Sickle moon and disk/star

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  1. Has anyone done some research on this?
    I done a quick search on Google web and images on star and sickle moon and disk and sickle moon.

    Man, those are some interesting results.
    I'll not wander into airing what I found and my views and in some instances shock, but I think everyone should look into this for themselves. If they dare.
    For the record I'm not a big fan of "coincidence".
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  3. The crescent moon is just one part, the disk or star the other. What I found amazing is how it link Islam to other entities, countries, organisations, ancient things, modern things, people and places.
    You have to ask if this is coincidence as it is really that scary. Or is it by design?
  4. If you do a little study, you will find that there is currently only one religion on the planet that can fulfill the one world government and religion that the bible tells us is coming.
    Islam's own teachings put it in that role and its habitual reliance on and encouragement of ignorance and lowered mental capacity (through generational inbreeding) encourage a fear of or inability to think for oneself.
  5. What if there is something other than Islam, but very similar to it and that came before it?
    What if Islam was created to fulfil a specific purpose but in accordance to that something that came before it?
  6. Well islam is a lot like judaism in many ways, and just seems like the other side of the coin.
  7. Lanolin, sorry, but I have to correct you here. Judaism and Christianity have many parallels, after all, Christians and Jews have the same Father God in heaven.
    Now the "thing" called allah is something different altogether, not God at all, so we do not share any similarities to islam at all, nor does islam share any similarities to Judaism. Islam is a twisted and watered down version of the truth found in God, with purpose of deception.
    But there is allegedly another one.
    Just for the record, that thing you started about the star of david being occult, do not throw it away totally, you may just be right. I came across something similar, containing two squares arranged in the same fashion.
  8. Im meaning relgious judaism and islam are kinda similar.
    Islam is a twisted version of the bible, it takes things from the bible and reinterprets them.
    Likewise rabbinic judaism can do this as well. With their talmud or whatever it is to make a new kind of intepretation of bible from the original scripture.
  9. The thing is, jews do not believe God is their father. because they dont believe in his Son. A son has to have a father right?
  10. Likewise, islamists dont believe God had a son either...they believe in a creator, just like jewish ppl believe. But they dont know the true nature of God almighty, revealed in His Son.
  11. Thanks. I thank the Lord for the information.
  12. I was thinking on this how God forbade the israelites to make graven images..of the stars above as well...and worship them...and also..interesting that the pentagram and hexagram are both stars, star of david has just one more point.

    "You shall have no other gods before Me. 4"You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.5"You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,…

    the likeness of what is in heaven above? A star? A moon?
  13. beneath the earth I would think things like demons...and water under the earth...snakes, dragons/dinosaurs etc. heaven above...angels? Idols..anything worshiped other than God.

    its ok to take photos and draw and paint likenesses of things on earth around us...but to worship them? No. I think of hindus and how they worship lots of gods and they look like unearthly creatures. Totems and carvings of taniwhas in Maori culture also. Dragons in chinese culture.
  14. Wow, that was a fascinating read. Thanks Abdicate. Makes me really wonder. One thing that I noticed(that stood out)about their black temple was the placement of that black stone. It appears to be placed as a cornerstone.
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  15. Wow....I was just doing some quick reading on the internet about that black stone and what it signifies. It says that it absorbs the sins of the Muslims, that it is named the right hand of allah. These and it's placement in the building as the cornerstone is such a perversion of Jesus Christ.
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  16. Anyone who thinks that islam is anything but a mockery of Christianity & Judaism has not done any research on islam and it's "prophet", IMO. According to scripture, Jesus was not married and muhamad had 11 to 22 wives - the youngest was age 6 when taken and age 9 at his death. As long as islam is not preeminent world wide, it's ok if you pay high extra tax and let them live, but it is not considered murder to slay an unbeliever. It is written that it's ok and even holy to lie if it is to a muslim's benefit.
    The star of David is a symbol, not a graven image. The cross is a Christian symbol. It has been used (mostly upside down) in occult rituals and that does not make it occult.
    Youtube is a great place for research altho, some videos go to strange places and can be a waste of time.
    Here's a good video about islam:

  17. I've heard even the hippie-like peace sign is an upside down cross with it's arms bent and within an occultic circle.
  18. Just read your blog. Great stuff, thank the Lord for piecing it together and explaining it. i know when hearing about christians being beheaded that was straight out of revelation.
    Im just wondering what the flags have to do with it.
    Since on flags are symbols also...and people do seem to worship flags.

    As for the kaaba, if that is evidence of lucifer/satan thrown out of heaven...that is indeed creepy. Jesus did say he saw him fall like lightning.
  19. Flags were originally meant for ships to identify them at revelation it is said there will be no more sea...any thoughts on this?

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