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    the Word of God says many wonderful things I love the story of the prodigal son,

    love the Golden Rule I love the Gospel of Matthew, i was hungry you gave me to eat, was thirsty you gave me to drink nakid you clothef me in prison you visited me sick you cared for me.

    And charity is the greatest commandment, what is faith to move mountains without love, nothing . that is all very beautiful.

    but the Bible also has a Man being killed for working on the wrong day of the week. He was picking up sticks on the Sabbath, moses went to God and God told him have him stoned to death.

    Children were stoned to death for disrespecting their parents . John says unless you eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of man you have no life within you.

    And Christians do not agree on what that means. If Christianity wasn't so divided, and the Word of God seemed more consistent to me, I would rejoice at the scripture verses you have presented to me.

    As I said in the OP, the Bible contains the greatest wisdom. But in my humble opinion, the Bible also contains some of the greatest absurdities. I need to hear from God not from a book.
  2. Read the Bible, and choose to believe that God is speaking to you there, because He is---you will discover the truth there. Many people are wrong, but God's word is not. You needn't worry about people and how right or wrong they are. Holy Spirit is perfectly capable of ministering His truth to you so that you will KNOW it. Give your heart and life to Jesus Christ and He will direct you, and will send the right people across your path.

    Don't keep worrying about who is right and who is wrong---because you are believing the wrong things yourself.
  3. Christians DO know what these passages mean.

    Commit your misunderstanding of the word of God to God and read on! The New Testament has the Good News of salvation for you! He will speak to you there.
  4. also on a side note I am on a cell phone, so to save time i speak the words but the words on screen are sometimes incorrect. That is why you will see many typos and sometimes a word that won't make sense.

    I'm able to edit some of it but sometimes it will not let me edit it unless I posted it and then edit it. So if you see my post shortly after I posted you may see many strange errors or words that don't belong there. Takes about 5 or 10 minutes after I post before it is all edited.

    That it's because I'm homeless and only have access to a computer when I go to the library during the day.
  5. Go back and read everything the people on this forum have said to you. There is Wisdom in their words. The Lord speaks to those through other people when things get out of hand, and ware we are at a loss to know what to do. There is safety in the counsel of the wise. We are not smart but the God who indwells those who are his is.
  6. Some early Christian father's had this belief. The belief that the soul is inherently eternal is not biblical. It came from Plato.
  7. The soul is not eternal?
  8. If you had a child and you gave up your child for a murder on death row in place of him, what would think of that prisoner who rejected your child even existed? Like I said, you're judging God about something you don't have a clue about. That's arrogance beyond measure. Just remember this when you reject His precious gift. You're so confused from the polution of all. So let me say this one thing: the difference between real Christianity and all the others is that in real Christianity you can do NOTHING to get to heaven. It's all and only by the grace of God through trusting in what God did for you. All the other "religions" have to you DO something, anything, to earn your way there. You cannot earn your way to heaven. You cannot buy your way to heaven. You cannot wish your way to heaven. It it solely through trusting in what Jesus did for you on the cross as a substitute for your punishment for His innocence. That's it. All the rest is the pride of men.
  9. The soul is eternal. That's what "forever" means.
  10. in Matthew 25 Jesus makes it very clear that the sheep are separated from the goats based upon that they were at work, I was hungry and you gave me to eat, thirsty you gave me to drink, naked and you clothed me, in prison you visited me, sick and you care for me.

    what they did emphasis on DID, for the least of his people they did for him. what the goats did not do for the least of his people they did not do for him and they were punished for it. They were punished for what they failed to do, emphasis on DO
  11. Let me get this right..your homeless and believe the parts of the bible that suit you and what you want? And then you want to come onto this forum and lecture others on what we need to "do"? Maybe you need to STOP talking and start hearing, all your wisdom has seemed to gotten you nowhere?
  12. I never claimed to have any wisdom. I'm just letting you know what my struggles R
  13. Yes you pretend to have answers and to lecture others when you clearly are in need of guidance.
  14. people ask me what brought me to this place I'm at now and I've been explaining my struggles.

    I'm not telling anyone that I know how they should live their life. I'm not giving anyone instructions or recommendations.
  15. I believe I have read enough of your post to see that's exactly what you have been doing, folks try to help you and give you Godly advice and then you go on and on about what YOU think and believe...its not working for you is it?
  16. what's difficult for me ispeople can find scripture that leads them to opposite opinions. That which is in Scripture that motivates people to overcome pride, lust, anger, covetousness, envy, sloth, gluttony un forgiveness and every other vice, is clearly good and admirable.

    There is much in Scripture that has confused me, and I've run into so many people that I thought the Holy Spirit was speaking through who preached some of the opposite things the previous person I thought the Lord called to be my teacher and spiritual director.

    if I had a child who was lost and heading for destruction. & I knew I could give that child's all the clarity and understanding and let that child hear my voice clearly, to increase the likelihood of that child not falling off that Cliff, I would do what is ever necessary. So if I would do it for my child, God must love his children that much more, so I am waiting for him to give me understanding, and hopefully he will speak clearly.
  17. Now that is an honest position in my view and many would understand those concerns...But again you don't reject the truth based upon the error of some.
  18. I don't know what the true interpretation of Scripture is. Therefore I do not see before me an interpretation of Scripture or a denomination that has what I would say the 100 percent complete spirit or purity of the truth.

    And therefore I do not see what is truth and know it to be truth and then reject it.

    No I'm very confused at this time. Not sure who to trust.
  19. Not without Christ.
  20. Well lets start at the foundation...are you born-again?

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