What did Christ commaned you to do?

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  1. Well could you just quote what I said that was wrong so we know what you are talking about please. Thank you.
  2. Why does that matter its either truth or its not. I listen to a lot of people.
  3. What didn't I mention?
  4. The bigget problem with this type of discusion is some people get very up set. It doesnt bother me as you will see I do not and will not react to someone elses distress. I Like to keep it simple and go through one thing at a time. So can we please stick to healing first. Do we or dont we heal the sick. Forget the dead for just now and please dont let me forget it later :) As if you would.
  5. Any thing in reguard to my post you just jump on the next thing. You made some mistakes, I corrected them so do you see it or not. Then I know where we are at in the disccusion. I will not be pulled from piller to post. If you dont agree say so. If you do agree say so.
  6. Please if you are going to quote what I said please do it correctly. Dont add in anything I never said please go back and quote what I actully said. This is why it all goes wrong.
  7. So why do you think you should keep your testimonys to your self, but you want me to tell you, if I rasied the dead. I share all my testimonys. You have to do what you think is correct.

    . Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
    . Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

    So there is room for us to come together and share the full gospel and work together. Gods amazing.

    Were all works in progress. Thats whay I never raised the dead yet. But I tell you this. Its my daily prayer for my Church to see it. And Glorify the Father.[/QUOTE]
    I don't agree with the faith part. The people Jesus healed believed and had faith He would heal them.

    Now who is the minister you spoke of. You can private message me also if you like
  8. I don't agree with the faith part. The people Jesus healed believed and had faith He would heal them.

    Now who is the minister you spoke of. You can private message me also if you like[/QUOTE]
    See when I quote you its all very clear and simple to read , please can you do the same for me so I know where I am I am in many discussion so its no peosonal And I hardly remember who I am talking to . What faith part are you no believing . I use note pad when I lay out quotes is really easy.
  9. I'm at work on my phone. Not going to lay it out sorry
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    Not so my man. I copied and pasted right from your post word for word..
  11. If you really wanted to discuss healing, why not just start with that as the topic?
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  12. We all love a mystery!
  13. No problem. From your post are these exact words...............
    "I know these signs now follow me. They never follwed me for the first 21 years. Because Back then I begged God to heal people. Today I command as Christ commmanded. Begging God never got one person healed in 21 years. Commanding sickness to go did work in the last two years. I so I think we are talking about different things. But please tell me if I am wrong. Thanks for your input."

    To that and to do as you asked, I told you that you were wrong IMO. God is not at our beak and call to be commanded to do anything.
  14. Word........I do not believe that any man today has the gift or power to heal the sick.

    God does !!!!!

    James 5:14-15 is God's formula..........
    "14 Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven."

    I wish that men had the ability to heal more that anything I can think of. But if he did, why hasn't that man, even if it is you, been to all the hospitals in America and emptied out ever room?????

    IF a man could heal the sick, why would he be on the internet telling us about it???? Get out there and get it done, document it, record and then we can have a real conversation about it. I promise you that I will be the easiest person alive to convince when you do that.

    You see Word.....talk is cheep. It is when we the rubber meets the road that we see the problem. In the excitement and adrenaline of a healing service when everyone is praising God and jumping around and falling down that we "see" a healing. But when the lights are turned off, and we all get home, mama still has cancer and dies a month later.
  15. |This is a misleading quote I never said He told me to go raise the dead. I quoted scripture . So in fact you did misquote me.
  16. If we are going to communicate it would be helpful if you could keep all your quotes for me in one post please. Major.
  17. Dont you think its best to foundation. I wanted to establish what we were commanded to do first.
  18. It would be nice if you could bring in some scripture backing up what you think instaed of you OP. Where did I say God was at my beck and call? That is a little more difficult to see? You need to reread what I said. I said I am not even speaking to God whan I an commanding sickness to go. I am talking to satan realm. But maybe you think sickness comes from God?
  19. Hope you are not quoting me there? Because I at no point said that. Just so were all clear.
    Because I believe the same about God. And at no point ever did I say I heal anyone.

    Me to so thats great Bless the Lord oh my soul.

    You havent really been looking deeply at my posts. I said all Christians can do this all Christains Because of who dwells in us. Father Son and Holy Spirit all life in you. The same Spirit that raised Chrsit from the dead dwells in you and every believer. We dont raise the dead or heal the sick He does. We are command to lay hands on the sick. ANd these signs shall follow believers.
    He sent out 72 and they all healed the sick. Not just the appostiles. There are people in america open your eyes and but I dont think you would except it anyway. Its there all right.

    Why dont you look on the internet because you obviously havent. I cant believe you just said that.

    [/QUOTE] Get out there and get it done, document it, record and then we can have a real conversation about it.

    I promise you that I will be the easiest person alive to convince when you do that.[/QUOTE]
    Thats what the pharises said they wanted a sign. Not sure off the bat is it not something like a perverse genaration wants a sign? Can find it for ya if you like
    Come to me like a child. We can all explian that so cleverly, but dont like trying it on.

    Yes it is cheap. And me telling you I layed hands on the sick and you dont believe me that they got healed. You say You would be so easy to convince. Fact is your not your just average Christian acting in an avarege way. Becuase you have not experianced what I am talking about. SO you think your eyes ears nose mouth and hands superseed Gods word and my experance. They dont I understand why you believ what you believe. And thats ok.

    I never jumped up and down I never fell down. Any one I ever prayed for was on the street. The people I listen to are on the street. I prayed and watched the cancer victim die. Dont be telling me about what you never done. I have been through it and questioned God and I am growing and right now praying face to face with a man who the doctors says has parkinsons. I dont need people coming against me I need people coming with me. I left the church I was in after 21 years because. I now they dont believe what I believe. They guy teaching me says dont take this message to the church they will fight with you. Take it to the street and they will come to you when they see it working. They will wait untill someone else does it . Just like you.

    So far I said Gods greater than we think because He wants to use us and there are many scriptures backing up what I say and believe. many like you dont believe it. If you dont believe it fine. If you dont understand it fine. But why do you come against me with no scripture to back uop what you believe. I saw healings. I kniow it works. I try and share it with you. But you are just coming against me and getting upset by your admission.

    There are many people in your country who have already raised the dead. The witch doctors in mexico are meeting Christians at healing foot for foot. Even the witch doctors are way ahead of Christians. Imagine God asking you whats up with that?
  20. Not if you are going to ignore all the answers except the one you're really looking for. I saw no attempt to lay a foundation.
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