What Features Of A Bible App Are Most Important To You?

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  1. I wondered about copyrights myself. I originally had the kjv, but found a database with the niv online. There are a few api's available for use and the app could potentially bring data down from those sources, but based on feedback it sounds like people would rather have the bible stored locally. I am trying to update the structure of the data behind the scenes to allow version variations. Thanks for the copyright info.

    Once I plug up a few leaks and fix a few more bugs I'll be able to address the version question.
  2. I must have replaced "free" with "copyright free" in my mind. I think I prefer the WEB anyway.
  3. It's looking good so far.
  4. I don't see why you can't charge for the "pro" version or "adult" version whatever. Getting bibles in like the Amplified is going to cost money.

    Biblesoft sells theirs for about 400.00 bucks, but it includes tons of bibles. (Pc software)

    I would just like yours to succeed and would not like you to get that "NIV" label as to cut off many who would ignore it because of that.
  5. Makes sense. I think I am going to switch to kjv soon. Better safe than sorry in regards to copyright and user feedback. Plus it's more original. The api data online looks promising. I saw a few that offer free translated versions...
  6. Praise God!!! I was not trying to be mean, I was just coming across as a long time person in the Word (over 17 years) in what I would want. What I want is not important but what your led by the Holy Spirit to do.

    There is a hate for the NIV, which the makers did not believe in Trinity or any form of it, among other things. I would want you to avoid being labeled and the app not getting into the hands of those who did not even give it a chance. The KJV is a bit hard for children, and there is the good news bible among others to consider for kids.

    So any suggestions by me would have been just "ME" into consideration. My son is a programer and he tells me just wanting things is not always all that easy.

    I am sorry if I came across rude or wrong in any manner.

    Whatever be said, I want your program to make a difference, no matter what market you appeal to.
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  7. Thanks Michael. Since you made some comments I've been thinking. So I truly know God takes every situation and turns it to good. What came to mind is 'IRON SHARPENS IRON' thanks for Your feedback and keep it coming. God has a plan and some how we are all tied into it. God Bless
  8. All the glory be to our good God.

    I believe this is more than just an app, but will be a help to many. Otherwise, you would not have posted here, Nothing is by chance, and like it or not, I am not the judge, but many will be helped, and the seed sown, great.


  9. OK, I'll put this one up as a talking point. I do like the click on a word in a verse idea but might question whether you need to display a list or might instead be able to use some action such as a double click on the word (perhaps even better also be able to highlight and search a phrase as well?).

    The searching in a manner in a similar to this is something I have played with on a web based thing I knocked up a few years ago when someone was asking about free php code. I found it could be quite fun.

    I'll give you a link. http://kjv.dulyn.co.uk/default.php?search=light

    That gives you a search for the word "light". If you click on a verse, I'll use Genesis 1v 5, it will take you to the the chapter Genesis 1 with v5 highlighted. From there you could say double click on the word "firmament" and it will do the search on that word.

    Of course, I'm not sure if you would consider a (say) double click would be easier in your app, whether such a change would be more intuitive for the majority of your uses (and let's face it, I don't think anyone is likely to come up with the perfect UI for everyone) or whether such a method could even fit in with your own usuages of clicks, double clicks, etc. within your app. It's just something I thought you might like to consider.
  10. On data, you are of course, welcome to have a look at the databases I'm using although I'd only planned on single data source. This was build from a text file I downloaded from the Gutenburg which I first got into MySQL for the web thing linked to in my last post and later converted to sqlite. It's at www.jonbanjo.com/kjv.sqlite.zip

    I don't know whether it will work (never tried it before) but there are 2 dbs. One is the text that I've considered static and the other is a db that I thought could hold verses with whatever html, I chose to use for highlighting, etc. and I can attach to use the 2 as one database. This is very experimental for me and may prove to be a wrong direction but I thought (if/when I get round to the Android part) it would be interesting to see how it worked out.

    The main db can use very simple queries for quite a Google like search. The downside of course with FTS3 is that the database is rather larger that it would be without the full text abilities.

    Something along the lines of this would give the Google like search for phrases (text surrounded in double quotes) and a series of words, etc.

