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  1. If God's will is done, then none would perish... but it happens, is that God's fault?

    2 Peter 3:9 KJV - The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

    There's no control when there's free will to sin...
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  2. If you read Duet. chapters 28 and 30 you will find that God has given us a choice.
    You will find that one way is a blessed way
    One way is a cursed way.
    Psalm 115:16 shows us He has placed some things in our control.

    This is not a NO Fault religion where we never know what God is going to do. I am sure it will all work out for the best....Really ? Lots of evil out there and that is not workinhg out for the best of every one.

    Blessed way ....sickness ? NO way
    Cursed way..sickness uh yes.
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  3. I really don't understand why my words are so thoroughly misconstrued. I NEVER HAVE BLAMED GOD FOR MY SUFFERING. GOT IT?
  4. So when you say things like this.........((Nothing happens that God does not will. I had cancer and survived it. The cancer wasGod'swill ))) so hows that work
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  6. We read in Job how God allowed Satan to torture Job. Yes we can argue Satan did those things, but God was in control the whole time. He let it happen, and he could have stopped it if he wanted to. If God is not in control, what hope do we have? God has a plan for every sin and hardship.
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    Brother Cosmicwaffle,
    Perhaps this will shed some light on this and allow you to see the part each of the three played in this......Job, God and the devil

    The first thing we learn about Job is the Blessing of God was working in his life. We know Job was wealthy in finances and live stock and spiritually. Job lived by faith in the blessing of God and then his children grew up.

    Once his children grew up he began to fret and worry every time his children got together and had a party. He worried in fear that his children were sinning against God.

    Job developed such a terror about this that every time one of them had a party or get together, well Job sent and sanctified them, and rose up early in the morning, and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all: FOR JOB SAID, it may be that my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts. Thus did Job continually. (job1:5)

    We see in Job1:5 that he was obsessed with the fact his children might have cursed God and sinned against God.

    We see in .....that the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me......I was not in safety.....neither had I rest......neither was I quiet.....yet trouble came.....

    I broke these two scriptures down this way so as to make it easier to see.

    1. the thing which I greatly feared has come upon me.....
    Job stepped out of walking by Faith in God and stepped into walking into fear of his children sinning against God and cursing God.

    2. I was not in safety.........
    This is saying that Job was not walking in Faith of God and under the blessing of God...Once you step out into have left out from under the blessing....his fear over his children sinning against God was bigger in his thinking then his remembering of Gods protection of the blessing.

    3. Neither had I rest.........
    Why did Job say he had no rest ? Easy he was to busy worrying about his children.....he was up all night worrying.....he had lost his peace in God, once he stepped out into fear and doubt.

    4. Neither was I quiet......Job ran his mouth...speaking words of fear and doubt and worry.....remember he has stepped out of the safety place of God and His blessing. See every one of us falls right into this every time we allow our words to speak anything other then the word of God or another words faith filled words.

    5. yet trouble came..... job thought he was doing right by his family by worrying and thought he was being responsible and this happens to many believers.

    Ok Next is the conversation between God and satin.....

    First a few points....all the devil knew was this man had the blessing over him and the devil described it as a hedge of protection. The devil wanted Job all along to curse God and that is why he even had an interest in Job.

    Now lets look at two verses here.

    Doth Job fear God for nought? Has not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all he hath on every side? Thou has blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. BUT put forth thine hand now and touch all that he hath and he will CURSE you to thy face.

    And the Lord said unto satin, Behold all that he hath is in thy power: only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So satin went froth from the presence of the Lord.

    We can see two things .
    1..the devil had wanted Job to curse God from the beginning.
    ........This is why Job was speaking in all that fear about his children sinning and cursing God...That is how our enemy works,,,,he has to get us to speak out against what the word of God says... Then he has the right to enter into the situation.....even jobs wife eventually sided with satin and told Job to just give up and cures God.( job2:9 ) ...Man that is easy to see where she got that idea from..........However in all Job did say, He never cursed God. THATS WHY WE READ.....In ALL this did not Job sin with his lips. ( )

    2....The second thing we learn here in these two verses is this.....
    God did not tell the devil, "Here I put Job into your hands and you do what ever you want".
    The devil was poorly mistaken to even suggest such a thing because God was in no way going to stretch out His hand against Job. God NEVER agreed with satin to what satin suggested.

    HOWEVER GOD DID SAY THIS......"BEHOLD he is already in your hand"
    We don't use the word Behold much at all these days. I mean when was the last time you heard some one say BEHOLD is not this car beautiful ?

