What Features Of A Bible App Are Most Important To You?

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  1. Sounds like a powerful testimony. I'll keep your opinion in mind. For now I'll focus on the organizational part. To add other versions will most likely not be that hard. I'm still trying to make it easy to use. Eventually i would love to have it where people share their topics and verses associated with their topics. Anyhow, thanks again for participating in the conversation.
  2. Well, I am not opposed to sharing.................. they could get online with all the topics about love or faith others have written. I would be opposed to having to type out a topic on a android phone though. Could be a way to do it on the pc and convert it or just have it in the proper format for upload? With the study tools thrown in, I would be interested then. Buying lic for different bibles cost, it could be the paid for version could include these if it's cost productive. I am not sure how that all works with the different companies.

    Anyway, betting than making a casino app or something.
  3. Michael, just stop. You are one of the most insulting Christians I have ever come across and I spent most of my early years in church.

    Not everything is designed to be E-Sword. If all you're going to post on here are insults about a good app that just isn't designed to be E-Sword then I think you should find something better to do with your time. Read all the parts of the Bible that talk about loving others. That would probably go a long way to making you at least have a hint of being humble.

    Deezel, the last update made my phone say the app wasn't installed. Not sure if it is something with my phone or the app. I reinstalled it and it worked just fine though. I like the changes you made. It's starting to look like a very clean app now.
  4. stop what? I suggest that if there be user topics to be shared, then it would be much more easy to do the topic on a pc then port it over.

    He did ask for suggestions.

    Most believers are not a fan of the NIV, so I want him to succeed, right?
  5. I'm talking about your overall tone.

    And plenty of people use the NIV. It's a very popular translation.
  6. My tone is like it normally is. Lots of folk don't like the NIV "Albino bible" for many reasons. The writers of the NIV do not believe in any trinity doctrine or form of it which rubs many the wrong way. I am not hating on it, I don't care.

    one such comment.......


    Now the guy that wrote that is confused, some verses should not be in there, but some buy into this idea about the NIV.

    The verse he refers to was added by a fake manuscript called the commona. Something like that, even Ersumas thought it was a fake.
  7. That's kind of the issue. Your whole overall tone is condescending.

    I'm just saying that you can't harp on Deezel for having the NIV is as the main translation when it is one of the main translations used.
  8. Not complaining about the n I v . I know its not received well by many and just having the n I v may give the app a bad rep. I am trying to help not alienate the k j v only out there.

    There are groups that hate others based on the bible they use.
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    For me, it would have to be useable off line. Highlighting and notes would probably be useful but I think (apart from a reasonable search) that's it. The other thing is I'd like it reasonably compact.

    I have dabbled on and (mostly) off with my own app using the KJV for my personal use (I did have a couple of apps on the Playstore for a while - JfCupsPrint and a beta version version that can use the print services in KitKat, JfCupsPrintService for sending print jobs to a CUPS server but I had too much in the way of personal problems to keep going with the development and won't be trying public development again) . The search which will handle references (eg lk 2, gen 1:3, etc) is about where I want it but I've yet to get round to highlighting and notes. The apk is here if you want to have a look at it. Very primitive I know but with the highlighting and notes added, it would probably represent all I want.
  10. Nice. I'll take a look. Try this app out too. Let me know what you think. God Bless

  11. OK very provisionally and I'll try to take a longer look when I have more time.

    Your "Characteristics" feature is interesting and I guess could be refined and or added to although I guess there is a huge amount of work putting that together.

    Other than that, for the moment, I'm afraid I'm negative (although I hope offering as constructive criticism).

    I'm not finding the app intuitive at the moment but that may be due to a combination of me trying to give some quick feedback and having some sort of fixed plan with my own dabbling as to how I'm thinking an app should work. I'll know more with a longer play with the app.

    It would be nice if you could move from chapter to chapter by a gesture (my attempt uses swipe left/right) or arrows rather than (as far as I can see) having to scroll up and select the next chapter.

    The search does not seem to be working correctly for me (using Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 /GT-18160 running Android 4.1.2) in that I can not see the characters I type in. I can sometimes see the word suggestions but no text at the top.

    The app has crashed once on me. I've not managed to replicate it to give some idea as to what actions I took to cause it but I have submitted a crash report for you.

    Anyway, sorry the way this initial report has gone. I do wish you well with the app.

  12. Yes, and screw those people. Anyone that alienates others based on the Bible translation they use are idolaters and worship that translation instead of our God.
  13. Great feedback. I really don't expect all positive... real is good. I've been working on an update which I hope to put up today. Feature for scrolling through text sounds good. I started with an expandable list and now feel sorry of trapped using it. I will see what I can do. I was torn with the search feature in that I wasn't sure how strict to keep searches. I.e. 'eve' if I'm not strict enough the search results would bring back text such as evening, believe, etc. So I'm trying to stick to just the word typed. Also once a search is tagged or saved, the results are stored in file. That way you can add verses to that key word without the text actually being in the verse. There is still a lot of work to do, but this forum has helped get the juices flowing. In the words of Hillsong...

    'Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the water wherever you would call me.'

    Taking a step forward. Thanks for the open honest input.

    Proverbs 20:24

    A man's steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way?
  14. Umm. In a market we just don't want to screw those people. Lots of folks hate the niv. I even find myself a bit agitated at church when Dave our other teacher uses it, without going to a better translation first. We all have our hang ups, and if you can make someone happy without compromise, then you gain another user.
  15. I'll hold a further play until you have posted the update then.

    I hit a problem with my swipe left/right gesture code and the list in that I could not get it to play nicely with clicking and or long clicking the list. I suspect my own solution would lie in using an overlay along these lines but it will probably be a while before I get round to playing with it.

    Re the searching, I opted for the SQLite FTS3 full text search. I didn't get as far as considering too many hits but I'd probably opt for a LIMIT clause in the SQL and possibly pop up a toast saying something like "only first 100 results displayed". At least that's the simplest way I can think of.
  16. Like I said, the NIV is fine. He said he's possibly putting other translations in anyway. Honestly, I'd prefer he didn't put the KJV in just to upset the KJV only people.
  17. Exact phrase, words containing only, all words but. Options and quick button to search nt ot or both.
  18. There is one issue with the "which translation(s) for a bible app?" question that I'm not sure has been considered and I feel does need to be raised. That, unfortunately, is the issue of copyright. The KJV is in the public domain (although according to Wikipedia, there is some anomaly in the UK ) and others may be but works like the NIV are copyrighted and I think some publishers would require a fee in order for their works to be used in a mobile app, even a free app.
  19. WEB is copyright free. NET too. I wouldn't mind either of those.
  20. I've just checked. WEB is public domain. NET is copyrighted although it can be used for free under certain conditions.

    I know that might seem like nit picking but it's probably best to try to be accurate.

    A slight drift but someone spotted something wrong with my printing app within its first couple of weeks. In that case, the problem was with my own copyright notice. I had intended to make the app open source but someone (very kindly and correctly) who understood these things better than I and suspecting I'd inadvertently made a mistake emailed me and informed me that the way I'd worded things actually made my app proprietary!

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