What Features Of A Bible App Are Most Important To You?

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by deezel, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. I'm developing a mobile bible reader. I'm trying to make it user friendly but also have plenty of useful features to engage users.

    For example some people like highlighting. Others feel it is important to be able to read it without the usage of data...

    Let me know what you are interested in...
  2. Ability to create notes.. Generally lot of people like it..
  3. Able to copy verses
    Different Versions
    Highlight Verses
    Create Notes
  4. Hey Deezel!
    So far I'm enjoying the app. I don't have a data connection on my smartphone, so being able to read offline is a must.

    Different versions are nice. There are copy write free versions line the NET, KJV, and ASV that are good. Also, being able to compare them is good. I always compare different translations while studying.

    I'd love to have Strong's but I understand if that isn't possible.

    Overall I like it. I like that you can add notes. I like that you can search by person and also by other categories. I also like that I can highlight.
  5. Great feedback so far. Keep em' coming. I thought about the copy feature myself. I have a few different versions, however being offline, the footprint of the app would be quite large. I would love for the app to offer some sense of community as well, just not sure how to go about it. We should be encouraging each other to dig deep in the word of God. Any other feedback it's greatly appreciated. I will work on rolling out an update in the next couple of days.
  6. App going to be for windows phone?
  7. Right now it's available on the Playstore for Android only. I hope to be developing on all platforms soon. So... not yet, but in time yes
  8. How is this app different than YouVersion?
  9. It's different because it focuses on words. Either pre-determined words or words you save. It lumps these words into categories. You can also group by highlights. If you click on a verse you can add notes specific for that verse. You will also be able to select other writers within that verse. Check it out, let me know your thoughts. God Bless...

  10. It's actually pretty cool, Gonefishing. If you have an android phone it's worth the download.

    Deezel, are you going to be able to make it available offline? That's always a deal breaker to me. You could also add a "share to facebook" button. I'd never use it but apparently others do. :)

    I've always had issues with YouVersion. I wish they would stop adding crap and fix what's already there. The app has been around forever and it's still a glitchy mess on every phone or tablet I've tried it on.
  11. No android phone, the experience I have with Google and their playstore has been annoying with tablets.

  12. Really? I don't think I've had any issues. Or at least non major enough for me to remember.
  13. Thanks again Huntingteckel for Your support. I'm finishing up some updates to a new version. Should be faster searching through topics and better tagging functionality. It will also have a voice search feature. Once I'm done I will post a link to am offline version as well.
  14. Coolio. I've been playing with the app daily. I don't think any other app on the market lets you search through categories like yours does. Or at least none that I've download. It's useful when searching for verses relating to a certain person.
  15. The update is great. The search is a lot faster. I can't get the voice search function to work, though. I click the mic button and say what I want to search for and then hit the button and it pops up with what I said but it isn't in the search bar. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I haven't tried the Notes yet. I'm also a little confused about tagging. Do I just select a word from the list of words in the verse? Also, are you going to make a way to back up notes and highlights? Like a website or maybe through Box or Dropbox?
  16. Glad you like it. The voice search work like this... say... Open... 'book name' I.e. open 'Matthew'

    Or say SEARCH...'search word's I.e. search 'love' I'm working on a tutorial. I'm also working on the tagging. Back up was also part of the plan. Great to have feedback
  17. Alright, the voice search seems to be working perfectly.
  18. No Greek or Hebrew, could not figure out the copy and paste. Would not move to eternal drive. Look at e-sword and reproduce that on Android. Thanks for the effort though.


    I did try Mysword and it allowed me to select my sd card with 4 gig for all the storage, then downloaded a bunch of stuff with strong numbers. (Now if all my apps would do that)
    Also came with free download of young literal translation, now how awesome is that?

    The only thing wrong with it is that it's still not e-sword.
  19. Thanks for the feedback and download. God Bless

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