What did Christ commaned you to do?

Discussion in 'Doctrinal Discussions' started by The Word or nothing, Dec 19, 2014.

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  1. Ok scripture proves its self with scripture. Can you give another new testiment scriture to back uo that one?
    God no where is the new covanant sends sickness to Hischikdren. Its not there. That is a lie from satan.
    I will start a new thread dealing with pauls thorn. It was not sickness. What kinda God do you think He is. Oh I love you theres cancer for you kids You think that was God? satan came to steal kill and destroy, and you just blamed God?
    This is God There is no condemnation in God none. I never came to condem the world Jesus said. I cant believe peoples twisted perversed understanding of God. Thats what Jesus said at the healing of the epileptic boy/ You perversed generation. Just means twisted thing. He wasnt condeming them.
  2. The internet is a wonderful thing, but it has one thing that causes a lot of people problems. IT REMEMBERS WHAT YOU SAY.

    I am not looking for an argument with you at all. I would love to just talk the Scriptures with you over you perception of believing that God heals everybody and I am still willing to do that. The problem I am having is your argumenitive way of talking with people.

    Your exact words according to the internet record in comment #56 are and I quote......"No I quoted scripture you never".

    My dear friend, you say that you always quote Scripture and that it is even the name you choose to use but the truth is that in your thread titled---
    "What did Christ command you to do"...........I could only find TWO postings where you actually did quote Scripture, and they were comment #7 and #12. Now there are some really smart people on this site that could verify this but I am not one of them. Maybe I am wrong and missed several dozen postings so anyone can look and see and if I counted wrong I am truly sorry.

    HOWEVER I actually quoted Scripture and placed it in front of you in comments #6-8-14-15-18-19-34...of the same thread in question.

    That is 7 to your two it seems like to me. SO......would you like to think about this awhile?

    So when you say .........."No I quoted scripture you never"........
    You might want to re-think that Scripture back in Exodus when it comes to bearing false witness.
  3. God never said that there is NO scripture saying that NONE.
  4. If you really would love to talk scriptures then lets talk on Skype?
  5. It's here as well *sigh*

    Please do not start a new thread on healing.
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