How Is Your Cfs Experience?

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  1. How is your experience here so far? Any feed backs? Have you experienced down times, site errors or any other issues?

    We love you all. :)
  2. No issues, but I definitely am not a fan of the adds(n)

    Still love the site though :love:
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  3. I agree with Tink...
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    Me neither. But hosting cost has almost doubled. This is because along with the normal traffic, we now have several unwanted ip requests which has slowed down the website in the past even causing outages and database errors several times a month. Our hosting company is not willing to keep our site on the normal VPS plans. I had a choice to either suspend the website or continue on a higher plan after they quarantined our website. After giving it a lot of thought, I chose the latter and opted to try out Google Adsense. I'm only hoping to recover the cost of upgrade every month. So far it looks like half the hosting cost can be recovered. This may bring down the cost back to how it was before.

    For those who are able to share a bit of the burden, we have ad-free account upgrades available. :)

    I hope you now understand why this was done. And thank you for the feedback.
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  5. It's the 'dating' sites which I am afeared to click on the ads to get the web address for...thinking they ain't just 'dating sites' judging by the photos.
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  6. I can block ads if you message to me the url of the bad advert. That is possible. I have blocked a few already. The problem right now is that I don't see the type you see because they are country / region specific. I live in Dubai, so I mostly see Ads specific to the audience here. Just report to me the url and I'll block them right away.
  7. I enjoy the site. The ads don't particularly bother me.
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  8. Thank you for all that you do! Have you thought about requesting donations and/or do you have an area where one can donate?
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  9. Really? Where? Oh my....
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  10. Yes, in the form of account upgrades: :)

    Ads are not the same for everyone. Google Adsense decides which one to show where and to whom. If you see something un-Christian, just forward the link to me and I will block it from my Adsense control panel. I have blocked a few already.
  11. Jeff, having several sites in the past and one currently, I also dislike ads but I do not click them and completely understand. You have my vote because the site is awesome and the ads, simply, illustrate the temptations we must, as followers of the Christ, must learn to recognize, help those affected and to, ourselves, ignore.

    God bless.
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  12. There is a spot in your settings where you can donate to CFS as I do. It helps a lot to do so for CFS ministry. Check it out :)
  13. I am enjoying the discussions here very much . . . thank you!
  14. Thank you for supporting CFS for a long time. :)

    I faced the situation where I was given a choice to take down the website or continue. I chose to continue and use the ads to fund the extra burden. I was also approached a few times by other webmasters with offers to buy CFS which I declined because I never felt it right to sell a ministry like this. Especially when there are so many members involved.

    If we can reach to about 20 monthly subscription, I can take down the ads and fund the rest myself. By the way, the more the members and traffic the more the hosting burden so 20 subscribers may have to go up to 30 or 40 later. :) Anyway, everything happens for good.
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    Here's one:

    <url snipped>

    the women with their 'puppies'.....
  16. Thank you. I have blocked that url. It won't show up again.
  17. Interesting, so based on what people typically "google", the Adsence reads that and acts accordingly?
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    Yes, that right. For example, recently I googled for air tickets and for sometime after the search was made I was shown ads relating to travel and booking. Google has explained about it (contextual advertising) in their blog.
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  19. hmmmmm....exactly what I thought.

    Thank you Jeff ~~ :)
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  20. Google Adsense uses various methods. If not contextual then something else. :)

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