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  1. Wrong! Whatever you are trying to say is in error. NO ONE has said that "There seems to have crept in by default that a child of God should not be or need not be baptized."

    That is something YOU said but no one else has. What has been said that water baptism is NOT essential to salvation.
    It is an act of obedience to do as Christ did BUT it is nor required in order to be saved.

    No one is denying that a believer should not get baptized, ONLY that the act does not do save.
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  2. LOL.............I AM a member of a Baptist church and I am also a member of Christ's church because He saves us Baptists just like He does everyone else who call upon His name and believes in His shed blood for the remission of sin.
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  3. Yawn.
    I said no such thing, and in fact I was baptised forty years ago as an adult.
    I am merely opposing the the forcefully presented false doctrine that baptism is necessary for salvation.
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  4. Are you him?

    I wish
  5. Keep it scriptural folks... don't make things personal.
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  6. If I seemed to be doing so,my apologies. I was actually seeking to get things clarified for others sake.
    In Christ
  7. Any thoughts on 1 Corinthians 15:29 as to baptism for the dead? Paul seems to use this as an argument against those who denied the resurrection of the dead. To use it in your argument seems to me that he didn't condemn it, but he neither endorsed it elsewhere in scripture.
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  8. Water does not save .
    When God commands anything ,He requires that command to be carried out .
    Baptism is a command .
    Baptism is to remove our sins, by being buried with Christ ,as in His death and being raised a new creature ,without sins , born again .
    When we are buried with Christ ,we are baptized into Christ ,
    Is assembling with the saints a command or a suggestion ?
    Is not committing adulty a command or just a suggestion ?
    Etc. Etc. Etc.
    Some of the posters believe that they can't lose their home in Heaven , I pray that they do not disobey God's commands .
    Without obeying God's commands we will not receive God's Grace ,it will not matter how many times The Lord ,Lord is called upon .
  9. If baptism is to remove sins, then you are advocating salvation by works, and by water. NOWHERE is it said that water remits sin, but Jesus' blood does. Nor it is said that being baptized saves anyone. You have misunderstood scripture. Baptism is symbolic of our new found relationship with Jesus Christ, and our new found justification through faith in Him.

    People whom God has adopted into His family are not in danger of being disinherited. God's grace is more than sufficient to save us and keep us.
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  10. I was born and raised in a non christian family. Somewhere about eleven years old, I met the Lord, alone in my bedroom. His presence was overwhelming love. I got down on my knees and said, "Please don't forget me."
    I knew absolutely nothing of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I told nobody what had happened.
    About this time, my parents started taking us to an Anglican church. I do not recall hearing the gospel there either.
    I do in fact remember the minister once telling us about the death of Jesus on the cross. He explained the great significance of his death by crucifixion was that it was the most cruel and painful death ever devised by man, and that was all.
    I had read enough war books to know this was garbage because the Nazi Gestapo or the Japanese secret police would torture people for months without letting them die, whereas Jesus died after a few hours. In fact the thieves took even longer to die!
    To this day, I remember making a logical decision to utterly rejected what the minister told us about the crucifixion.
    That was all I recall being told about the death of Jesus.

    At about the age of fourteen or fifteen I remember being with a group of kids from church sat around a bus stop across the road from the church. I don't know what started it, but someone suddenly called out, "OK then, who goes to heaven and who goes to hell?"
    At that signal, all eyes turned to Tony, who was slightly older than the rest of us. Being the altar boy, he was also closer to the vicar, therefore closer to God, he would know the answer!
    "That's easy," Tony announced confidently, "Good people go to heaven, and bad people go to hell."

    As Tony spoke those words, I was lost in another personal encounter with God.
    As my head had turned to watch what was going on, my eyes had panned across the church building. It was suddenly as if a blanket of truth had descended upon me and covered me, and I clearly heard a distinct whisper in my spirit. "Tony is absolutely wrong, because I am bad, everybody is bad, but God has made the way." And then from the Lord himself, "And I don't live in the church, I live within your heart!"

    God had spoken, and it was a settled fact that God lived within me. There was no debate in my heart.
    I never told anyone what I had happened.
    From what the Lord had said, I took it that he didn't dwell in the church! Therefore from that time on, church became an irrelevance to me and I stopped going. Bearing in mind the uselessness of that Anglican establishment, maybe that wasn't a bad idea.
    In my four young years there I don't recall hearing the gospel.

    Although God had spoken, I didn't know any Christians and I didn't know what to make of it, so it remained a seed slowly growing amongst many many weeds and stones. I also did a good job of planting more weeds over the next few years.

    In my mid twenties, I decided to do another full time college course to become a teacher, but not long after arriving at the distant college, I was knobbled by the "God squad".
    Initially I didn't mind too much because I enjoyed baiting them and they made good coffee. However I had no intention of falling for their evangelistic zeal because I knew that God didn't live in the church. However, after a week or two, their words got under my skin and I began to see that they were talking about the God I already knew. It didn't help my case when one of the came and told me that God had told her that I had made a commitment to the Lord as a child! My cover was blown wide open and thus I soon "became a Christian."
    Only then did I hear the gospel.
    Shortly after that, I was baptised, maybe fifteen years after asking the Lord into my life as a child.

    I know that I was born again as a child. I know that his life was within me. You don't hear the voice of the Lord telling you that if it ain't true!
    I was a son of my heavenly Father who didn't forget me, who watched over me and guided my back to him as I grew up.

