Many Christians Have Blasphemed The Holy Spirit.

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  1. I checked the definition of that word, and it means to store up riches. Unless you are talking about the metaphorical sense.
  2. If you agree that it means store up, then why do you disagree with my explanation? Doesn't storing up riches for yourself mean that your heart is set on them?
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  3. Yes, of course it does.
  4. Then I am confused as to what you meant by your comment that said "not the same thing".
  5. "Your treasures" is a personal thing. It is what you personally treasure. However, the verse says, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures...", impersonal. It is saying that we should not lay upon ourselves treasures, as in riches. That is how I see it.
  6. If you lay up or store up treasures for yourself it becomes your treasure does it not? Since you are storing it up for yourself. Jesus even goes on to call this treasure that is laid up as "your treasure". It is a direct reference to the previous verses.
  7. It means do not focus on amassing wealth! When God grants us wealth and "more-than-enough", it is His blessing and the ability He gives to gain it. It gives it because He finds us trustworthy to do with it what He desires, and to use it to further His Kingdom. He doesn't give it to those who squander it for themselves. That is not trustworthy behaviour to Him. In Deuteronomy 8 He tells us that He gives us the power to get wealth and to be successful.
  8. Can you please put the specific verses? Also, that might have been just for the Jews at that time, considering that Deuteronomy is a book of the law.
  9. Lol where is this conversation supposed to be going again?
  10. Juk you are a teen ager now so I will treat you as one.
    You have been posting for some time now that you want to hear God or the Holy spirit speak.
    You say you dont hear Him and so forth. How many times have you started a thread or post on this ?

    NOW you come in here making these claims and I have to say Hum Bug to you. Where did you learn of this Juk ? From man ? Now there a real good source for you. Juk please learn to not spread hear say.
    Love ya Brother but it is time to start thinking a little more,
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  11. JUk is salvation a book of the law ? Is picking Gods way over any other way a book of the law?
    You are starting to sound more and more like a hand full of members in here.
  12. However Juk opinions dont matter one bit BUT only toi what His word means or says.
    When He is talking about a rich man such as in this sdtatement Juk........this is a person who has put all of his ernergy and trust into money. Making money. Hording money. Stingy with money. Money is his god or first love. Nothing comers between him and his money,

    It is not talking about some one being wealthy.
    Juk why not stop trying to prove something is wrong and get some understanding of your own. Then you will know that you know.
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  13. Did you know that once you accepted Christ, you became adopted into God's family....and as Galatians 3:28 says....there is neither Jew nor greek, slave nor free male nor female....for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. This means that, the distinction or separation of the races is not important anymore. For we all have been included in the inheritance of the Jews and Abraham, by the Precious Blood of Jesus....we are joint heirs with Christ.

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  14. The eye of the needle was a small door that was usually built into the gates of a city.
    ie. The entrance to a city such as Jerusalem would have massive iron bound defensive gates set in the wall with huge towers either side to protect them. These city gates would be closed when under threat, or at sundown every night for safety.
    If someone arrived after sundown, it would be up to the discretion of the gate keeper whether he would let them in at all, or make them wait outside till dawn. However even if he did allow them access, it would only be through "the eye of the needle".
    The eye of the needle was the tiny man sized door that can be seen in the middle of the big gates. The gatekeeper would only open the eye of the needle because it was more than his life was worth to open the main city gates. He would have no idea whether the lone traveller didn't have 500 armed men hiding in the dark to rush past him.
    If a caravan of camels arrived after sundown, they would be desperate to access the city for safety. Loaded up with all their trading wares it would be impossible to get through the door. However if all the burdens were unloaded, the naked camel could squeeze through the tiny door by bowing down onto its knees.

    Need I say more? Entering the kingdom of heaven, naked and on our knees is about right. Nothing we possess, whether hard earned riches, or declarations of self righteous poverty.
    Nothing will aid our access other than humility before God's righteousness.
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  15. Amen.
  16. So does that mean that you believe that we have to follow the law?
  17. So did God tell you that these men are His servants?
  18. Try reading Deuteronomy 8.
  19. Fine...
  20. Alright, so I read the chapter, and it is clear that it was talking to the Jews.

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