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  1. Little lambs, why do you keep your God at arm’s length? What are you afraid of? Are you so sure that if I take your life today you would be acceptable in My eyes? You would do well to ponder this. Children, I want you to store up heavenly treasures. I need your cooperation to help me save the lost lambs. Don’t you want to help me? Do you think you love as I do? Then show me. How? Cooperate. Stop pretending you don’t hear me – stop making excuses. Where are your priorities? How do you spend your time? What does this tell you? Be honest with yourselves. Time is running out. Use it wisely.
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  2. Why would you take another's life? This is a little strange.
  3. I have no idea what you are referring to
  4. That's what @Anonymous please respect is referring to. And I ask that same question. No ones life should be taken at all.
  5. Time is running out get your mental check up before it's to late!!!! Get a mental check up, be honest with yourself, you need that mental checkup!!

    We get all kinds here don't we? Who is planing to kill who? amazing.............
  6. I think MrG was speaking as if he were God asking what if this were your last moment....have you been doing what you were called to? Be ready...

    He was saying if God called you home right NOW!

    Was this the idea MrG?

    brother Paul
  7. God don't Murder people, Jesus said clearly the Thief came but not to Kill, Steal and Destroy. Jesus also the devil was a Liar and a murder from the beginning and there is not truth in HIM.

    John 10:10
    John 8:44

    So he must be talking about Satan, or be a Satanist.

    In Fact God does not even take pleasure in the death of the wicked.

    Eze 33:11

    So It could not be God he was talking about Murdering us. This guy must be a devil worshiper or something off the wall like that.
  8. Brother Paul, you are correct - that is exactly what I am saying.
  9. I am sorry that you have misunderstood the meaning of what I am saying - Brother Paul is correct - I am a devout Roman Catholic.
  10. I am sorry, but you have misinterpreted the meaning of what I am saying, Brother Paul is correct. I am a devout Roman Catholic.
  11. Woe! Be careful my brother not to judge quickly...the OP said nothing about murder or God taking pleasure in the wicked (you totally read this into what was said)...when we who are saved physically die, God takes our life back to Him...and He knows the exact time that will happen to each of us...it is only in modern western thinking that "taking your life" (or soul) means murder. God may not be the cause of our death (but in some cases He is) but if you are His, He brings your spirit-man home to be with Him (He takes your life, your soul, your spirit, to be with Him - see the great uncountable multitude in Revelations 7)...I have heard dying people pray "Lord I am ready, take me home..." that does not mean they were asking God to "murder" them, or that they would want Him to take pleasure in the death of the wicked. because "wicked ones" would try to avoid Him like the plague (though they cannot because at the Judgment every knee shall bow and every tongue confess)...

    But also as far as you know MrG could also only be a baby in the Spirit and still not understand some things (but I get what he was saying, he is saying do not be like the five unwise virgins...trim your wick and keep your lamp full so when He comes He will find you ready)...but a Satanist? A devil worshipper? Wow brother, be careful for the measure you mete will be meted back unto you...

    You can disagree with the idea that we should be prepared (wick trimming...practice, repentance, praying, serving, giving, transforming the mind, etc.), and that we should check ourselves to make sure of our salvation (that we are filled with the Holy Spirit)...but these accusations are not founded upon anything factual that we know...

    MrG are you a Christian? Have you placed your life in His hands? Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed...who are you (share if you will but you owe nothing to anyone here)...

