right now as my schedule is not allowing it. Just be sure to read my Bible and confess any wrong doing. When the baby gets a little older and is sleeping through the night more than come back to church.
  9. Well Brother Chili,
    That can be aranged, all it takes is getting into His word deeper and deeper and building up your faith. He gave us all a portion of Faith. It's up to us to build on it or tear away from it.
    So brother build up thy Faith muscles !!

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