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  1. i received a message awhile back on my profile page. the member said i had entered comments on a wrong thread. i did not know some threads were reserved. i am not yet well acquainted with the dogma of christian forums. is there a mark or alert i can check for, to see if a thread is reserved for specific members? i thought public forums were open for random participation and truly did not mean to offend. the member who sent me this message was nice in the way he spoke of this issue.
  2. We used to be hosted on cheaper hosting, but because of the amount of traffic we get here, the site was almost always bogged down. The cheaper hosting programs tend to be designed for the hobbyist, and the site limped along for the first few years on them. Even though we are COMPLETELY non-profit here, Jeff looks at this as a genuine mission and has put quite a bit of his own money into the site. I've seen the bills. Believe me, they are legitimate. Nobody here is actually paid, no matter how much time we put into it. In fact, I would refuse to be paid, and I'm fairly sure so would the rest of the moderators.
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  3. I don't really know the circumstances here, but it is an open forum. While we try very hard to keep topics on track when we can, unless a moderator steps in and requests that you keep to the topic, you are free to post wherever makes the most sense.
  4. are you referring to this in your profile: ?

    "Jesus Freak Thanks for saying the nice things in the is it wrong thread. I really appreciate that. I am going to offer advice to those who ask for it."

    I think he referring to this, the title of the thread is " Is it Wrong" : )
  5. I enjoy my time here very much. There seems to be a lot of hostility between certain individuals, but everything else here is great!
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  6. Ditto!

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  7. Hmmm! Why does my previous post in this thread need a moderator's approval?
  8. Yes cyberlink you can go to the top of the page and click "watch thread" and you can track from there :)
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  9. I;m glad you like it here :D As for hostility, the staff here work very hard and pray hard to help keep CFS peaceful. It is by God's grace CFS is what it is:cool:;)
  10. It is part of the CFS system to preview a lot of the posts before they get publicized. We have had problems in the past where any post is allowed and it got to be cluster buck. Lol. It is for the common courtesy and peaceful atmosphere that we try to present to you and others through the Grace of God.
  11. Oh, cool---is this a random thing?
  12. yes, that's the message i received.

    i didn't remember there being a title, "it is wrong" in the threads.
    the wording appeared awkward in the message because the title was not identified with quotation marks.
    i thought he was basically saying, "nice comments, wrong location."

    sorry 'bout the drama Jesus Freak and i appreciate your encouragement. :)
  13. donno if this is right location to ask this question.
    on my profile page, there is a notation that i have 26 messages.
    but, there is not a way to check these messages.
    what is meant by 'messages'?
    are they responses i've received in threads?
    just askin' :)
  14. thanx for the info chili. i'll look for it. :)
  15. thanx nice person, you're a chum.....:)
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  16. I believe it only happens in the "Staff Announcements" forum from what I've seen. Sometimes links also go to moderation first.
  17. This isn't meant to be accusatory but just genuine curiosity. If this website is non-profit, what do you guys do if you make more money than you need to maintain the site?
  18. Ahhh---thank you.
  19. I honestly don't know because it has never happened. Jeff really does cover the majority of the costs himself and has for a very long time. I guess the question would be for Jeff. I'm just a volunteer.
  20. All good, i'm sure jeff will read this, right? Hey Jeff, reply! XD

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