How Is Your Cfs Experience?

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Oct 18, 2013.

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    Thank you. I've removed StartPage. The site looks innocent to me but why take chances. :)

  3. OH NO! I meant that as a GOOD thing! Lol. I should have specified. Start page is a great private search engine; one of the safest and most private stripping and stopping all cookies and tracking if you set it up right. I also use Mozilla Firefox which you can set up in private mode versus using Explorer or Chrome.
  4. Oh really. :D I'll allow it back. :D
  5. At first I was having a good time, then a few people were bossing me around to like and believe what they believe. But, now I am doing good. Nothing other than a couple people involved in the above things. But, not anymore. All is good.
  6. That's good to hear Dana. :D

  7. No problem. I love this forum.
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  8. Today, I had a thread that I THOUGHT was gone forever come back up with someone saying it was blasphemy for me not going to church. It's my choice to go/not go. Point is, I wanted to beat this member up, but I just tried telling them to not bring this thread back up. That was my only peeve that I had. I am going to report them though.
  9. Just hit the 'Report' button and we will take care of it. If you want your thread removed or locked, just let us know. (y)
  10. So far my experience is great, but I've only just joined. I'm not sure why they claim blasphemy for not going to a "church" since I didn't read the thread. We are the church so it is anywhere.
  11. I haven’t been back in a while, but I then received notification that someone wrote me a personal message, so I signed back in. To my dismay, I now see that you have the option of rating someones post as “dumb”. I’m really sorry, but I do not think that is in alignment with the Christian way. Why on earth would you allow for this? Why can’t this website just stay the way it was…relatively wholesome and uplifting? I’m not happy about the new rating system. Whatsoever.
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  12. Oops I apologize for that. It came as part of the add-on I installed here and I wasn't able to customize it for our site. I've removed the 'Dumb' category. If you suggest to me what else needs to be removed or changed I'll look into that asap.

    Feedback like this helps a lot you know.
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  13. To be brutally Honest Jeff, I am puzzling over why you would expect people to sponsor this forum for atheists, who come here only to jeer????
    Are they supporting this forum financially??
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  14. I'm new to this site but I love it Jeff. Keep up the good work, what you're doing is awesome.
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  15. I have only been here a day or two, but I really do like what I see---even to the point of entertaining support. I truly do think this is a site set apart from others.

    I did encounter a bit of a glitch when it came to confirming my registration for about a day, but it did resolve.
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  16. Thank you again for your feed-backs.
    Yesterday I have updated the forum software and theme. If you notice anything broken, please let me know.
  17. They are not. And if they are causing problems, we have no problem banning them which we do. If they are willing to learn with us, we have no problem keeping them.
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  18. I personally think any members who received a ban should not be allowed to come back, regardless how many "buddies" of their tries to plead their case.

    I say this, Jeff, because I am aware of one particular user who was allowed to come back , and hasn't change his ways or felt apologetic for the way he interacted with others.
  19. I am a bit confused about what your costs are and are they really just hosting costs? I know you can get a DigitalOcean VPS for about $5/month if its just the hosting.

    Unless you are running something I don't know about (which is possible) I don't understand the financial burden.
  20. i've tried several christian forums. this site stands out because it's not so 'clannish' as many others are prone to be. i'm not gonna take on any extra baggage by hanging around a site where i am ignored.

    love to write. it's my preferred medium of communication. with verbal communication, can't hit the 'edit' or 'delete' button when having a 'foot in mouth' moment.

    appreciate the boundaries you guys have set for this site in christian deportment. 'tis a safe place to share. good to learn the ground rules for participating in public forums. also good when there's provided the space and grace to do so.

    thanx for allowing me into this sweet enclave.......:)

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