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  1. What sorts of hobbies and games do you like?

    I enjoy a variety of games but most I do not get to play often these include: bowling, pool, darts and others for the games

    The hobbies I have are music, playing a variety of instruments when I feel inspired.. I love writing when I have the creativity and I love spending time with God! All of which are so rewarding through His mercy and Grace
  2. My hobbies consist of reading (especially biblical/historical fiction like Sarah, The Red Tent, etc.), watching tv, scrap-booking, and gardening, music (I played clarinet a looong time ago), swimming, biking...stuff like that...basically, anything that keeps me outta trouble - j/k! :D
  3. I love to bake, reading the bible and other Christian based books. I love to listen to christian based audiobooks. I just finished listening to "The Shack." It was really good. Now, I am listening to "The Room." I was told that if you like The Shack then you will love The Room. I like listening to christian, gospel, and Jazz music.
  4. My hobbies consist of music, video games, building and fixing computers
  5. What instruments you play?

    I learnt to play piano a while back but have now virtually forgotten. I enjoyed it alot, must try again. I need to buy a piano though, but always feel money can be spent on something better. Other then that my hobbies are blogging, babysitting and playing starcraft 2.
  6. Cool man, what games you play?
  7. Your hobbies sound almost identical to my wife's with the exception of reading fiction and playing the clarinet.
  8. Then, she must be a great gal!! ;) Does she read non-fiction? I am torn between the two, but I like the escape the fiction provides, of course. :D
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  9. :)She is. We watch many movies together, I suppose that gives her enough fiction.
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  10. i like to read the bible, i play video games and looking gospel/hiphop songs
  11. All kinds, Minecraft, Civilizations V, Mass Effect, Command & Conquer Generals, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, DC Universe Online, and many others
  12. I read you are married. Does your wife play games too? Our poor wives can get so neglected. I played minecraft with my wife for a while.
  13. Well, this may sound strange but I put model Battleships together.

    I started many years ago in 1962. I was 12 years old and sick in the hospital and my grandfather brought me this giant ship model. From that I began to collect them and now for about 25 years I have been putting together strickly battleships since they are no longer produced.

    I produce a little information page and attach it to the model so that my children then and grandchildren now can read and see what these ships accomplished years ago. So far it has kept me busy and out of jail.
  14. I enjoy spending a little time playing the Minecraft. My BF has a server set up so we'll go kill creepers and chat. :)
  15. I like to do some creative cooking, read (mostly fiction), study (currently between classes but the last one was C# -- yes, this is for fun), and I spend some time helping with some of the ministries at church behind the scenes (like last saturday I spent the morning packaging food for the food pantry ministry).
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  16. :D Funny stuff, Major!
  17. YOU are to good to me!!! Thank you for your kind comments and may the Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of your hand.
  18. My goodness, another ooops. I am going to have to cut my fingers off I guess.

    Should have been..........."Keep you in the palm of HIS hand".
  19. See...you crack me up! ...keep your fingers, on Major! I knew you meant HIS, my friend. (but it was funny! :D )

    And, may He do likewise to you and yours!
  20. Major, do your kids help you with the battleships or are they more interested in video games?

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