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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum Brad. Cool forum name! How did you come up with caveman?:)

  2. Well well it's BRAAAAAAAD! Captain caveman :D Hey I threw an wxtra chili on the grill for ya.


    Welcome my brother from another mother from down under!! :cool::israel: How the heck ya been my friend? man it's good ta hear from ya Brad. You'll loke this site for sure. gotta lotta good folks in here and alot goes on in here and a good format to follow. Kick your feet up on a rock and get warm with the fire of Jesus
    Glad to see you Buddy!!:D
    The Great Chili has spoken n prayed:groupray:
  3. Hi Caveman,

    Im living in a suburb called Clarinda which is basically South Clayton. Im not sure where Coburg is but should not be too far. Hey its great meeting you too!

  4. Brother Chili! How are you mate? It is awesome coming over here and catching up with old friends!

    I am really stuck at the moment Brother as you know I have been researching religions to see which path I should take. I somehow always end up back at Christianity but I feel that if I 100% commit to Christianity then I am stating that every other religion is wrong in regards to eternal salvation.

    I hope that makes sense as I am in a state of confusion. Hopefully getting all this out in the open and discussing it will help me get some perspective and understanding. I would love to hear from anybody and everybody as the more I can learn the better.
  5. Hi Laura!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! My nickname has been Caveman for along time. Where I grew up there was a house 3 doors down which had a sign out the front saying the cave. Whenever my friends use to comeover I would say I live near the cave and therefore I was dubbed Caveman.

    Tell me about yourself Laura.

    I am 32 and married to my beautiful wife Penny. We have 3 animals.......i mean boys called Jourdan 14, Jarrod 10 and Jason 9. I have just finished my degree to become a Primary School teacher and I am currently working as a relief teacher while I look for permanent work for next year.

    Look forward to getting to know you Laura!
  6. Gday Jake,

    I have heard of Clarinda and know Clayton. Coburg is a North Western Suburb so it is near Carlton, Brunswick. I dont know if that helps you.

    Are you originally from Melbourne Jake? Tell me about yourself mate.

  7. Either God's Word is true or it is of no use at all. I can testify to a real and living Christ. The power and the presence of the Living God is beyond compare, He is real and He is involved in my life minute by minute every day. Religion is mans attempt to reach God but Christianity is God reaching to men.

    Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
  8. Caveman,

    I send you a PM.

  9. Brother Larry I really love and respect your straight forward answers and I wish I could just say Hallelujah and totally agree. Sometimes I have this feeling like I do and then skepticism and doubt comes back in. I want to get rid off this doubt but it as not as easy as just saying I believe!

    I can 100% say that I believe in God and I 100% believe in afterlife. It is very frustrating. I think I will get reading and just try and build on my knowledge and see where it takes me. :confused:

    It is hard to explain how I feel and we have all travelled down different paths to get to where we all are now. I just want to live a good life and have eternal happiness.
  10. G'day Brad
    I'm a kiwi with aussie blood mixed in there too, my Nana was brought up in Dubbo.
    Welcome to CFS.
  11. I am staying at Carlton very close to the city. I am not a permanent resident here just another international student from India. Good to see a lot of Aussies here. :D Lets talk about cricket. :p

    Ok. I have an exam tomorrow and I better go back to my books.
  12. Carlton is right near where I grew up in Coburg! Yes congratulations to India in the cricket. :) I hope you have learnt all the rules in Australian Rules Football and follow a team. How long are you in Australia for Jeff?

    Good luck with your exams!
  13. Hi Autumn Angel,

    Thanks for the welcome. Some Aussie is blood must make you a nice person! :D

    Dubbo is the capital of country music in Australia. Do you live in New Zealand?

    Take care and hopefully talk soon.
  14. Have only watched a few games of footy so far. Oh yup India did quite well.... Good effort by the Aussie team keeping in mind that India had the majority of support.

