Simple Pleasures.

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  1. Rain..hitting the roof...hard.
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  2. Hey! That's mine, too! I also love a summer storm! Add to that a heavy snowfall of those large flakes that cover the whole neighbourhood in a blanket of white---then in the evening, in the dark, shoveling out the driveway---it is so quiet and wonderful. Really!
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  3. The smile on my kid's face when I go back home from work.. And her putting hands up for me to lift her up and kiss.. That sight of her running towards me with her hands up and smiling.. That just takes away all tiredness and relieves all the pressure from work instantaneously..
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  4. There is no greater motivator than seeing your young kids depending on you for their lives that keeps you getting up every morning and going to work.
  5. I hear you. I usually got to the door of daycare but yesterday my son was waiting for me and came up running for me to hold him. Awesome feeling.
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  6. My dog when I come home...she's so excited to see me she whines, howls, runs in circles, pants & smiles at me...then when I get down on the floor...she mauls me with kisses...

    No other feeling quite like it.
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  7. Just a Moment

    There is sometimes a moment when all time just seems to stop so that you may behold a sight that truly is one to be savored. While walking one February morning from my hotel to work in Stockholm, and crossing over a cobblestone bridge, I glanced to my left and saw a full white moon. It hovered just above the red brick buildings on the shoreline with its mirror on the river. I stopped. The air was so crisp and clean that to take a deep breath was sweet and pleasurable. At that instant in the pre-dawn moment a four-horse drawn carriage passed over the bridge with the sound of clapping hooves.

    Continuing and thanking the Lord, I turned right at the end of the bridge; blessed anew, I drank in the view of the reflective light of the sun on the fanning clouds. Red and purple and yellow splashed across the face of the sky in so many shades, a rainbow could not have been compared. Just at that instant the witness of a new birth. The sun shot its blazing light across my face with a glorious "good morning!" Even if I had had a camera I doubt that it could have captured the essence that was etched on my mind.

    Leaving the shoreline, I glanced back hoping to see the colorful sight just once more when I eyed an elderly woman feeding more than 80 birds. Truly these flashes of time in my life are signs of the One in control. It is times like these that take the edge off our rough corners and bring us closer to the Holy One. Only once before had timed stopped like that for me to digest the wonders all around me. The rest of the day was benign but my heart was filled with gratitude to the Lord for the experience I had that day. For that day, I stopped and lived life more abundantly.
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  8. Being Scottish, I love walking in the barren Scottish Highlands especially first thing in the morning fishing at at Loch Ness, fishing in the sea, fishing in the river, fishing in our local Loch, thanks to the Lord for fishing!!! No Loch Ness Monster I'm afraid folks!!!
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  9. Fantastic! Our family tree has some roots in Drumnadrochit! I am from the Urquharts.
  10. My favorite is lying on a cot in the sun. When I lie on my back, I close my eyes and try to pray and reflect on God. When I flip over and lie on my stomach I like to have a Bible open there that I can read, especially some of the Psalms of praise.

    I love walks deep in the woods or areas of natural beauty.

    There's a really good sermon from Chuck Swindoll on the value of leisure here:
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  11. Always being aware that the God who created the Heavens and earth has made his home inside me, and always expecting his voice to guide and lead me into all his truth.
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  12. Hiking in the wilderness. Here's a pic of today:
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  13. Hiking in the wilderness. Here's a pic of today:
  14. Oh wow, now there's a real Scottish surname, mine, 'Birnie' is a part of the Mathieson Clan so not quite in the Urquhart realm. So Euphemia, you would be one so welcome in Scotland. Drumnadrochit - About an hour or so away from us, we go there 2 weekends a year with the kids in our caravan. Blessings ......
  15. I am hoping to come visit in the future, now that hubby is retired! I want to walk the ruins of the Urquhart castle and see the Loch Ness where my ancestors lived! My mother visited many years ago, and I want to, also. You are so blessed to live in that area!

    I understand that in the course of us having our ancestry traced, that there is an outstanding sum of money (a fortune, really) that is unclaimed by some members of the Urquhart line. A member of our family tried to claim it many years ago after the first world war, but my grandfather (how many times removed??) was killed in the war (I think in India) and his papers were all destroyed so we lost proof of the claim.
  16. Well you'd be welcome any time, if you weren't a Scotsman/woman when you come, you will be by the time you leave! You are absolutely right about your claim, we have archives here which date back into the centuries as well as family tree centres, easy enough if you know the right people! That area is beautiful and we do take it for granted I must admit. I tend to fish Loch Ness when we're there, I know there's no monster but I can see why so many have seen sighting, the currents there are so strange and when you sit fishing for a while there's so many odd waves, it's even more so with the castle.....blessings....
  17. Ach! [​IMG]

    Now you've got me excited to come visit! Thank you and God bless you, Scottish friend!
  18. I love that God has given us all special talents, especially those who are talented at cooking because my cream cheese stuffed french toast with mixed berry topping, basil eggs and bacon was astoundingly delicious this morning!
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  19. hello again, apologies, as you know we are way ahead of you time wise so sorry for the late reply, welcome anytime in the meantime 'och aye the noo wifie' - Original English Translation >>>Okay for just now lady!
  20. Great thread! I'm sitting outside in a rainstorm right now, just admiring the awesome power of God. :)
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