    In His love

    brother Paul
  12. I believe and practice the Roman Catholic faith - I am almost 67 yrs old, retired, living in Chicago - I live a monastic life - I practice the presence of God (Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection)- I listen always for His instruction - I have given up my family, friends, the world to serve God during all of my waking hours. I leave my apartment to buy food once a month, and sometimes a couple of more times for whatever reason. I spend $40/month on food - my income is $720/month - I send $300 - $325/month to support the Alliance Vision Education Center in Nairobi, Kenya to care for orphans who have lost their parents due to HIV/Aids. I have no "stuff" - I eat from one bowl - have one fork etc. - That should give you an idea of who I am.
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    Did you vow this life to God? Self sacrifice for the sake of others is wonderful and could be commendable but the Father loves you so much that He sent His Son...His self immolation is sufficient. Having no stuff is fine, and being so generous is fine, but starving yourself is not...the Lord wants you to be a living sacrifice not a dead one. If in doing His work you were to go without is one thing, but to put yourself in that position needlessly (because we will always have the poor among us) is not required.God knows the heart and Christ did the work, it is okay to send a little less and live a little better quality (sorry but I have found the RCC, and Jewish mothers, can use guilt too heavily as a motivator). Having said that, I must admit there are many Christians who are by far too selfish (it makes me wonder) and yet others under bondage regarding Tithing to the deprivation of their own family (unknowingly worse than an infidel) IMO both are sad examples of being a follower of Christ.

    Now what I am about to tell you is not to discourage or dissuade you but I was a Clinical Trial Assistant for years and was Certified in Biomedical Technique (doing and running lab-tests of all sorts). This is to alert you for prayer...

    To determine if a person has HIV/AIDS the first line of detection is to run we call an Elisa test...but due to the established fact that Elisa tests yield 50% false positives, a second Elisa MUST be done (because to put a person not so infected on the Aids Cocktail can kill them)....IF the two Elisa tests agree the chances are the person does have HIV/AIDS, in most modern countries (to be absolutely sure because of this danger) we run a Western Blot Test (very expensive)...this is irrefutable and always 100% correct.

    Now the problem with how the W.H.O. has approached this problem in what they call "Third World" countries (especially in Africa) is that they only administer a single Elisa test (remember 50% of time it will say negative when positive and positive when negative) and if it says "positive" they give these poor souls the AIDS cocktails. I know it is hard to fathom that anyone would do this intentionally but they are actually murdering millions whether intentionally or unintentionally. Myself and others have written them and the Council for Racial Injustice many times and the response is always the same...they claim they are doing what they can on a shoestring budget and can only afford the one Elisa test (which in reality costs about $17.50 cents if you deduct the payroll costs). The lab techs who do the test get paid about $15-20 per hour and the test takes about 15 minutes on one end and about a half hour on the other. Could the World Health Organization (a UN arm philosophically based in a Eugenics oriented Darwinian/Socialist philosophy) be reducing the surplus population (as Hitler once said about killing all the Jews)?

    Now I know these orphans still can use and I am sure they need your support, but if you die it stops....better to give $200 per month for 10 years than $300 for 5...the Lord wants you to live (though you would just as soon go home) not waste your own good heart towards them...I am not saying do not do it, I am saying UNLESS you are doing it because you vowed it against the word of Christ, think on these things...

    I love your heart and spirit and such works are usually the result of faith not the cause...resulting from the heart of the saved (though they can never earn it) as Ephesians 2:8-10 and James would teach us...but others who do not so like this are not lacking or less than, as at the bottom line it is not about us...it is about Christ and what He did...

    By the way I also loved Practicing the Presence but I love the 66 books God gave far more. Your sins are cleansed and your heart is compassionate but at least know this...you do not have to prove it to Him. I have a friend Harold who can barely survive because he always gives a tithe first (commendable I believe) but seeing him suffer needlessly is something I know God does not want. God loves a cheerful giver, are you cheerful in this lifestyle? Give as you are able not from guilt (Deut. 16:17) in proportion as God has given to you (I know it is all His) knowing what you can do is acceptable to Him because of your heart in giving and do not let the devils plague you with guilt (rebuke them immediately) if and when the time comes that you cannot do what you normally do.