  15. I love and care for you too Brad . And you know that I am fairly direct when I answer such questions so here goes-
    God is love but He is also Holy and righteous- sin cannot stand in His presence.
    If we believe the Word of God then man is hopelessly lost without a Savior. Man's righteousness is a filthy rag in the eyes of a truly Holy God.
    So what can we do to save ourselves? Is a good life filled with good deeds enough to save a soul? No. The wages of sin is death and all have fallen short of the glory of God. Man's way is hopeless indeed except for these facts. Christ came to this earth, walked as a man, died on the cross and has risen from the dead. This sinless Lamb of God took the sins of the world and gave to all who would receive His spotless righteousness in it's place.
    You could have one million dollars in the bank and starve to death if you never cash a check. You could have a great salvation provided for you and yet never know or experience it's benfits if you do not act. Simple repentance and acceptamce of this love gift is all you need to meet Christ. Once He has entered in you will find life.
    To be blunt- if you have not found Christ in your church then go to another one as some churches are so lost in tradition and ritual but do not know Him. Do not be afraid to try another Christian church- Christ is the answer.
  16. Hey Brad

    I am married and have 2 wonderful 2 year old little girls both of them adopted. It's a little bit chaotic around here, but, oh well...

    BTW, just wanted to say something to you about the above post. I understand confusion and doubt, trust me, but I think I can offer a suggestion which, as simple as it will sound, I think it's very profound. The way to truly become a believer in Jesus and Christianity is first not to think of this as a "religion" because it is not and second not to try to understand it intellectually because you can't! Let me try and explain...

    Jesus and His ways are so far beyond our human intelligence and so far beyond worldly ways and customs that if you try to become a believer through human intelligence and humanistic ways, you will always have doubts. The enemy, the devil, loves it when people try to decipher Jesus intellectually and through science. That way they will always have unanswered questions. But you see that is the whole point. Trust requires unanswered questions. Jesus can not be explained, He is infinite and human and earthly laws do not apply to Him. You have to experience Him and you have to do it by Faith alone, not after you understand Him intellectually. In fact that is the biggest difference between Him and the other so called "god's". In the Christian, for lack of a better word, "religion" the only way to enter the "afterlife" which is Heaven is through Jesus Himself. There is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do to deserve entrance so He paid the price for every sin so that anyone who believes can enter. The bold here is to emphasize the fact that we are human beings, not human doings. In order to enter we believe, not do which takes the pressure off because it's not up to us, it's up to Him. In the other religions it's all up to people. It's all about inner change and inner transformation which you have to do on your own with discipline and determination so that you can deserve to be part of whatever religion. Those changes by the way are things Christians go through as well but after they are saved; not before salvation, not without salvation and definitely not on their own without Jesus. This why Christianity is so awesome. Because it is all about Jesus not our good earthly works. That doesn't mean we shouldn't do good works; we should, but not to deserve or prove anything or be accepted by the "gods"! We do them because we love God and want to be good to other people as He was and is to us. The other "religions" focus mainly on "doing" good works so that you are accepted. And that's just fine with the devil. He doesn't care if you believe in other "gods" and you spend your life "doing" good works as long as you don't start believing in Jesus. That's when he starts to get nervous because Jesus is the One who defeated him and if you have Jesus you have power and authority over him(the devil). That means you can actually start having a good life with real inner peace and you can also start doing serious damage to the kingdom of darkness. Actually I think that's pretty awesome! This is why I am praying that the battle of Armageddon will involve actual swords and demon head cutting:D! Now that's what I call "lord of the rings":D!

    I really hope I've helped a little. God bless you and please never stop asking questions. This forum is full of great people who can give you the right answers.

  17. Wow I did not know that Dubbo is the country music captial...that's so cool...I enjoy country music...in fact my Nana was an awesome singer in her younger days.

    Yep, I live in New Zealand, in fact I was born here. :)
    I'd like to go to Dubbo one day to see where my Nana grew up and all that.
  18. Laura thanks for the great message. You really have hit home for me. I do expect all the answers and I do overthink everything!

    Maybe I need to do more :groupray: and less :confused:!
  19. Hi everyone! Thanks for making me welcome here! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be away until Monday as my son is representing Bendigo in ten pin bowling and he has a tournament in Melbourne.

    I may be online over the weekend but if not I will be back on Monday.

    Take care.

  20. Have a great time Brad!:)

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