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  1. Working out / fitness
  2. No. They were always to impatient. It had to be NOW. Is the paint dry NOW. Is the glue set NOW.
    Can we cut another piece NOW.

    Now of course with grandkids and all the electric games they have, it is virtually impossible to get them excited about other things.

    So, over the years it has become sort of theraputic for me.
  3. Tropical plants, I have hundreds.
    Growing various hot peppers.
    Latest additions, 3 scorpions (Centruroides gracilis).
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  4. forgot to mention listening to music,fishing and camping....when Iget the opportunity
  5. :eek: You havn't had enough of Skyrim yet? :)
  6. :) I see that impatience with my kid and he is only 2.
  7. Never get enough Skyrim. Due to my rather hectic schedule I only get to play about 3 hours per month.
    I very much enjoy the realism of the game, pure escapism. Especially during the winter months when the
    weather is dreary, I can get into the game and the sun is shining and birds chirping (just watch out for wandering dragons).
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  8. That is a really hectic schedule!
  9. hehehehhh...I live with the worlds most exotic tropical plants as common greenways...orchids are as normal as dandelions in some areas...I'm all thumbs with plants, but since arriving here I have a balcony of exotic bamboo, heliconia, spider lilies, alliums and aloes....it's impossible to kill plnats here, where an acre of jungle can have 2,000 different plant species....
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  10. as repeated in my introductory thread, i draw a lot. been that way since i was 12 years old. i literally have dozens of sketchbooks in storage, and i'll be needing to get another fresh one soon.
  11. Is your avatar your work?
  12. yup. sure is.
  13. I ENJOY ...

    PHOTOGRAPHY - taking pictures { which I will be sure to share lots of pictures for all to see }
    SCRAP BOOKING - I enjoy doing this in the WINTER MONTHS as it gives me SPRING & SUMMER to collect up my supplies

    I also enjoying having time with my daughter and also with my hubby !!
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  14. I like taking pictures too.

    I play music, mostly GDAE tuned fretted strings (eg. mandolin)

    Thinking about it, I could probably group the rest as projects. I've no great skill in any area but I'm reasonably computer literate and can program to some degree. I'm no good at electronics but have made use of micro controllers a couple of times. I've got a mini lathe which I can make use of for some things, sometimes perhaps I can think a little differently (eg for our rainwater/solar powered garden watering, I use a marine fresh water pump as it was the best fit for what I had in mind). It doesn't happen often but if some idea comes up, I can find it fun applying the relevant bits I can do to try and come up with a solution. I usually seem to get there but I really have to take my time (I can't take pressure).
  15. Game-wise, I like Sudoku - the really difficult ones. Sometimes I find them too easy, so occasionally I do them in a much harder way: I solve them in 'reading order'.

    Starting with the first empty square in the top row, I figure out what the answer is in my head, with no notes or annotations to help me remember. (Sometimes just figuring out the first square requires me to solve most of the puzzle in my head.) Then I go on to the next empty square in the row. Once the whole row is solved, I move on to the next row. It might take days to solve one puzzle this way. Usually, by the time I get to the third row, the rest of the puzzle is easy, because I have it mostly figured out.

    I remember reading about ex-POW's who would play chess or build a house in their minds to keep their brains active. I guess that inspired me to occasionally solve Soduku this way.
  16. Reading, Watching Sports(mainly football), Video Games, Writing, Making music and Eating :) I do all of these atleast once within a week. If I had time to do them all in one day, that would be a happy life :) Instead I work and think about quitting all day
  17. Steam!!! Pc Games
  18. Spending time with my wife
    Swimming laps
    Creating music
    Listening to music
    and unfortunately I'm a political junky.
  19. I had the Orange Box for a while, and enjoyed playing Portal, Half Life 2, etc. But I found they were taking up too much of my time, so I got rid of them. Kinda hard thing to do. I imagine it's a little like quitting cigarettes. I still get the 'urge' to play.

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