Simple Pleasures.

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  1. I'm single and don't have kids, so my simple pleasure is just hanging out with my 7 and 11 year-old nieces!!! Love those two to pieces!
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  2. Quite night with a dark sky and visible stars. Of course with God in mind too. Putting everday life away to think about life in its whole. Sometimes even when I'm out on a run or bike ride and take a moment to stop what I'm doing and talk to God alone. Even if its in silience. Or say something like wow God nice one. Ha :).it could very from sunset to bay to scenary to just one on one. And reflecting favrote lol....thank for this post good reminder for me. And others I like reading there's.
  3. The first snowfall in Minnesota
    The warmth that great friends bring
    The colors of tree's during Autumn season
    The different sounds of animals during the day and night
  4. Sitting on the front yard with a cup of coffee...and a slight breeze whispering about. It's during moments like these no matter how short that I get to close my eyes and fee GOD ever so near.
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  5. That i am able to understand how our Lord has blessed me with His grace and guidance... to know that without the Holy Spirit i would have not been able to get on His path again... to be able to see my everyday life and how He makes things happen for me is amazing and i am so grateful... to know i have a connection to Him... thank you Lord Jesus.
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  6. The sky. If it's all blue, or the cloud formations, and sunrises/sunsets, and the way it is mirrored off of water.

    The night sky too.

    How animals sense a person isn't a threat.

    The laughter of a child.

    The loving touch of another, whether it be gentle or a firm pat on the back/shoulder.

    The songs of birds.

    Tears, tears filling my eyes because of a love that can only come from our beloved Creator.
  7. Taking a walk in the rain. The dark skies and the sound of splattering water drown out everything else, and help me turn inwards and forget about my troubles. Feeling the shockwaves from thunder feels me with excitement.
  8. Happiness exists in our everyday life, it depends on how we discover it actually. Even if you are being put in a complicated and hard circumstance, do believe that God is always with you. He is always there to help you to conquer your fear and open doors for you as His beloved children.

    Wanna know how to be happy in Christ every day? Do check out this blog here

    Have a nice day everyone, God bless :-D
  9. Just looking at people who were created in His image and destined for greatness.

    Also, plants,aves, nature/ fauna in general.
  10. Could you explain sister................. Interesting statement.

    Your blessed, you know.

  11. Sitting under the stars and talking to God. :)
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  12. Like when I look at pll ot almost makes me want to cry bc we,humans, are the pinnacle of Gods creative genius. We are capable of thought, experiencing a wide range of emotions, and intelligence and creating( though only a sliver of God's potential)

    And just to know that every human thst has ever lived, sick,well,selfish ect.. was meant to live the life Jesus did(his life was our example) and was meant for Him,to be with Him forever and enjoy an intimate r- ship with Him. And theres millions of pll on this earth, not counting those before us, thats alot of love.. to love everyone of us ,know us by name,know when we stand orsit... its amazing everyone ( from micheal jackson to Mother Teresa to the hobo on the street is loved exactly the same way....

    Thats powerful and <3 warming

    Oh and aves are a class of birds,well for all birds, nature shows his....well, awesomeness ^~^

    Hope that explains it. :)
  13. Well............... OK.

    Lots of emotion in that. I am more robot like in Word.

    Sounds good, love you also Pancakes, keep the love of God going.

  14. Several years ago, I didn't even exist in this world.. Then I was formed - as a single cell, thousand times smaller than a tiny mustard seed! yes, that was me.. Later on, I came to this world as a baby.. all I knew was to cry.. years passed by.. I formed emotions.. thoughts.. eventually matured into an adult. This is not just my story, but of every human being. Lord my God, I worship you with all my heart.. thou are magnificant, thou are wonderful.
  15. not into fishing since my sister use to chase me w/worms when I was But, I wanted to tell you I like your quote..
  16. Worms? Do not underestimate them.
  17. Firsts of the year are a special one for me. When you go out into the garden and pick your first asparagus (we had ours this weekend), later in the year, I'll go the greenhouse and pick my first ripe tomato, etc. That's not to underestimate the range of produce one might get (and we are quite fortunate here with the bit of land my mother rents - as well as the veg plot and a couple of small greenhouse, we have apples, plums (including a couple of gages and a damson) and will shortly be adding a couple of pear trees) but there always seems to be something extra special about the first pickings.

    Then there are the creatures that are around. This year there has (again but they have stayed longer this year) been a pair of mallard ducks further down the field. I'm wondering whether we will see ducklings later (although I'm not sure what we will do with our cats if there are baby chicks on the ground).
  18. Calling to remembrance the former days in which I struggled in my life, and how the Lord saw me through them, when I saw no way out.
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  19. I like setting on the porch early in the morning or in the evening and just opening the Good Book and see what God will speak to me? :D
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  20. Sunday dinner with family; target shooting at the range with eldest son; summer evening backyard campfire; nice summer day, reading at outdoor patio; :)
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