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  1. Ok, I googled around on this and the reason why people "outgrow" the more affordable VPS offerings seems to be because of the size of the database. The size of the database grows as more and more posts get stored in the database. That's why some forums have old thread pruning policies. How many threads over a couple of years old do you think people actually look at and read again? I suspect its very small. Therefore archiving very old threads may be a plan.

    I don't think this site gets too much traffic to be problematic if the number of new posts per day is any indication. However I notice nginx is preferred over Apache and Postgres over Mysql for heavy traffic loaidng. Also gzip compression on page loading.
    Sometimes its better to do a bit of performance tuning before running off to sign up for an expensive hosting plan.
  2. Not really much I can say here. You could take this up with Jeff. I just know the history and I know that nobody involved here actually makes any money off of the site. I remember at one point Jeff was renting some server space and bandwidth out to some businesses (I think, if I remember correctly at least) to help offset the cost of the hosting, so perhaps that's part of it as well. We've had significant page loading issues in the past running on traditional plans that have worked pretty well for me on other forums I've run in the past. Being a fairly well known Christian forum, we do get a ton of bot traffic and we get attacked pretty consistently. The database is a pretty significant size, but I don't believe it is beyond any performance thresholds.

    Anyway, I probably just don't have the answers you are looking for.
  3. This is a Christian forum. Forgiveness is embedded in us.
  4. There are a number of issues here. If one bans people for bad behaviour it sometimes encourages worse behaviour. They may go and try to hack this site for instance or try to bring the servers down. That is why most bans are temporary (as I understand it).

    The other issue is membership. If those people had done wrong on this forum were permanently banned the membership role would probably be halved and advertising revenue would be harder to achieve. It would also affect Google ranking.

    Forgiveness is another debated topic. Some say forgiveness should go with repentance. Others say not. Depends upon who you talk to these days. I personally believe repentance is for today and part of the new covenant. However thats me.

    [Will be interesting to see if this post makes it out of the moderation queue]
  5. I like what you are saying, but doubt the part I bolded.
  6. For me, forgiveness and boundary setting are separate issues.

    if a user ( any users) consistent behave in inappropriate manners towards others, should they be given a chance to change their ways by given several warnings before ban is imposed, yes.

    does Christians have obligations to forgive, yes.

    does that mean one should put up with unacceptable behaviours indefinitely, especially when it becomes apparent the person who is doing it is not only unrepentant, but think their behaviours is justified in everyway.

    I really don't think so.

    especially I have seen some users get driven off this site because of it.

    rules and laws exists for a good reason, and that is to protect the innocents.
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  7. for me, forgiveness is not just about repenting for what one have done wrong today, but for attitude overall.

    it does not mean one wont slip in the future, but one need to acknowledge both their actions and mentality were wrong and try to make a change.

    it is like if I punched someone, for me, repentance does not mean I simply feel bad about the fact I punched this person on this occasion, it also means I need to acknowledge punching anyone in the face is wrong, and try to make a change.

    and in events where the person refuse to acknowledge anything and keep on being nasty....

    then well.....

    as for your others points, yes, the practicality part of running a site like this is always difficult.
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  8. It makes no difference if it is a Christian or a Christian website they both will be attacked since they both are proclaiming the Word of God, weather it is by outsiders or those who participate in the forums.
  9. I feel comfortable and I still haven't been banned, which is a good thing. ;)
  10. hi guys,
    sorry i don't visit here very often.
    just want to say
    this is one of the nicer
    christian forum sites.
    so thankful i found it.
    when i do visit,
    i pray no one will be
    reluctant to receive me
    into their fellowship
    because of my absence.
    lots happening in my life
    some things kinda sad.
    but i want you to know
    i miss the sharing
    that happens here.
    lv, carla :)
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  11. Sorry for my late reply.

    That is a good question. If we make more money than what is required for CFS, I'll either look into expanding CFS's ministry online or I'll donate it to some other Christian organisation. I never planned for such a situation because it never happened. To be honest, I've lost track of how much I put into this website personally. In dollar terms I may have put in a few thousands already over CFS's lifetime. I only consider that as money I spent to advance God's ministries so it's completely okay. Our moderators and members have also helped financially and more importantly a lot of us have put in a lot of hours helping out members here.
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  12. Very interesting, and awesome to here.
  13. I love cfs. Great site!
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  14. Hi Jeff~
    I've been enjoying my time here, but wonder... I seem to be automatically logged
    out, and have to log back in. It doesn't happen every time I'm on, but it happens
    very often. Glitch?
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  15. Is the advertise here a xenforo add on, or is this a basic feature of xenforo?
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    Thank you.

    That I'll check now. It might be a server-side issue.

    Xenforo has Ad templates which you can modify to use with Ad Networks like Google Adsense and BeaconAds. I am now using a combination of BeaconAds (christian advertisements) and Google Adsense.
  17. Ya Jeff i still get logged out every 5 minutes, even when I am writing a post hmmm
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    No problems up here in OZ. You maybe are running windoze? We (royal plural:)) run LINUX and Firefox. Never any problems with operational integrity. I doubt the problems you guys are facing are due to the forum S/W unless like me it has a strong dislike for windoze and/ or goggle krone.

    BTW Jeff, the return to the 'olde' system of "Amen/Like" is much appreciated by yours truly(y)(y)
  19. I use firefox pretty much exclusively
  20. Not good. Some people on this website are judgmental, put words in others mouths, accuse others, and lastly I have been accused of being "of the devil" just because they have never had an experience. Its very aggrevating and I feel that I dont need to put up with this nonsence. I didnt join a christian forum for this and I do not want to be apart of this. I wanted to have my account deleted almost right after I joined for all the argueing and hate thats spewed towards others here. And then I thought no I would stay. But now I see its just causing me stress and heartache that not needed. Some people on this site do not behave as a christian should. Please delete my account so I wont one day forget all this, check my email and find an email from here and revist. I am trying to not have unrest in my life and I dont need this negativity. Please delete my account.
    As far as the software goes sometimes pages reload twice or they keep reloading. Sometimes I click to log in and it makes me go to the ad even though I did not click it.
    I am going to pray for the people on here still, but I just dont want to come here anymore. Please delete my account. And I will pray the staff gets this sorted out.
    Farewell and God bless.

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