    The idea that baptism is a necessity for salvation is pure unbiblical drivel. I got baptised as an adult because I wanted to make a declaration that my life was given to Christ. I wanted to identify with him and to start living as if he was alive in my heart. Up to that point, he was merely hidden in my heart.
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  11. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your testimony. I also was saved at an early age having heard the wonderful gospel message, but never submitted to baptism until age 18. Your story is an amazing one that attests to the reality of the grace of God, and His amazing keeping power! Blessings!
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  12. It almost sounds as they you are saying, believe on Christ, get baptized for removal of sins and then don't ever sin again otherwise you will no longer be saved.

    Is this correct?
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  13. Euphemia,

    You are such an encourager! God Bless you--your heart is truly golden. I am so inspired by your writings! You are right, only God can keep us--we cannot keep ourselves. Thank you for being apart of this forum.
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  14. You are so welcome...thank you for blessing me.
  15. Brother, what a beautiful testimony! God is so amazing!
  16. It is rather sad that an OP with some promise of development descended to a post about Baptism ,A subject that was thrashed out at the reformation and is but the milk of the Word.
    While important in itself does not help anybody to "go on to perfection " if all subjects lead as it were to it.
    In that regard those who never get passed that nor can while they hold such wrong thinking about it . Simply go around in circles .
    "searching the scriptures for (Gods will)"
    You might argue that the scriptures are Gods standing orders.
    That is to say those orders to an army and any soldier that are applicable to all and at any time and always .
    Standing orders.
    But there are also orders specifically given to a soldier or unit or army that is over and above standing orders.
    They do not override them or negate them for they still 'stand' but as in any war a soldier or unit or army gets specific orders for a particular job or situation.
    In that regard you have the will of God that is general to all and applies to all who are soldiers of the cross.
    It is usually in the 'habit' of doing the norm that specific orders arrive .Both in the army and with God.
    Samuel was as his custom ministering in the temple .
    The father of John the baptist was also .
    John was in the Spirit on the Lords day .....
    Peter James and John were fishing.
    Gidion was threshing the corn.
    The servant of Elijah was ploughing the field.
    The man who ministered to Saul of Tarsus was ,as his custom was;praying.
    "present your bodies as a living sacrifice unto God which is our reasonable service that you may know and prove what is the acceptable will of God " we often want to know the will of God before we are willing to present our bodies . It must be done unconditionally . A soldier does not question his commander before he receives his orders nor for that matter does he do so after!
    Though he might ask for clarification or conformation of the order .
    Peter did not just step out of the boat without first making sure it was the Lord .
    Mary asked for clarification "for she knew not a man"
    Gidion was cautious also and made sure that this was of God.
    Search the scriptures and learn how to be a soldier and conduct yourself like one . But also learn that often God breaks into the every day life and does something wonderful in and through you .
    Jesus went about doing good.
    He did not seek God about every little thing and what good he could do.
    He did speak to God an awful lot about men . He was then in a perfect place to then speak to men about God.
    In John 8 and the account of the woman caught in adultery . The beginning of the story does not start ate John 8:1 but in the last couple of verses of the chapter before .
    For while "everyone went to their own house " Jesus went up to the mountain to pray.
    If you want to do the most good you must be willing to go where no one else is going as it were. For while every one went to the warmth and comfort of thier own beds and homes ,Jesus redeemed the time and spent many an hour in prayer up the mountain.
    When faced with the impossible demands of the religionists the next day and faced with an impossible choice . He was not only found in the right place ,he was found in the right mind and found to have the presence of mind not to be manouvered by the world and the religionists in the way they demand . But took his time to consider it all before God and judge righteous judgment and do the will of God .
    For the standing orders for Himself was "not to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved"
    They who sought to be justified by the law were answered according to the law and by the law each was convicted in his own heart and concience of thier sin.
    She who was under the law condemned ,found mercy and grace.
    If Jesus had not gone up the mountain to pray he would not have been able to face that situation and do the good he did .
    If Jesus had not prayed in the garden then his flesh would have conquered and he would have died that night .
    and because he prayed he was able and ready to face the morning and all that terrible day that lay ahead.
    "For in that he feared he was heard"
    The disciples slept and ran when faced with the challenge that suddenly came upon them.
    "while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares"
    It takes more than the scriptures alone to know the will of God .
    It takes a sanctified life also "that we might know and prove whjat is that good and acceptable will of God "

    in Christ
  17. In truth, when the serpent said "yea hath God said ........." the serpent sounded like a seeker of light or the truth.
    But the primary objective was to get a religious 'debate' going and in the midst of that debate ;sow doubt ,confusion and a lie.

    Not all questions are straight forward and honest .Nor are all questions designed to illicit the truth .Or get clarification as to what God has indeed said. For that is known already .

    in Christ
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  18. And that is the Bible truth!

    It just isn't that hard to understand my friends.
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  19. I really do wish I could figure out what you are trying to say!!!

    Every thing just runs together and you go from one thought to another and never come to grips with the premise of the conversation............IMO.

    I do know this however. You said: "It takes more than the scriptures alone to know the will of God

    Romans 10:17 says........
    "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God".

    Psalms 119:9-11..............
    "How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word.
    With my whole heart I have sought You; Oh, let me not wander from Your commandments!
    Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You."
  20. Hebrews: 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

    Jesus sets the example for us:

    Luke 4:16 And he came to Nazareth, where he(Jesus) had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he(Jesus) went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up for to read.
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