Many Christians Have Blasphemed The Holy Spirit.

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  1. How?
    This is a serious issue for priests and ministers in all Christian churches.

    Every time the church becomes bogged down in religious culture, traditions, forms of worship, ceremonies,
    they become a money/land organisational religious group
    and then
    the Lord either sends a revival or revives individuals with HEALINGS, TONGUES, MIRACLES, PROPHECY, visions, dreams, etc
    hardliners including priests get up and condemn the work as being of satan, especially talking in tongues.
    that is when they have unknowingly blasphemed.
    The traditionalist hold to an errant view that the Holy Spirit was only active in the Apostles
    and only in the first century to establish the church.
    So naturally if you take that stand then logically when a revival occurs
    to whom do you attribute
    supernatural works
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  2. Tongues are supposed to be xenoglossia. Like in Acts.

    I have yet to see any xenoglossia in action.
  3. You are right it is xenoglossia as in speaking a language you don't understand such as an earthly language or a spiritual (heavenly) language.
  4. The reason they condemn modern tongue-speaking is because it is unbiblical. What is holy about speaking babble? Our God speaks what he knows.

    Pagan religions do the same thing as modern tongue-speaking. So what is so special about it?

    But if you think I am going to hell for saying these things, then that is your problem.
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  5. Its not rebuking the speaking in tongues
    it attributing it to satan or a demon when it could be the work of the Holy Spirit,
    very dangerous ground to tread on.
    I have never spoken in any sort of tongue except English.
  6. You of course realize the implication of your position.
  7. It implies that what was thought of as a sin very unlikely to happen, in fact happens more often and to Christians who
    condemn those who are Spirit filled.
    Its when normal Christians become Pharisees that the law overshadows the spirit.
    they attribute a work as being satanic in origin because they don't comprehend it.
    There are a lot of nutty people around so its very easy to think of anything that looks strange as being evil,
    My thought is that conservative Christian churches have in the past condemned Spirit filled Churches
    on the basis that gifts of the Holy Spirit were 1st century only, so any possible demonstrations of the Spirit today must
    be counterfeit and so from a demonic source rather than a Holy source.
    I don't think real Christians would do this,
    but Pharisee pretend Christians might.
    I've never heard of anyone actually say it though.
    Its a warning to us not to elevate the work of demons to a level that it is not....does that make sense?
  8. So you feel the unforgivable sin is committed fairly often?
  9. hard to say.
    I think it would be rare, but since for the last 20 years I have only attended assembly of God or fundamentalist churches that
    believe the Holy Spirit is active today, I wouldn't know if Anglicans or old traditionalist churches are labelling such
    demonstrations of the Spirit as being wrought of satan.
    I think in the last 30 years all the churches have matured in their thinking? I hope they have.
  10. A lot of very broad accusations there. Where do you think this is actually an issue?

    The suppposed revivals I've heard about in the last 30 years were all based on "cult of personality" and fizzled out as soon as that personality was found to be a fraud.
  11. I don't like to look on it as an accusation, rather a speculation for debate.
    The issue: Blasphemy by attributing works of the Holy Spirit to works of satan or demonic or even fake.
    Those works being: healing, prophecy, tongues, miracles, visions.
    If you see someone, for example, benny hinn healing.
    AND you are a conservative Christian with no personal encounters or understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit,
    and your church may hold to a tradition that the Holy Spirit does not perform healings today,
    Who would you attribute the healings at a benny hinn crusade to?
    it is either, the Holy Spirit or faked by the person being healed, or faked by the show or?
    This is where a Christian, a pastor, a priest can walk on dangerous ground.
    Probably there are people who had a sore back and got healed but who can know?
    Its when you pass a judgment without the facts.
    I personally like benny hinn, but for years I didn't like his style.
  12. Benny Hinn's doctrine is questionable at best.
    Has a single person actually been "cured" at any of his shows? (and by "cured" I mean REALLY HEALED OF A REAL ILLNESS)

    Ol' Bennies financial goings on have also brought the ire of several governments.

    A tree is known by it's fruit. What fruits is Benny dropping?
  13. Thallium: I believe I understand your heart, and agree that many traditionalist churches have become religious organizations focused primarily on sustaining the organization. But I am not seeing Jesus reviving those churches. I am not aware of headings or other moves of the Spirit in such churches. I wish my experience would match your assertions as it would mean that such churches are experiencing revival. What I am seeing is that such churches have no hope or expectation the Holy Spirit would, under any circumstances, would move amongst them.
  14. I believe the Lord still works miracles. I believe in tongues. But, disagreeing with these things don't mean blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
    Though if person A, a true Christian gets filled with the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues and person B, another true Christian accuses person A of being demon possessed, does that mean person B is guilty of blaspheming the Holy Sprit?
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  15. People generally rail against what they don’t understand. The entire arena of the gift of holy spirit and the manifestations of the gift, has been so misunderstood, twisted out of context, hacked apart by the naysayers, and tossed to the wayside by unbelieving believers ….. It’s no wonder that “traditionalist hold to an errant view that the Holy Spirit was only active in the Apostles”

    It’s sad ….if they only knew what they had available
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  16. Amen, brother! This subject is hard to touch on. IMO, blaspheming isn't disagreeing with the Spirit, or what it can do or give, but of accepting it into our lives. Without the Spirit, we cannot understand the word. The word is for our hearts, not our minds. Our minds are to be renewed, but our hearts are to understand. What do the Scriptures speak to your heart about this? Hear the words with your heart, and trust in the process god has planned for us and it will come.
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  17. This subject has been populated with so many myths, misconceptions and misunderstanding it’s hard to know where to begin.
    With the weekend coming up I will have a bit more time to expound on this subject …dispel the myths and misconceptions and hopeful bring some light to a subject that I have spent years researching.
    My objective will be to present this subject in a manner that will help others walk in the capacity that the Father so designed for each and every believer.
  18. Let's start by not referring the Holy Spirit as "it." He is a living breathing person with a personality, emotions, and intellect.
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  19. For many years I didn't like benny hinn, I actually liked benny hill better [risqué british comedian]
    but I've warmed to him,
    you have to be mad to name Jesus and stand in front of millions, I mean millions of people and proclaim or
    try to make out someone is healed...its just ridiculous to even think.
    Benny Hinn has had some evil things put online about him and has gone through a divorce and
    even said on his show it cost him heaps financially, he was honest about it.
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  20. The original post here seems to decry traditions and forms of worship and ceremonies and culture. I would like to know what makes those things bad. I just see them as being more formal and organized and I find many of those things quite attractive. Could we not just say that it's up to an individual's personal taste?

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