What Features Of A Bible App Are Most Important To You?

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  1. Ok New update just posted, version 31 should be available in the next couple of hours. I tackled the Swipe navigation. There is a bottom bar on the listview which will allow you to use swipe gestures. Check it out, let me know your thoughts.

    Added a few other features...

    Side bar with quick list and category searches.
    Long press on categories or tags for additional options.

    Feedback welcomed... share with friends church and loved ones. Thanks

  2. Swipe left/right is working nicely for me.

    Overall, I do have various UI type niggles but I feel things are moving in a good direction. It's probably best (as long as I resist the temptation) for me to drop out of this UI thought stage for a while (unless there's something specific you want testing) and try to give some of the others who had been commenting in this thread a chance to offer their thoughts.
  3. I think it's looking good. A couple of small problems I've noticed:

    Previous book from Genesis takes me to Revelation Chapter 0

    Book shown in Bible menu probably should show the book displayed in the chapter view. Either way, selecting a chapter in this menu should move to the chapter in the book displayed in the menu. It is possible for example to have it display "Genesis", click on chapter 54 and have it try to display the non existent Exodus 54.

    History only seems to be working from the home page.
  4. Thanks. That all makes sense I know how to fix it. This helps a lot. The spinners/drop downs in Android are a bit of an annoyance because they don't trigger code if the same item is selected. That's why you have to select home first. Pain. Thanks so much. GOD Bless
  5. I've not seen any updates in a while. How's it going?

    The last version I have fixes the history but there are still problems with navigating between books.
  6. I got wrapped up in another project for someone. My hope is to update a few more things this coming week. Thanks for staying with it. I'm also trying to see what other features would be useful. Thoughts, thoughts and ideas welcomed.
  7. Just wanted to give a quick thank you for all your feedback and helping me get this project going. So far 50+ people have downloaded the app. Not bad. I haven't made many updates, but then again, I haven't received much feedback. My goal is to continue working and perfecting the app as time goes on.

    One thought I had was testimonies.... I wonder who would be willing to share their testimony and do you think the 1Word app would be a place to display them or should I start a new app. I know my church is starting to collect testimonies.... There is power in a story. On this thread alone I bet there are so many walks of life and so many powerful testimonies that need to be shared to help bring others to the saving grace of Jesus. Anyhow, let me know your thoughts. If you think it is better to start a new thread with the testimonies, I can start it up tonight or tomorrow.

    Let's see what the masses think ;)

  8. Sorry for the delay in replying. I decided to put KitKat on my Ace 2 and then got distracted with a few other Android things.

    Glad the apps getting a few downloads. From my perpesctive, I found the number of current installs at least as interesting as the total number of installs. I don't know what a good figure for this would be although I was reasonably happy with (IIRC) 1 in 4 people seeming to keep my apps. With those, I think a difficulty was that in spite of anything I wrote, there would inevitably be people expecting the apps to print directly to a printer, some not setting up CUPS correctly, etc. With yours I'd guess a difficulty (if there is one) might simply be the number of bible apps around.

    Your app is pretty much (search needs improving) where I'd like it to be (and certainly past the point where I'd bother revisiting my small dabbling to try to get what I would like). Personally, I'd not want the testimony feature and would be inclined to suggest that I might find that to many bells and whistles (presumably with increased app size) could actually put me of.

    Of course the majority of users and potential users might like such a feature. One thought: would it be possible to add some features as options/plugins?
  9. It's been a while. Still at it. Just made a wearable version for anyone interested.
  10. Notes, a good selection of translations and the words of Christ highlighted.

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