    Now if you look up this word "Behold" in any of the translations such as Hebrew or Greek or English or Spanish or any other translation...YOU WILL LEARN that it ALWAYS MEANS " Look and see. Wake up and pay attention"

    See God was telling satin that JOB had already opened the door to him or had given satin the right to do as he wanted to do. God was simply telling the devil the truth....Job had already tore down the protective hedge around him ( the blessing of God) when he stepped out into fear and worry and doubt. HOWEVER God did set a boundary.....spare his life or another words satin could do whatever....EXCEPT....KILL JOB...

    The once satin finally grasped that Job had stepped out of or lost the blessing this protective hedge...well you know the story....satin with after job with vengeance.

    Then Job ran his mouth complaining about everything but still NEVER CURSED GOD......Funny how this story ends.....God sends a preacher to preach some sense back into job.......AND once Job repented of his errors...God restored the blessing back and Job increased in all.

    I hope this helps some of you understand what many have been trying to show you...
    Have thee most blessed and wonderful week end
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  8. Thanks for explaining Jim, but I don't think your interpretation is correct. It's almost like you are suggesting that what happened to Job was his fault, which is exactly what his "comforters" said who were rebuked by God.

    Also, if God is in the business of blessing and Satan is trying to attack someone, couldn't God stop him if he wanted? Why did God let these things happen to Job?

    I have to agree with what Job said in 2:10
    10 But he replied, “You’re talking like one of the godless women would do! Should we receive what is good from God, and not also receive what is evil?” In all this Job did not sin by what he said.

    God holds us all in his hands. If calamity comes how can we say he is not able to stop it? He alone allows everything to happen for his purposes.

  9. Hello Cosmicwaffle,
    I hope your day has been going well for you. Any way I believe it is my turn to reply. lol

    It's almost like you are suggesting that what happened to Job was his fault, which is exactly what his "comforters" said who were rebuked by God.

    I am NOT suggesting this I am SAYING this. However the truth is that Job with His own words out of His mouth and his actions that followed are indeed what opened the door to satan. That is why God said to satan..."Behold he is already" or wake up dummie, Job has already stepped out of my protection and opened the door unto you. This might sound harsh but it is the truth.

    Walk by Faith is NOT a suggestion or a when you can type of thing. No to walk by faith means you take God at His word. You speak what God says in His word about every single situation you are in and YOU DO what God says to do in His word. This releases the promises of God in that situation.

    Step out side of faith and you are in DOUBT and FEAR and walking by SIGHT and by human reasoning. Once you get over into this place, well the promises of God can not work. If they did then we would not have to learn how to live by faith in Gods every word and could just do what have you and good old God would make it right for you.

    Words count more then most give credit to. Your every word you speak is sowing some kind of seed into your future and life. Again it does not matter what you or I think about this, IT IS THE WAY IT WORKS and we CAN NOT ever change this law of the Kingdom.

    Jesus says in Matthew 6:31 and in Luke 12:12 Take No Thought-- Now watch this Brother.......SAYING...... Have you ever asked your self why it says SAYING..? Because saying is how you take a thought. The enemy sows thoughts into people constantly........The word of God teaches us to take our thoughts captive and cast down the wrong ones...

    The devil knows that there is LIFE AND DEATH in words and the enemy knows if you speak God words or words of Faith he has had it. So he gets you to say his words and they are filled with doubt and fear and questioning the word of God

    Also, if God is in the business of blessing and Satan is trying to attack someone, couldn't God stop him if he wanted? Why did God let these things happen to Job?

    Yes God is the one who blesses us and satan attacks us .
    However there are kingdom laws at work here and let me explain.
    God has given man free will or another words the Power to Choose.

    God has given us a way to live and operate within this life. When we follow this plan we find things work out for our best but when we get out from under this plan we find things don't always go so good.

    When we become born again or Christians we do inherit the promises of God. However there are again Kingdom laws at work with in this. I will explain. We as children of God have got to renew our minds unto His word. This allows us to think like Him and act Like Him.

    His promises for us are as Keys to the Kingdom. If you know anything about a key then you know it unlocks something but YOU have to go and stick the key in and turn it in order to allow that key to do you any good.
    It is the same with the keys to the kingdom which are Gods promises to us. We have to learn how to work them and apply them to our lives. They will NOT simply work automatically just because you are born again.

    For example, God does tell us many times that He will protect us. However you can not just live any old way you want or speak any old kind of words you want and expect His protection to be there. The kingdom of God does not work that way and it does not matter who questions this, the fact remains the is the way this works.

