What did Christ commaned you to do?

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  1. Please show what I ignored
  2. I noticed also that I ask questions that were also ignored. But you never mentioned that to anyone except me. I aslo notice you asked me a question and never answerd any of my questions after quoting my OP. Is there a reason for that? I reread your rules and they have been broken here many times already. But I dont need to complian about that. The post is going fine I believe.
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    Get out there and get it done, document it, record and then we can have a real conversation about it.

    I promise you that I will be the easiest person alive to convince when you do that.[/QUOTE]
    Thats what the pharises said they wanted a sign. Not sure off the bat is it not something like a perverse genaration wants a sign? Can find it for ya if you like
    Come to me like a child. We can all explian that so cleverly, but dont like trying it on.

    Yes it is cheap. And me telling you I layed hands on the sick and you dont believe me that they got healed. You say You would be so easy to convince. Fact is your not your just average Christian acting in an avarege way. Becuase you have not experianced what I am talking about. SO you think your eyes ears nose mouth and hands superseed Gods word and my experance. They dont I understand why you believ what you believe. And thats ok.

    I never jumped up and down I never fell down. Any one I ever prayed for was on the street. The people I listen to are on the street. I prayed and watched the cancer victim die. Dont be telling me about what you never done. I have been through it and questioned God and I am growing and right now praying face to face with a man who the doctors says has parkinsons. I dont need people coming against me I need people coming with me. I left the church I was in after 21 years because. I now they dont believe what I believe. They guy teaching me says dont take this message to the church they will fight with you. Take it to the street and they will come to you when they see it working. They will wait untill someone else does it . Just like you.

    So far I said Gods greater than we think because He wants to use us and there are many scriptures backing up what I say and believe. many like you dont believe it. If you dont believe it fine. If you dont understand it fine. But why do you come against me with no scripture to back uop what you believe. I saw healings. I kniow it works. I try and share it with you. But you are just coming against me and getting upset by your admission.

    There are many people in your country who have already raised the dead. The witch doctors in mexico are meeting Christians at healing foot for foot. Even the witch doctors are way ahead of Christians. Imagine God asking you whats up with that?[/QUOTE]

    I have no idea how the above got so jumbled up.

    It is pretty clear the English is not your 1st language. I am withdrawing from this conversation because your remarks are all over the place and are so argumentative and defensive that there is not going to be any growth happening one way or the other. We (I) cannot respond to you because you are making no sense whatsoever.

    You say something.......I copied it word for word and you still deny saying it.

    Now once again YOUR own words were................
    "There are many people in your country who have already raised the dead. The witch doctors in mexico are meeting Christians at healing foot for foot. Even the witch doctors are way ahead of Christians. Imagine God asking you whats up with that?"

    I do not know what to say to that kind of nonsense.

    My personal opinion is that you should have stayed in the church you were in so that you could have maybe learned Bible doctrine and knowledge. But something tells me that you did not leave it, but were probably encouraged by it to leave it.
  4. Look at your first post and post #7.

    You were not looking for a list, just a particular item. You should have started out asking about healing.
  5. I responded to your questions. My point is why ask an open ended question if you are only interested in a particular item.
  6. How does asking to look at my two posts show me How I ignored someone elses post? Kinda lost me here.
  7. Becuase we were commanded to do a lot of things I wanted to see where people would go as we all believe different things. If there was one who metioned healing I would at least have one whom I would be able to comunicate with on the same level. But there wanst even one. But then a few are saying oh I believe ib=n healing . The facts are you believe what you do.
  8. If everyone was healed at all times, my wife would no longer have multiple sclerosis. She would no longer have an illness that continues to debilitate her day after day. It would no longer wreak havoc on her mind.

    No, not everyone is healed at all times, sometimes the answer is my grace is sufficient for you.
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  9. So this is a typical responce that I have found from Christians who cant hold a conversation with out getting personal because of there lack of understanding scripture. You havent managed or any one either to quote me scripture to show if I am wrong. Soi you resort to personal attacks and insults. But That is ok I understand that see it many times in the last two years. You dont know how to repond well we can all see that. Its because you dont have any scripture as I said. I tried to show you why and were scripture says we lay hands on the sick. It also says you are willfully ignorant of scriptrure.
    The last site I was on the resorted to huminiating me at my spelling. They had the same lack as you do.
    But thats ok.
  10. Hello sorry to hear about your wife. But the facts are Jesus healed them all. The apostiles healed them all. The 72 healed them all and there are people today running at 100% there are more at 90% and even more at 80% etc. My percentage is way down on them. But as I mature in this and become more like Him, like we are ment to, because that is what we preach. We preach it with out understanding it.
    What does the lords prayer mean?
    Your will on earth as it is in heaven. Is there any sick in heaven? No. So then it is Gods will that there would be none hear.
    This is why I say I am a believing believer. My Grace was not about sickness that is wrong.

    God says He will do for one what he does for another God has no favourites.
  11. Is there any chance that the problem here in communication is YOU?????
  12. Yes my brother, you are exactly right.
    I just buried my mother 3 weeks ago and God's grace was sufficient for her!
    I have prayed for your wife before and will do so again and ask God to comfort her and yes, if it be in His perfect will, that she be healed and restored. I also pray for you and ask God to continue to give you peace and joy so that you may continue to be an encouragement
  13. I believe she will be healed, even if it doesn't happen while she is still alive, but will definitely happen when she goes to be with the Lord and she gets her perfect body.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but happy that she found sufficiency in God's grace.

    Thank you for the prayers, they are much appreciated!
  15. You know brother and thanks. She was a saint !
  16. No I quoted scripture you never
  17. Yes she will but I still believe its God s will she be healed now. Whats her name?
  18. Her name is Melissa.
  19. Your reasoning is flawed (and un-Biblical).

    God very often sends illness to his children for a variety of reasons, St. Paul being a good example.
  20. I missed that he said that.
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