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  1. I have ex Christians, not the ones who declared that there is no god like atheists, but those who have left Christianity and really have a lot of issues with some of what the Bible says.

    one of these ladies I know of has a gay son that she used to be absolutely a shame and disgrace and criticize and thought he was going to hell; was in agony that her son was going to hell.

    Spoke on a lot of what really bothers her in Scripture, and let me tell you, some of it anyways was quite disturbing and I do not blame her.

    This woman was caring for her dying previous abusive and hateful either boyfriend or ex husbanvd. she believed in forgiveness and being charitable to others and helping relieve the pain of others.

    but there are many non Christians who are passionate about easing sorrow and suffering which in Matthew 25 was the basis of those who were saved for serving Christ in his suffering and Easing his pain. the problem is many of these people have come to feel strongly that religion is very often causing more suffering.. I know that I have experienced firsthand the truth of that statement.
  2. You hang around a lot of Atheists and Apostates. Are you more interested in their truth or THE truth?
  3. if they speak of treating others the way they want to be treated and forgiving their enemies and caring for the suffering, I don't see their truth as any less than the truth.
  4. All good things, but they are not a substitute for the real truth that generates those things in followers of Christ.
  5. and how many followers of Christ actually follows his commandments
  6. It needs to be all of us. Are you rationalizing for a reason not to?
  7. I'm saying what is a follower of Christ ? thre's people who are pastors and kno the Word of God and preach it very well indeed to many people and lead them to Christ yet who also sleep with prostitutes.

    In my book they are not followers of Christ despite they know his word very well , accept him as lord and savior plus lead others to him.
  8. There are hypocrites everywhere, but there are also people who genuinely try to be followers but still sin. I think that hooking up with a prostitute is more of an intentional sin than having dirty thoughts or something, but it's still a sexual sin regardless.

    We are all sinners. I sin daily, I'm sure and you probably do as well. It's so hard to purge flesh desires from our hearts.

    That being said, just because a Christian still sins doesn't make us all bad. Am I better than someone that has sex with a prostitute twice a week? No, I'm not. There is no reason to be judgemental of others because of their failures in life since we all have our own failures.

    You keep talking about this "truth." Christianity isn't all about loving the dude you're drinking with. Being a Christian is hard. You are held to a higher standard than others (atheists and believers in other religions) and mocked when you fail. We must take up our cross daily. It isn't an easy thing, but what we are getting in return is better than we can imagine and worth the fight.
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  9. Do you know any, personally? You do know that hypocrites are everywhere, don't you? Does that affect you and the fact that God loves you and wants to have an intimate relationship with you as His son?

    Right. Why focus on the false, and not the true?
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    I think that there are people who feed the hungry and get clothing and care for the sick, forgive enemies, shlter the homeless, who are following christ by their actions even though you might not identify as christians because what you do for the least of his people you do fo r him.
  11. If one isn't doing it to the glory of God in the power of the anointing that comes from being a Christian, then he is merely doing good works that God will not acknowledge. He says that our own personal righteous acts are as "filthy rags".
  12. as of now I cannot forgive God. I cannot fathom that it could be a good thing that he leaves people in darkness and confusion and does terrible job of shepherding and instructing his people.

    Many times in agony I cried out to him for instruction and the instructions I thought I was receiving lead me to delusion, confusion, and disaster, failure, and humiliation.

    This happens to a lot of people who seek gods will. Just look at how divided and confused Christianity Is andthe evidence for this is enormously clear.
  13. That is a sad thing. Judging God is something that requires repentance. He promises that those who seek Him earnestly will be found by Him. He says that when we draw near to Him,. He will draw near to us. He never breaks a promise. So, in truth, your basic problem is one of unbelief.

    God never leads a person into confusion, failure, disaster and humiliation. Those are the consequences of following after the flesh, and living according to what one reasons in himself, rather than living in fellowship with God.

    I pray that you will cease with the constant thinking with the flesh, and read God's word, expecting Him to speak and then believing Him when He does---and He will if you ask Him to. He is the Good Shepherd, and He knows how to lead people. The problem is that people, like sheep, are not easily led. So, you cannot blame God.
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    I was just like you...angry, hurt, confused...
    Ask yourself something though. Have you actually given God a chance to work in your life?
    Do you go to church? Do you read the Word? Do you repent? Have you accepted Jesus as your savior?

    Do you want to follow God's will?

    P.S. I'm not trying to sound righteous, I have pretty severe anxiety which brings out bad qualities in me still, but before I got saved I had to take a medication everyday for my anxiety for years and my life was terrible. Ever since I got saved though I've been off the medicine and feeling way better than i use to and have been making a life out of what use to be rubble. I'm slowly getting better through God's grace and can tell you right now my testimony isn't over. I pray that you will experience the love God wants you to experience. He leaves no one out.
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  15. for some time I even went to church daily and spend many hours each day in prayer. I had planned on making my life a life of constant prayer and offering up everything I do in every moment for God in prayer and meditation on his word.

    I have given God plenty of chance to work in my life but I cannot chronically keep feeling abandoned by God when I repeatedly have asked him to speak up.

    I'm also getting really tired of all the people that I think God sent into my life to instruct me , and all the opposite opinions they seem to be lead to by the word of God.

    I tried to believe what I said about those who believe in him will a cast out demons and do the works he does and greater works than these. I know absolutely no one who does the works of Christ and greater.

    I tried to believe that ask and I shall receive seek and I will find. I reached the point where it was just too frustrating and just felt like I was wasting my time living in an illusion with an imaginary friend.
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    Pray for God to bring good people into your life to help you. You have to take the initiative with your prayer though and actually start going back to church and talking to people that are actually good influences, whether it be the pastor or just a friendly person in the congregation.
    If you know God then you know that he isn't abandoning you, it is the other way around.
  17. God speaks through His word. Repeatedly, Jesus says, "To him to has ears, let him hear". This means you need to wait on God to speak through His word, and open your spiritual eyes and ears, and when you encounter a command, obey it. You have not given God plenty of chances if you have stopped up your ears to hear Him.

    God has not abandoned you. All too often people live by their feelings---which lie to us and are no barometer of the truth, but are only indicators of one's environment. Feelings are part of the flesh. We must read the word and believe what it says, and take it in as food.

    Find a good church that believes the whole bible and teaches it, and that has a growing youth (because it shows strength and promise). Ask God to lead you to a place where you will receive good teaching, fellowship and training in ministry---not to mention help in all ways. He will do it.

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