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  1. I have no idea where you are coming from with that. o_O God sometimes literally wakes me up in the mornings---it's amazing. Just yesterday He woke me up by saying, "Mother."

    He created all mankind as spirit beings, and whether heaven or hell is one's destiny, that life is never snuffed out.
  2. I don't believe anything in the Bible contradicts each other. I use to follow that belief system, but that type of thinking only comes from Satan. Remember he is the great deceiver.
  3. I didn't say that the Bible contradicts itself. I said when it appears to.

    And you didn't answer my question.
  4. I did answer you. I don't believe anything contradicts itself so I can't answer the second part.

  5. That's it!

    Here is the Scriptural proof,

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2Ti 1:7

    coupled with,

    And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. Col 1:17

    So, putting it all together, we who are His have a sound mind, i.e., we're not insane/crazy, the mind is the soul, since all things are held together by Him, separation from Him will cause that which is held together to come apart, that is, the soul or mind will go insane and believe me I was insane and it is torments, so no contradictions, the soul will be destroyed from it's sane conditioned, but the spirit will live on just like my spirit lived and functioned while I was insane.

  6. I said APPEARS to contradict. APPEARS to. Not that it does. You can't deny that some things may, on the initial reading, APPEAR to contradict.

    I'm not yelling, but I feel like you're missing what I'm saying.
  7. I am not trying to ignore you on this, I don't do hypotheticals. Like I said as a non-believer I found tons of things in the Bible that appeared to contradict each other. Now with the Holy Spirit guiding me in my reading I don't find any contradictions. So yes someone who is reading it without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, could see what you are talking about :) I am not saying you aren't receiving guidance from the Holy Spirit.
  8. You aren't understanding what I'm saying, but it's okay. We should PM sometimes. It's fun chatting with you.
  9. Ok nothing in the Bible appears to contradict itself :)
  10. You drive me insane sometimes. Do you know that? :p

    @Mitspa, do you really have to rate my opinions in threes? Over half of my negative and neutral ratings come from you rating multiple posts that merely have my views in them.
  11. Well you wanted me to answer your question so I did. I can't please you at all lol
  12. True science today tells us that once somethings exists you can never destroy to where it does not exist any longer. You can change its form, and its shape but you can never get rid of it all together.
    When Jesus was talking about one person being beaten with more stripes than another person with fewer stripes he was not talking about different severity of sins, as all sin not matter what kind it is brings death. A person who is beaten with more stripes is because he has more sin, than the person who is beaten with fewer stripes because he has less sin.
    God does not torment anybody. He does not have to as that ability to torment ones self is built into every human being.
    When you do wrong and you know it, that causes condemnation and guilt which is torment. The rich man and and Lazarus is a perfect example of this. Jesus never used real persons name in any parable he ever spoke of. This was not a parable but an actual event. The rich man was tormented because he did not do what he knew he should have. We can even experience that in our lives today, and the only way to get rid of that guilt, and condemnation is by the blood of Jesus Christ. Every one who will be found in the lake of fire will be tormented by their own wrong choices they made in their lives. Some will have made more wrong choices which causes more stripes, and some who have made less wrong choices with fewer stripes, but the thing they both have in common is death.
  13. hey thats just my opinion...what you have the right to say any unbiblical thing and others dont have the right to disagree?
  14. Love the new pic. Is that Raymonds tv dad?

  15. You can destroy a ship while it is above the water, and then it sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor and there it sits destroyed. Even though that ship is destroyed yet it still exits.
  16. If the lake of fire is only there until a soul is annihilated, and destroyed completely, there would be no purpose of having the lake of fire to burn forever.
  17. I read your posts and I did not ignore them. I'm sorry that it seems to you that I only want to argue. Would you like me to not argue anymore? didn't think it was arguing.I didn't see it as arguing but rather showing you the state of my inner spiritual crisis.
  18. I will read the rest of the posts another time. I have a splitting headache right now and it makes my headache worse to stare at my cell phone and read at the moment. To be continued
  19. If you have an android phone you can download "bluelight filter." It's helped me a lot with eye strain and headaches related to looking at my phone for extended periods.
  20. Blah, I knew there was something about you. Blasted android lovers haha
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