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  1. Hello mattjanes grace and peace to you. I agree there are some things that can be hard to accept.
    In an earlier post you mentioned
    Do you believe that your judgments are true?
  2. I would also ask, in your free-time...what do you do? Are you seeking to read and understand the scriptures? I know I spent days and days and hours and hours every day to understand the truth. If you don't work there IS NO REASON to not study the scriptures.
  3. Good answer!
  4. recently I have not been studying Scripture much. i used to read scripture daily and sometimes almost fanaticly, but I have fallen into too many pitfalls.

    Instead of reading scripture I would like to see the Word of God being fulfilled. If God says he's going to do something for us I expect him to be faith full and not let his word return void.

    my favorite scripture verse is about when I am weak then I am strong, the power of Christ is perfect in weakness.
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    Our souls and spirits are immortal--with or without Christ. With Christ we live with Him, and without Him, we spend eternity in punishment. Annihilation would be a form of mercy. There is no mercy for evil.
  6. Are you born-again? and why would you think God needs to honor His word to those who pick and choose what part they believe?
  7. I was convinced that I was born again.
  8. I'm not here to argue with you so stop. If you disagree you can PM me.
  9. that actually is not off topic since this thread is about Hell and eternal suffering.
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    Our acts as believers are the byproduct of our faith. If we have no living faith in Christ, our good acts are powered and motivated by self only, and God judges that.

    You do not understand the significance of the sheep and goats judgment, but suffice it to say, it is not THE judgment we will be undergoing. So, from your lack of understanding, you cannot use the word of God against Him and against faith---you fail when you even try.
  11. God is speaking to you, but you are not listening. Who was it that led you here?
  12. I hope God led me here. I will say however that I have also been a member of atheist forums and ex-Christian forums. Also have been to a Muslim forum. I suppose the devil must have lead me there eh?

    Or perhaps there was nothing supernatural about it. As of now idk
  13. For the third time...are you born-again?
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    I'm not saying it's off topic. If you had asked a question I would have answered. I had a thread about annihilationism and it was locked by the mods because people couldn't stop insulting each other. If you have any questions about it I'd happily answer them, but I know that responding to Euphemia's post will cause an argument.
  15. Which one do you think is the right one?
  16. After reading some passages without any preconceived notions it appears not to be eternal.

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  17. I told you. I'm convinced that I'm born again. As far as I know the answer is yes.
  18. Well, were it not for this dogma of people tortured in excruciating pain and regret forever and ever. Christianity would obviously be the first choice.
  19. Morning Matt,

    You said you wanted answers to the questions troubling you, well, let's look at Matt 25 concerning the sheep and the goats.

    First let's use a guide for studying the Bible, let's answer these questions when reading the text,

    Who, What, When, Where and How can I use the Truth presented in the text in my life.

    Who - the nations (actually, to be more specific a race of people or a tribe)
    What - how they treated His brothers (Jesus was born a Jew, hence His brothers would be the Jewish people)
    When - at the end of the 7 year Tribulation period, choosing which nations would enter into His Millennial reign (the sheep) and which would not (the goats)
    How can I use the Truth from this teaching in my own life - The Lord is not finished with His chosen people, so I must reject any form of Antisemitism and/or any false teaching that the Church has replaced Israel

    However, like any Truth in the Word there are many facets to it that the Holy Spirit can use in our personal lives.

    Ya got it?

    Now, like my brother Mitspa and I have asked you, ...are you born again?

    You said you thought you were and then you said you were not sure, here is how you can be sure,

    1Pe 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

    Let's examine what Peter has written,

    We are born again, not like our first birth which was the result of our father's corruptible seed (sperm) entering into the ovum in our mothers womb, but by seed that is incorruptible, since every human male is a descendent of Adam and his corruptible seed then this has to be talking about the Holy Spirit who's seed (sperm) is incorruptible.

    What does Peter tell us is the ovum, the Word of God, putting it all together, Peter is telling us we are born again when the seed (sperm) of the Holy Spirit enters into a particular verse of the Word of God (ovum) and then he records the verse the Father used to regenerate him,

    1Pe 1:24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: (Isa 40:6-8)

    Then he goes on to say,

    1Pe 1:25 But the word of the Lord abideth for ever. And this is the word of good tidings which was preached unto you.

    The word word in the verse is not logs, but rhema, which means it is a spoken word, Father will speak a specific word to you/me/someone and that mixed with the seed of the Holy Spirit and the faith given to us at the moment Eph 2:8 cause us to be born again, .......regenerated spiritually or in our spirit.

    So what can we deduce from this teaching, ...just like our first birth we know who our father and mother are and the day we were born, so too for our regeneration, we know our Father is the Holy Spirit, our mother is a specific verse the Father used and we know what day we were born again because we repented from our old lifestyle, for me it happens to be the same verse Father used to regenerate Peter, Isa 40:6-8 and I was born again at a Wednesday night bible Study in the month of July in '86 at or around 9:00PM.

    So, do you know in your heart the verse Father used for you to be born again and can you remember the day it happened?

    Every true born again child of God can answer these questions.

    I hope that helps to clear up the confusion you have, so, are you born again or if not, would you like to be?

    In His Love,

  20. How is one born again?

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