    That is what Job did.........he stepped out side of the word or Blessing.

    He alone allows everything to happen for his purposes.
    This is Just False and not true at all in any way.
    Any way I am looking forward to your reply brother.
    Have a great week end
  10. How can I have faith that God will save me if I don't believe he has everything under control? When evil happens, is it outside his control? When sin happens, could he not stop it? Is he not God?
  11. Yes He is God and Yes He could but He decided a long time ago to put some things into the hand of man..Psalm 115:16

    See He wants true worship and not a force one. If He controlled everything down here then we would be puppets and He the puppet master. No He wants us to love Him freely of our own free will.

    God will save anyone who ask. We are then born into His family by the word or incoruptible seed. All things are new... He has given us a way to live....His Word. When we live according to His word then we find His help and protection but when we dwell out side of His word then we get into trouble.

    You asked how you can have Faith that God will save you if He does not have everything under His control....By Faith.....We choose to believe or we choose not to believe.
    He is in total control in Heaven and there is NO crime or No sin but here since he left things in the hands of man, well there is sin and crime and hate etc.....

    I am not saying that GOD JUST GIVES THIS WORLD A SPIN and says good luck...
    However there are regulations to His word. These are what His word says about everything dealing with living a life as a victorious Christian. It is up to us to take what He has given us and work it. (word)

    Brother God will take awesome care of His own.
  12. If God is as glorious, perfect, and wise as we say he is, then why would he give control to anyone but himself? I feel a good and loving God would leave things in his control, because things would be best that way.

    Our love for him is not forced against our wills, it is our wills he has changed so that we do indeed love him.

    Look, the bottom line is I completely trust God for everything. For my life, salvation, and the life and salvation of others. For history, humanity, and eternity. I trust in God and not my own works, and being loved by God knowing he is in control is the greatest freedom you could ever know.
  13. Because He is Glorious and Perfect and all wise Brother, He decided to do it this way and once He decided to do it this way, well it is a good thing. Our Job is to listen and obey and trust. IF you need more information on why He did it this way, well you are going to have to ask Him.
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    God is sovereign, and all things that happen could not happen with out his sovereignty. God's sovereignty is in the fact that he has decided to let man choose freely his ways, and to let man suffer the consequences of his own actions weather it be good or bad.

    Gal 6:7.. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    Gal 6:8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

    The Lord is not in "control" of man in this respect. The Bible tells us....

    1Jn 5:19.. We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

    This for sure this puts a hamper on our thinking that God is in control of everything!!
    The truth is God is in control of all those who have put their trust in him. Making Jesus the Lord of our life is exactly what God wants from man, only he will not take that from man, man has to freely give it to him. Another problem is when we give our self's to the Lord, sometimes we will take back that control when times look out of control. It takes a life time and then some to learn to totally put our complete trust in God.
    We also have to know that even though the Lord takes our life, and controls it by His Spirit, we will come across people who are not controlled by God, and they can cause us pain, and tribulations. Jesus was controlled by the Holy Spirit every minute of every day, and yet he suffered at the hands of sinners against himself.
  15. My biggest desire is to be loved (not by offense.. b/c I barely/rarely feel his love..again no offense CFS)
    but by a man/potential significant other.

    I just want someone to love me for who I am/as I am now..

    it happened for my friend, he got lucky and found love the first time around and it was real...

    I just want that to happen to me....

    so that I'll know Im lovable (by people other than my parents, and God<people that are expected/supposed to love you>)
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  16. Pancakes Hello Sister,
    There is a problem with this desire. You are wanting the love of a man more then the love of God. I tell you this with Love sister, that is not ever going to happen by God. You may do it on your own but it wont be as good as if God chose the man for you.

    You can NOT put anything above God even Love or especially Love and expect to come out a head. It simply wont happen. Draw closer to God, seek His ways and His kingdom first and then all this other stuff will be found in your life.

    I do know how you feel, been there and done that and that is why I can say what I am saying now. Lesson Learned !!
    Have a wonderful day
  17. I use to feel like that as well my friend. Life can be hard. But God has us here for a reason, a purpose, you know.
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  18. I guess my biggest desire is for my wife to renew her relationship with the Lord. It's hard raising our children while having to explain to them why mom doesn't come to church with us. Or don't say that (something my wife said), because it's a bad word.
  19. Doing the right thing and still loving your wife no matter what she does, speaks volumes to your children and wife. Love NEVER fails!
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  20. Amen I agree totally...
    Again Welcome Brother Colby and it would be a wonderful thing if you would go over to the new members thread and introduce your self.
    Have a wonderful night

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