Our mortal enemy has deceived the church with many lies

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  1. It really did not go unanswered. Personally I assumed that we all understood that the coming tribulation is the "Wrath of God" promised all through the Scriptures.

    Now that you have asked I am more than pleased to speak to you on your question. Unfortunately it will have to be a longer response than I usually make so I hope you will stay with me as it will be kind of "teachy" but it seems that it needs to be..

    First of all, it seems to me that I need to clarify that only the terms Wrath of God and Great Tribulation are used in the Bible. The Bible tells us that Daniel’s 70th week is divided into 2 halves and ends with the 2nd Coming of Christ physically to the earth. The first half really has no Biblical name, but the 2nd half was named by Jesus. He called it the Great Tribulation, and said it would begin with the Abomination of Desolation. It is a long passage so I will not post it here but you can read it in Matthew 24:15-21 for confirmation.

    Some people define the seal judgments of Rev. 6 as the wrath of anti-Christ although there’s no Biblical justification for this. In fact in Rev. 6:16-17 the kings of the earth will declare that the great day of God’s wrath has begun. They can only be referring to the seal judgments because the other judgments of Daniel’s 70 week will not have started yet.

    The Bible teaches us that the Great Tribulation (last 3 & 1/2 years) begins on Earth when the anti-Christ who is indwelt by Satan stands in the "Holy Place" which can only mean a re-built Temple and declares himself to be god. Various references in Revelation identify its duration as 1260 days, or 42 months or 3 1/2 years, all equivalent periods of time beginning in the middle of Daniel’s 70th Week. The term wrath of Satan was taken from Rev. 12:12 and Rev. 12:17 where Satan’s expulsion is described and is simply a reference to the Great Tribulation.

    As we saw above, the Wrath of God will have begun by the end of Rev. 6. And Rev. 15:1 says it will conclude with the Bowl Judgments. The 7th and final bowl judgment is poured out in Rev. 16:17 and its effect is described in Rev. 17-18. In Rev. 19 we see the concluding battle for Planet Earth and the Lord’s return, and in Rev. 20 the Millennium begins. Therefore it is the Wrath of God that covers all of Revelation from chapter 6 thru chapter 19.

    A number of references promise that the Church will be removed from the time and place of God’s wrath and some of those are found in Romans 5:9, 1 Thes. 1:10, Rev. 3:10 as well as Rev. 4:1. We are not permitted to discuss this event by the rules of the site but in short, there’s no Biblical support for the claim that the Church will see the anti-Christ and Great Tribulation or God’s wrath, nor could such a thing happen since they run concurrently.
  2. Ever read Matthew 24?
  3. I agree and you two are making things tough on me. Bottom line here is this.
    Using different wording to get around a rule ain't gonna cut it.

    So please take this as Your Last Warning
    Remember......if I get heat on this - then you know where it gets passed next. ;)
    Blessings my Brothers
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  4. My apologies brother. I thought I was staying clear of that R word.
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  5. I asked you about Matthew 24. I wonder if discussing it is acceptable?
  6. Actually you asked............
    "Ever read Matthew 24?"

    That did not seem like you were wanting to discuss Matthew 24 but instead seem to me a little sarcastic. If I am wrong, please forgive me.
    Anyway, I am more than happy to discuss Matthew 24 with you.

    What is you question and then we can see if what you are asking is within the rules of discussion. Of course you can read the topics that are unacceptable for yourself and save us some time.
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  7. Dost thou believe the order of events as laid forth by our Master and Lord, Jesus the Christ?
  8. Yes Samuels I certainly do.

    Your question has nothing to do with Matthew 24 does it.

    Do you have a question that you would like to ask about the Scriptures in Matthew 24 so that we can get the focus off of me and onto them.
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  9. Since we're not allowed to discuss the pertinent facts presented in Matthew 24,
    I've incredibly-wisely decided to rapture myself outta here!
  10. We are not allowed to discuss the Rapture but there is nothing in Matthew 24 concerning the Church or the Rapture.

    Lots of stuff but not the Rapture. Care to try again for something else???

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