        SQLiteDatabase db = KjvApp.getDatabase();
         term = DatabaseUtils.sqlEscapeString(<get the text from say a Text edit>);
         String sql =
             "select bookname, chapternumber, versenumber, versetext from book, chapter, verse where book._id = chapter.bookid and chapter._id = verse.chapterid and verse match " + term;
         String[] args = {};
         try {
           Cursor cursor = db.rawQuery(sql, args);
           if (cursor == null){
    Of course again, I am only talking about ideas that may be worth a look, may be inferior to what you already doing, etc. I'm only floating a couple of thoughts that have come to me around. No more than that. I'm perhaps being a bit over enthusiastic about your project going well for you but I certainly do not want to be pushy, "know all" or anything else.
  11. Much appreciated. I'm almost done with some major ui updates. Then I was going to start with a local kjv db. Once I'm past that then WE can explore other means of querying verses. Definitely keep the ideas rolling, all the ideas here has helped so Much. I'm grateful to have stumbled on this forum.

    Also I encourage you all to start thinking of what might attract non believers to this app. I'm trying to use this as a tool to help people engage in the word. TD Jake's said it best.... We need to be GRAFTED to the word.

    My goal is to update the app sometime today or tomorrow.
  12. I look forward to seeing the update.

    My own feeling with your question is that you probably need some sort of "what does the bible have to say on this topic?" feature to make it more interesting. I'd think your characteristics and tagging could well play a part in this but I feel further development would be needed.

    As I think I suggested before, I would imagine that would be a huge undertaking though. I think to do it properly it would also demand far higher knowledge of the bible than I have (that's not to say what your knowledge is) and a lot of thought and perhaps advice from a few experienced in this area.

    I don't actually have any area of expertise btw. Through a couple of home projects, once writing my own php forum software, the limited experience I had with putting a couple of my own projects on the PlayStore, an HNC course (I sadly had to drop out of having got good grades all the way through, etc.). I have some experience with relatively simple coding, some usage of SQL databases, etc. but (while some things have worked really well) I'm not what I'd consider to be a real programmer and getting round the Android UI is largely unfamiliar to me (although StackExchange is really helpful...).
  13. There is a major problem with the update now on the PlayStore.

    The update on my phone was OK but I couldn't see some of the overlaid text so I decided to install the app on my tablet to see how things worked on a bigger screen.

    The new install on the tablet crashed on the first time of opening. Subsequent attempts to open the app have been OK but there doesn't appear to be any bible data.

    I then uninstalled and then reinstalled the app on my phone. I had the same problems as I had on the tablet.
  14. Thanks. I will definitely take a look. I just posted another update this morning. Try uninstalling and reinstalling. I will certainly look into the problem. Thanks again
  15. OK, have tried again and have the same problem.

    A though: It might be a good idea to have an about dialog in the app which gives a version number. Not saying you need to do this but I used to maintain a history ,eg. http://mobd.jonbanjo.com/jfcupsprint/history.php as well.
  16. Thanks. I will try to get an update out today. At the same time I'll update the db to the kjv. Thanks for the input. Hopefully this will get resolved quickly
  17. Everyone.. thanks for Your input. I pulled the app off the play store for a day or so, until I can get all the code cleaned up. I will re post in a few days when it is back up and running. Some of the updates seem to be causing issues and I'm trying to avoid annoying people. The last thing you want is to download an app and it crashes on the first run. Feel free to keep the conversation going. Still FOCUSED
  18. Ok updated app and re published. Might take a few. I updated db to KJV. Added color options and a few other things. Might be easier to uninstall and then reinstall. Let me know how it goes. God bless
  19. OK, at first glance, IMO, this is looks to be a big improvement over the previous versions I've tried. It's clearer to me how I might be able to do some things now.

    I am having a problem which is putting me of wanting to play further at the moment though. I keep getting into a situation where the show books menu with show me the books but clicking on a book will not display the chapters. I might be missing something but the only way I can find out of it is to exit the app and start again.

    I'd also like to see a way of getting from a verse to the chapter but maybe I'm missing something?
  20. Thanks again for troubleshooting. I put a temporary fix on this issue and updated the app online. I want to try and really enhance the navigation aspect, so for now just click the top bar and re select the book. Soon this will be easier. Thanks

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