Simple Pleasures.

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  1. Man oh man we used to get storms in Scotland and lots of snow, next to nothing these days and the storms are a bit weak! I miss the storms of Scotland.....
  2. You're making me realize how little I know of Scotland. I will have to surf the Net for information about it.
  3. The absolute wonder that G-d has accepted me, even though I started my life hating Him with vengeance.
    That one could love another enough to choose to stay with him/her for a lifetime.
    The redwood forest.
    Patrick's Point, California.
    The antics of the feral kittens born in my back yard about 8 weeks ago.
    The huge oak leaves in the deep south of the USA.
    Flying into Minneapolis in late spring, over the beautiful parks and lakes.
    A Wisconsin farmer's accent and unique language.
    My grandfather's gentle rolling-thunder drawl, although it is now quieted.
    Having freedom.
    The ability to study the Bible, which I need to refind.
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  4. Hello, yes Scotland has had very mild weather in the past couple of years. We live on the North-East Coast up beside Inverness so we are 'lowlanders' but although the Highlands had snow this year, we had none at all, very strange for our part of the world, i can remember going to school in 2 foot of snow, now very little...God bless....
  5. I'd not realised how the Highlands border ran before. I'd have for example placed Aberdeen in the Highlands.

    I was once extremely cold in Scotland but didn't see snow. A couple of us decided to go to John O Groats on a motorbike in the winter of 81-82. Weather seemed OK when we left N Wales. We turned back at Invermoriston.

    Had a couple of good childhood holidays in Scotland. The first when I was about 9 was mostly spent around the Campbeltown area and the second when I was say 15 was mostly spent on the Isle of Skye.
  6. Hello and thanks for commenting. Yes we would consider ourselves in the lowlands where we are in Elgin which is about 35 miles East of Inverness 6 miles from the coast, although it only takes us around ten minutes driving South and we are very much up into the mountainsides. It takes a further 1/2 hour before you reach the Highland Region......You left from North Wales on motorbikes and reached Invermorriston, my goodness! My wife and I are bikers, do you still ride? Blessings...
  7. I had a couple of smaller (under 250cc - never passed my test) bikes but this journey was on my mates Kawazaki Z400 twin - I was just the passenger. We actually made slower progress than anticipated. We camped the first night in Penrith, the second night in Crainlarach before reaching Invermoriston on the thrid day. We stopped for a coffee and saw the reports of snow in England and Wales and turned round, stopping that night in Callander. we got home the next day. The roads were clear except for a couple of patches of the A55 in Wales. At least the main roads were. I had to walk the last couple of miles to the village I lived in.
  8. That is a great story and to be honest you've maybe seen more of the UK than I have, although we honeymooned in Tarbert and we take our caravan to Invermorriston twice a year, we do love Scotland even though it is a shadow of it's former Christian self! God bless and thanks....
  9. I've not seen much of the UK although Scotland wise we did get as far as visiting the Outer Hebrides on a boat trip from Skye. From the little I've seen, you've certainly got some nice scenery in Scotland. I seem to remember the main road in the Glencoe area as being particularly striking and it would be quite a contrast to Norfolk where I live now (very flat).
  10. Encouraged to do so by the conversation here, I've been looking at a map of Scotland, and more delightfully, photos of Scotland. What a beautiful country! Although my heritage is of the Heinz 57 sort, I do have both Irish and Welsh, no Scotch (or should I write Scottish?). Thank you for bringing me the idea of my little cyber tour.
  11. Well, my simple pleasure this weekend has been surprise dental surgery done on Friday, because it forced me to stay home. I got to read through a lot of posts here and otherwise do a lot of sleeping for three days. Oh, the surgery wasn't any fun, and I was so wiped out afterward that I forgot to stop by and get my meds. So I got through it all without pain mads or . . . oh, no! My antibiotics! Wellllllll......!
  12. I pray that you will heal quickly!

    I also hope that reading the posts this weekend entertained you at least a little!
  13. Oh! A lot! With relatively little pain, it has actually been quite pleasurable -- even though I look funny! :D Thank you!! :D
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