    When I close this I am going to pray and ask God to help you....perhaps with more resources or ideas for more resources perhaps to let you know His love is greater than your need (if it is indeed a need and not just your heart toward Him) to continue on such a limited means...listen to your heart and do not accept one iota of guilt (it is of the devil when you KNOW you live for Him)

    In His love

    brother Paul
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    thank you for making that clear Paul...... However I am a scripture only person and Jesus has already exposed the one that Walks as a lion seeking whom He may devour and it's not God.

    I would need a scripture that suggest God just murders his children on a whim, I already provided scripture pointing to the thief, the murderer and enemy. I don't think God is in competition with Satan from my understanding.

    The close I can come is Jesus saying thou fool you soul is required of you this night after storing up things for himself but Jesus never said who requires your soul and even when dealing with sin in the body where judgement had to fall, Paul turned on over to Satan for destruction, not God.

    As for dying for the Lord, Paul said it's time "I" offer myself up. Paul was not going anywhere until He was good and ready. He also said he was caught between being with Christ which He said is much better or staying around longer and helping those on Earth.

    Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection:

    scripture says if we obey God we should eat the good of the land, not be taken out.

    Scripture says do not give the devil a place. Disobedience to God gives that rat a place in our lives to kill, steal and destroy.

    So, just by scriptures I could only conclude that the op must have some satanic God to say such stuff as I just assume people at least know a few scripture. I only call things as they appear and I was not judging but I back everything with scripture.

    I just need the scripture that says God also does what Satan does, otherwise I have to assume the OP was speaking scriptural about Satan.

    Thank you Paul.

  15. Geez dude....he was just saying "If you died tomorrow, are you sure you'd be right with God". :rolleyes:
  16. Sorry you missed that point as well Michael...again the OP is NOT about God killing His children (that would indeed be Satanic) it is about Him taking you home when it is your time to die (He foreknows the exact time and circumstance of when that shall be). MrG meant when He takes you home to be with Him...not taking in the sense of Him killing you...therefore no one will ever be able to give you scriptures saying that which you have misunderstood.
  17. I can't for the life of me understand how someone can take my post to mean "killing His children" - this post was made in other places and perhaps 1000 or more people read it - but you guys are the only ones who viewed it in such a light. I take your concerns in a positive way - being concerned for a Christian brother - and not accusing me of being the enemy of God.

    I have no need to respond concerning the information I gave about myself - again I take this as a heartfelt concern for a Christian brother. I was invited by Brother Paul and I responded honestly as a way of letting you get to know me. I don't have any control over how you view it and have no need to explain myself, other than to say I am happy in my service to God and am at peace with Jesus and myself.
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  18. That's it MG...that is all that really matters. But do not let this be a reason to leave this forum...feel free to comment on other posts as well.

    brother Paul
  19. Sorry, @MrGroceries that I took it the wrong way. And like @Brother Paul said, please stay on the forum. I used to be like this and feel if someone said something I thought was wrong, I felt I had to leave the forum. So, please stay, and let us get to know you.
  20. Well, I think Brother Paul helped me with the explanation and I know DanaCovert68 thought the same way I did because we don't see God as a murderer or someone that takes anyone's life. That is not what we are taught, but taught God is love and Loved us enough to send his son to die for us. We are also told who the murderer is and it's not God.

    I am sure it was just a denominational misunderstanding as I don't Know God as someone that takes your life. We are told to serve and Obey Him and we shall do well. We are told not to give the devil a place in our life or else you could be taken out early.

    God gave us instruction in the Word about having Long Life and that was to submit to His will and live your life in Obedience serving him.

    You said your Catholic right?

    Even though I don't understand a whole lot of why Catholics do what they do and practice, Most I know have never said that God may take anyone's life. Most I have met do that Mary thing or whatever and are lots more optimistic and upbeat being helpful and looking forward to the things of God, not being taken out early.

    So, I would not even caught that thinking of your Denomination.

    If anything it sounds more like a Baptist or Election thing than it did anything else. (Now that I examine it again)

    Thank you Brother Paul and the rest for correcting me on this issue. I only take scripture and compare which I feel Scripture is the only safe area to believe in.

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