Simple Pleasures.

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  1. I just came in from a walk among the fireflies in my backyard. Dozens and dozens of lights floating around me... it's otherworldly, like stepping into the land of Faerie. It's one of my favorite times of the year.

    I love the simple blessings of God's magnificent creation.

    Tell me... what are yours?
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  2. Gentle wind; high on the mountain (at twilight)
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  3. Getting a Christmas card each year from the young German hippy vagabonds we lead to Christ, seeing their babies, their parents, pastor.....their entire new life!
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  4. The simple pleasure of knowing God protects His own if they are yielded to Him.

    My young niece (in her mission field) and her new baby were
    "in the bank while it was held up by two robbers."

    They were untouched....just a bit startled.
  5. Oooops...Reread the OP....missed the part about "blessings of God's magnificent creation"....Sorry.
  6. Aren't people one of God's most magnificent creations? ;)
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  7. I like sitting on some rocks and watching the ocean or even a lake. More than anything, I like immersing myself in the water and enjoying the depths of the sea. Sadly, I have few opportunities to enjoy those comforts lately.
  8. Standing in the hot Fa rain without an umbrella soakin up the heat. Playin with a hyper little puppy that has unconditional love for his master no matter what. A gift from God. God playin with HIS children with unconditional love no matter what............WOW!

    Reading you guy's posts

    Chili peppers hehehehe

    Banarenth's frankin duck
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  9. Hi; was this from a boat, or from the shore?
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    usually from shore, but If can find a friend with a boat lol.
  11. Well, sounds good..
  12. The transition from Summer to Autumn.
  13. Butterflies dancing on the lawn. The little things that makes a day beautiful.
  14. We have a glorious Creator!
  15. Yes we do. I am amazed everyday.
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  16. I find nature and music to be a blessing in the same way you've described. More specifically, one day I came across a pansy in the snow. It reminded me of way God can protect and take care of us. The way He cares. How something that seems rather fragile can outlast and and withstand a lot with God's help and protection.
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  17. Hopeful1: I think the snowdrop kind of epitomizes what you just said.
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  18. Yeah, it really is amazing how much care and thought God put into His creation....every aspect of it. :)
  19. Hi Jane Freer:

    Creation is indeed amazing, but then also there is the song that goes like this:

    "...and the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
    In the light of His glory and grace."


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