What would you do?

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If you were there...

  1. Shout and throw stones at the tiger

  2. Run and find someone who can help

  3. Jump in and help the guy escape with no thought of your own life

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    Let's say the guy slipped!

    Many at work have asked me what I would do if I was in that guy's shoes. The answer is simple. Defend myself as best I can and just accept death if it comes.

    The REAL question imho is....what would you do if you saw this happening to this guy that you don't know from a bar of soap?

    What would Jesus do? What should we do?

    This is quite a reality check!
  2. Probably 1 or 2 although I think the answer should be 3. I'm not really sure many would really know until faced with though. The way I see this sort of thing is that someone convinced of their boldness and selflessness might actually just run away and another might find some courage he didn't think he had.

    As for what Jesus would have done, I feel he would have been able to just tell the tiger to go away and leave the man alone.
  3. It´s easy to be wise after the event. But my theoretical opinion:
    Throwing stones, shouting - best way how to make the tiger angry.
    What the man did to defend himself (you can find a video on youtube) - good way how to convince the tiger that this is a prey.
    Staying calm and motionless should be the best thing, while other people should stop shouting, leave the place and find any help.
    IMO, everybody who has ever played games with domestic cats or watched their behavior could know it.

    Once I asked few people who were interested in hunting how should I behave if I meet wild boars in woods. All these people were atheist but they told me "run and pray". I hope that I would be quick to pray.
  4. Of course Jesus would have just said......."Peace be still" and the Tiger would have laid down and took a nap. The lions in the den with Daniel KNEW it was the Lord and they did nothing.

    However, I just do not think that the lions and tigers know I was the King from a bar of soap so I throw rocks.
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  5. Can I throw a bar of soap?
  6. The tiger knows that a live prey object is there, it's not stupid. The only way to get the tiger off him is for someone else
    to distract the tiger. Thus, noise and rock throwing is the correct response.
    Unless the tiger is convinced to lay off, the guy is dead meat.
    Some Pepper spray would be very useful in situations like this.
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  7. My brother in law is a game ranger. An adult male lion charged at him when he was checking for spoor near a kill. All he did was stand still and then walk back slowly, showing no fear and kept eye contact.

    You are right. The guys arms flapping and clear fear = prey.

    Atheists clearly want us dead :giggle:.
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  8. I think I would ask the man where he got the really cool stuffed animal. Unless maybe the animal is a real animal.

    In the picture the animal does not appear like it intends to harm the man, so maybe there is nothing to do.

    If the animal attacks the man, and if I were armed I might use whatever weapon I had, but I think I should know the circumstances of the situation. I know nothing about animals. My intervention might make things worse.

    If I thought the man were in danger, and if I had a cellphone, I would call 911.
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    Definitely 3. We just need to put ourselves in his shoes. We would all want someone to come and make our problem theirs.

    Christianity 101 = option 3 = do unto others as you would want done unto you = many of us need to give ourselves a hiding. It struck a cord in my soul when I realized I probably would not jump in to help him.
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    Lol Major. I believe God will give us authority over the animal. Probably not from a position of safety, but definitely when being eaten becomes our problem.
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    Another way to look at this....

    Choosing option 3 is a noble and selfless death / means to jump straight into heaven. It beats death by cancer or old age.

    We won't have power over the animal because of any positive confession / reciting of prayers. We will have power over the animal because God wants us to witness to Joe Soap the next day.
  12. Personally I believe hypothetical questions are impossible.

    I also believe Satan often uses hypothetical situations to make people believe they should not believe God’s commandments.

    (Matthew 5:39) “You have learnt how it was said: ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ But I say this to you: offer the wicked man no resistance.”

    Hypothetical question then often comes such as, what if one was going to rape your child?

    I have lived eighty years and not once has God ever let me be in a situation where I needed to harm anyone.

    One can’t foretell how he or she would react to any hypothetical situation, but one can pray for God to have him her do his will.

    God gives one the grace to do the right thing at the time it is needed. One does not receive the grace, and direction from the Holy Spirit before it is needed.
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  13. I think there are 2 different things - Jumping in to save the person's life.. Knowing there are chances that I can jump in save the other person's life.. Jumping in knowing there is no way I am going to save the person's life..

    In this case the 2nd is the case.. By jumping in, I am not going to scare the tiger! It is just more food for the tiger :) Which is the wisest decision then? Running out for help where someone else is actually capable of dealing? May be someone with gun? Or simply jumping in and die along with the person?
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  14. How would I resist a wicked man? If he tried to hurt me, he might lose a finger.

    For two days I had a friend. We ran together. We played my word games, which my had brothers invented to help me learn English. We ate together at my house, and she slept over in my room. On the second day (maybe third), my mother insisted that my friend go home to her own house. As she left my friend told me that her father had been molesting her. I had learned in school to speak up about that subject; so almost like a robot, I told my mother. She recorded my friend's story called the police. I never met the father, but I did meet the mother the next day. I never saw my friend again. I heard about where the family went, I don't know for sure.

    The tiger must represent the molester. The man must represent my friend.

    I suppose the questions are: Does child molestation qualify as wicked? Did I resist the wicked man?
  15. Quite OT but I'm wondering if any here have seen the tale of Christian the lion. He was bought in Harrods (a department store in London, England - that was in the 1960s, you'd [I think rightly] not be buying lions these days) and brought up by a couple of friends. He was later released in Africa. Some years later, they go back to look for him and have an amazing reunion.

  16. Running away is not resisting. Telling the world that those in the world are not complying with its rules is not resisting.

    The world, because it is not of God, has to have laws, and the world needs people to enforce the world’s laws.

    A Christian is not of the world, but lives in the world. The world has to protect a Christian from those in the world.

    Resisting an evil person means we are not to be the enforcers of the world’s laws. Letting the world know of their evil people is not resisting an evil person.
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  17. Thanks for the explanation. I sort of thought that might be the case. If a Christian serves on a jury, works as a police officer, works as an internal revenue agent, works as a clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or becomes the President of the United States; seems to me that all of those would be enforcing the world's laws. Are Christian forbidden to follow those careers?
  18. Yes I have seen that. I have also seen little woman stick big needles in adult male lions bums at the lion park :giggle:. That is amazing!!
  19. In the video it did look as though one could stand on the others shoulders and get out.
  20. Yes that is what Jesus tells me.

    Remember this though. The Holy Spirit told me to tell people than no matter who tells them anything about God, be it a priest, bishop, or anyone, they are to ask Jesus if it is right or wrong.

    What I say or anyone says about God you need it confirmed by Jesus.

    (John 15:18-19) “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me before you. If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you do not belong to the world because my choice withdrew you from the world.”

    (John 17:14) “I passed your word on to them, and the world hated them, because they belong to the world no more than I belong to the world.”
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