The body of truth and the Spirit of truth.

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  1. The days of sound bites if there was ever a day ; has long gone .
    I prove what I assert by an argument . Not only for you but for anybody who might read it or is interested in the subject .
    By argument I do not mean I stand on my 'truth' and you stand on your 'truth' and we get nowhere.
    By argument I mean a sequential and unfolding biblical argument that any man can or could follow so that they may reach the same conclusion as I have.
    That is a biblical principle and one which Paul used in nearly all his letters but expecially the letter to the Romans and Hebrews.
    For his objective was to bring us all to the same place in our thinking as to the truth he was expounding on.
    I would be foolish if I thought my argument carried the same weight or was as good as his.
    Never the less he said what you see in me do and be ye followers of me as I am of Christ.
    So I do not believe in "proof texts" and while one text may indeed state a truth clearly . it does not prove it by the one text but that text must be proved and tried by any or all other texts related to it .
    Then it is so 'proved'
    My aproach then is simple . If I make a statement I will prove that statement with a biblical argument that will uphold it. If any man is willing to follow that argument they will either come to the same conclusion as I have or if thier is a fault in my 'reasoning' it can be challenged . If at any point the argument is not magreed with or misunderstood we can stop there and work it out till it is resolved .
    If for any reason we cannot or a person is unwilling .Then we will at that point part company. For how can two walk togther unless they agree?
    I do not then accept assertions at thier face value .
    My understanding such as it is ;is laid out for all to see .
    That is what I think and believe .
    and WHY I do so .
    For if I have come to a knowldge of the truth in truth .I arrived at or came to it as I was so led by Him who leads us into all truth . As then I was so led;the way I was so led I then show it i the same way as I was so led to arrive at it .

    In Christ
  2. God by His Spirit leads us all who love Him into all truth.
  3. IF what a person says is true by the scriptures then no scripture can as you say "pull it down " For ALL scripture was inspired by God who is not of various minds or versions of himself .
    All scripture then will and does dovetail perfectly with all other scripture as the laws of physics dovetail and harmonise with all other laws .
    Thus any truth that we know in very truth we learnt and understood as "little children" will neither contradict or be out of harmony with any other great truths we may learn as "ye fathers"
    You suggest that I am taking scriptures out of context .But do not prove it so .
    I do not need to bring ALL the scriptures relating to the subject though it is possible to do so . But time and space will not permit.
    Nor did Paul do so when he argued his case .
    You not only suggest that I am taking scriptures out of context but also then stae one text will "pull it down" or you seem to be so doing.
    If you are then you should not only show.prove where I am missaplying scripture and why but also the scripture that you say "pulls it down"
    The argument standign alone is in many respects correct for when you do do as you say then there are other scriptures related that would seem to contradict the assertion. ALL the ISM's are like that .
    But in the case where what you say is the truth .There will be no scripture that will contradict it in truth . and the one that is used it is thought to do so will be out of context or misunderstood to start with.

    in Christ
  4. Not disputed .
    But it is by His Word.
    That "corrects ,reproves and instructs us in righteosuness "
    Not things we always enjoy if ever .
    Expecially corrects and reprooving bits .

    In Christ
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  6. This is what I was looking for. I believe the same as you that the Lord does live inside each of his children, but as an out reach in the same way Jesus Christ was known as the "arm of the Lord" on this earth that extended from his Father as he sat on his throne, yet at the same time his Father lived inside the Son through his Spirit, But God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are revealed in their absolute Glory only in one place which is in Mt Zion the Heavenly City from which his presence extends to all his children.
  7. I am not suggesting you are taking scriptures out of place, but what you are doing is neglecting others that you know speak contrary wise to what you are saying, for whatever reason. Sometimes as a Christian we will on purpose stay away from certain scriptures because we can not fit them into our belief system. I for one run towards these hard ones on purpose because I know without understanding them I will not have the whole truth. For instance, if a person does not believe in speaking in tongues, he will for sure stay away from the scripture that Paul says, "I want you all to speak in tongues". They will only stay with scripture that proves their belief, and away from those who don't.
  8. Ephesians 1:22=23........ and have put all things under his feet and gave him to be the head of all things to the church.Which is His body the fullness of Him that filleth all in all"

    in Christ
  9. I do not nor can believe that God is somehow less in me than he is in heaven.
    How can that be ?
    For is God not Omnipresent? if the he lives in the high and lofty place in heaven and as he says also "in the humble and contrite heart" then he is as enthroned in my heart as he is enthroned in heaven.
    For the same Spirit of God who was sent from heaven is the same Spirit of God who is in heaven.
    Jesus was the express image of the invisible God.
    If you see me you have seen the Father also .
    To be the arm of the Lord is as when a man rolls up his sleeves and exposes his arm ready for a fight .
    Jesus was the visible or uncovered arm as it were of the Lord God on High .
    But the arm is not a disconected thing is it? But is of one with the 'body' it is attached to. It is but the visible manifestation of the will and purpose of him who wields it.
    We see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

    in Christ
  10. Hope you do not see yourself as a man who has a Claymore anti-personnel mine on his desk. :eek:
    Just joking.
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  12. You would, and during Lent too.
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