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  1. I am reading the shack. I am at chapter 6. Me and my cousin in law are reading it at the same time. (she already read it once but wanted to share it with me)

    We decided that once a week we would take 30 minutes to ralph about what we have read during the week. I will ask if she have read the room.
  2. My hobbies are cooking, knitting and crochet, watching movies, reading fiction books or not. And I can say that reading the Bible is my principle hobby right now.

    I do play video games, especially during winter. I enjoy mmorpg like Wow and diablo. League of legends odds pretty fun too. I enjoy also starcraft.
  3. MaryseBlossom: Well, this is wonderful; I hope you will be very encouraged to keep up the Bible readings. Job could say: 'I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food' (Job 23:12).
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  4. I am very enjoying my Bible study. I found an application on my phone that have plans to read on a certain topic in the Bible. And I pray at least 3 times a day.
  5. It's so nice to see a topic where video games are mentioned and you don't get the usual all video games are sin and you must repent and stop playing them. Kudos to all that replied here for that reason alone!

    My hobbies include reading, especially R.A. Salvatore books specifically about Drizzt, video games, both PC and console to a lesser degree, fishing, and when I get the urge, photography.

    For video games I prefer mainly the PC for MMOs, but do play single player games, such as Skyrim. Funny story about Skyrim, I have had the game since right after the holidays in 2012, but haven't actually played it yet for any real length of time because of mods. I got up to and completed the Golden Claw mission (for those that know what I am talking about), but then I found another mod that I wanted and stopped playing to get the game working again with that new mod...lol. In total I have about 75 mods for Skyrim, which isn't a lot compared to some people, but quite a bit as far as I know.

    The MMOs that I play currently, are WoW, EQ and LotRO. I don't play each everyday, and thankfully EQ and LotRO are both free to play (I have the silver account in EQ and a premium account in LotRO) and with WoW, I stop playing after the month comes due for payment till I get enough money via surveys and stuff to pay for another month's subscription.

    On our PS3 I play Lego LotRO, Assassin's Creed 3, Batman Arkham City and Madden NFL 2011.
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  6. Repent! Repent!

  7. That's too funny! While I have never seen that game, we actually do have a cat named socks, but we don;t live on or near a hill...lol.
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  8. That's interesting, while I do live near the Hill, I do not have a cat named Socks (but I do have one named Cecil).
  9. We also have another cat named Loki and a dog named Trixie.
  10. my cat is named Shoki (japanese word) that mean demons queller.
  11. Japan, again! maybe related in your mind to your love of blossom, also?
  12. japanese have something i really love. I can't really point what exactly. They are so different than us. its like visiting another planet *giggles*

    I just love everything about their food, arts, culture, language. I believe it is possible i've had a life over there before ;)
  13. MaryseBlossom: While on the subject of Japanese blossom: here is a good verse from the Bible:

    "The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose." Isaiah 35.1

    (The grace of God, between the wilderness and the rose blossom, makes all the difference, right?)
  14. (source: JRHourse, Miduri, CC BY 3.0, wikimedia commons)

    MaryseBlossom: For your next trip to Japan: :)

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  15. "Japanese Wite-Eye (Zosterops japonicus) in the Cherry Blossom"
    source: wikimedia commons CCA 2.0 Richard Fisher, flickr

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  16. Okay so my hobbies would probably be described as: reading, internet, travel.
  17. My favorite thing to do, by far, is camping. I lived most of my life in Canada, and now I live in Australia. My wife is an Aussie, and camping is the way we explore her country together. I have learned to truly love and appreciate Australia through those experiences.
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  18. Hey, great; so you guys been to the Twelve Apostles, Ayers Rock, Bondi Beach, etc?

    I had a cousin who lived by the bend in the Brisbane River, QLD.
  19. We have been to the 12 Apostles, but generally we avoid the touristy stuff -- we like to get off the beaten path and just enjoy being in nature.

    I hope your cousin wasn't living by the river in Bris during the floods two years ago!
  20. No she had moved on by then!

    I'd like to see Ayers Rock/Uluru and the Olgas someday. Heard Island would be great, too, but it's a bit off the beaten track...

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