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  1. Can i also add a suggestion? Ask God to lead you to scriptures that He wants you to pray over her. And begin to speak by faith, trusting God to fulfill those scriptures (which would be like promises to you). And even when she is not acting accordingly, only speak what those scriptures say. Thank God that He fills her with peace and, joy, and that He fills her with His wisdom. Thank Him that she is a godly woman. It works! Cuz i am learning to do this more often. And as we refuse to grab ahold of the offense, walking in total Love and forgiveness.....God can work wonders!
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  2. Pancakes, i have been there, and when you substitute a man's love for the love of God, it does not work out. It really is painful in the end. God is a jealous God, and when we put idols (or things this includes love from another person) before God it does not turn out well. But when we choose to put Him first He will bring the person who is best for us, into our lives. But God must be first!
    I pray that you make Him so big in your life....and that He makes Himself so real in your life. A verse is draw close to God and He will come near to you.
  3. Oh trust me, I love her! Just aggravating at times. But I do need to overlook these moments and show her more love and pray for her more often. Thanks to both of you for this advice.
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  4. My greatest wish is to be a blessing to those around me. That means different things in different cases.

    Most closely, I wish to be a blessing to my wonderful wife. She is such a blessing to me.

    In different ways, I wish to be a blessing to each of my sons. One is close and we interact often. One is farther away and is building a separate life.

    I wish to be a blessing to those in a community support group I volunteer with, and to those that come to the group for aid.

    I wish to be a blessing to wider family members. Several are going through troubling times. In some cases, I can be of small comfort. In other cases, I must be content to pray for their sakes.

    I wish to find a church that my wife and I can grow into and together be a blessing to there.
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  5. I don't think my desire is that bad, every1 wants to be loved by someone...

    and right now, I don't want God.. im sorry but.. I don't... not right now.

    Also there are lots of people who don't follow or know God and have marriage blessed for 20+ years...
  6. Pancakes, everybody needs somebody that they can talk to.

    I've maybe not been where you've been but have been through a lot of asking God for things he didn't give me. In terms of love, I thought I fell in l've twice. The first I sometimes forget was with somone who was another musician - that was the time I wound up in a mental hospital... The second was the only person I've known in the biblical sense, she turned out to have a bf in prison and things got messy when he came out...

    I doubt that you would be able to contemplate the effects of these two, #1 credibility (Even to the point of some Christians advising me to keep taking the tablets I'm not on...", drowning myself in my usual relief, alcohol for the second. It was made worse as #1 was the time I really decided God was for real and I would "never give up" (not that I haven''t given up many times since) and things happenend to a point where I had to concede there are powers beyond us.

    I've leaped up and down swearing at God over things I've "known" were right for me but have been denied me. I've also been lying prostrate on the bed begging and pleading with God for help. Either way to no avail... I 've tried to remove my self from this world but can't...

    In truth, I don't know what I seem to have "signed up for" but some things do seem to get easier as you get older, eg. I'm noy sure I evere even wanted the love of a wife but am sure I bought into lust grand style... Other things for me seem harder, eg. much as I pray and think I've got past the original reasons, drink is still a probem... and my older (now 54) body can ache at times...

    For me, these days, there just seems to be a roadblock I can't see and get past.

    These days I sort of see us as human beings wrongly wired. Even with the likes of me who might half know/feel otherwise chasing worldly things, while believing so much is wrong.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is my own route so far has been sort of nightmarish and it looks like you are on a bumpy ride. I might myself get angry again tomorrow or what ever but to repeat something once given to me. It doesn't always help and you can ask "why keep hold when life is rotten" but, let's try:

  7. Just wanted to thank you guys for the advice. Between this thread and my prayer request thread God has started to work already in my family! My wife came up to me today after I woke up (I work 11-7) and told me that she'll be going to church with us this weekend. Thank God! =)
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    Then i pray that your life turn out just the way you want, and that you be blessed in your thinking. But you can not expect for God to draw near to you, when you don't want Him in your life.
    Peace be unto you!
  9. Amen Brother, Amen....Prayer works Always....
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  10. Glory be to Jesus!!! Oh what an awesome answer to prayer! I was praying for her today while i was kneading the bread dough!!
    Many blessing of peace and joy to you and yours!
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  11. Your desire is not a bad one and as Christians we do not have all the answers but one thing I can say for sure is that there is only ONE who understands a perfect love because He created it....that is God! My prayers is that you find that perfect love.
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  12. I remembered this scene while reading this topic :)
  13. So true, we do not have all the answers.. I wish I could be okay with that and not ask ,"why" so much
  14. Its not that I don't want him in my life completely, its just I feel I can't trust Him much...
    The only thing I can trust God to do, is be God and do whatever He desires w/ my life despite how I feel.
    Whether it makes me angry,sad,confused and the like...
    I just have to okay w/ that....
    and that's kind of jacked up to me.

  15. Pancakes Hello,
    You are so off from the truth in this. God will NOT just come in your life and do things despiter how you feel. God is NOT the author of confussion......the devil is however . God has not given us a SPIRIT of timidatation OR CONFUSSION but of LOVE, POWER AND SOUND MIND.

    Your words are painting a picture that you really have not yet had a very close RELATIONSHIP with the Father and I simply say this from what you wrote.
    God is the only one You Can Trust in. However when we get our OWN Desires mixed in there and want things right now and real bad we tend to take every feeling and emotion and event as God and this is simply not true.

    Pancakes you are causing your own pain and confussion and blaming it on God, simply because you want things in your life and you want them now. The devil is the one bringing all the confussion and pain in this and camouflaging it like it is God and you are excepting this as truth....You wont get any place fast like this.

    I would ask you to turn your life around and totally surrender unto God and go from there. If you are walking like this then these other desires wont be taking first place in your mind. Then God in His time will bring this Love you seek but YOU are going to have to make Him First Love and First place in your life, other wise you will end up doing this on your own and with out His peace and protection......It's your choice.....choose wisely.
    Have a blessed day

  16. I hear what your saying, and I do own up to the fact I've made mistakes and 80% of where im at now is me...
    but Im not causing " all" of my pain, not all of it......
    anywho, I feel like even when I did put him first...... there was still always smthing wrong, something to be critiqued..or tweaked..
  17. Jesus Christ is the MOST trustworthy of anyone. If you find you cannot trust Him, then that is simply a decision you've made, and has no bearing on Jesus' complete trustworthiness, but your own. Feelings aren't that important in this matter, and that you give your feelings such power is actually spiritually dangerous. Our feelings are no barometers of truth. God's word is.

    Joshua 24:15
    But if you refuse to serve the Lord, then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

    Choose this day whom you will serve!
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  18. I feel like I can't trust him because of someof the things ive been through.... you guys act like you've been down

    With me, Im candid.... right now my r-ship w/ God is on the rocks...

    although Im going to try and revive it... and make sense of my life
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  19. Hello Pancakes,
    Life can be very diificult at times, and things do not always work out as some folks think they should.
    I can promise you that if you stick to Jesus things will get better, the trials you go through are to make you tougher and wiser.
    Do not get troubled by those who claim to have it all and know it all. Empty vessels make the most noise.
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  20. True, Like Im at the point now where I don't care abt the things Im craving for now...
    I just want to mend my r-ship w/ Christ b/c I need him in my life....

    anywho, thanks for your answer
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