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  1. And may you also have an awesome Christmas my friend.:D
  2. [​IMG]

    Merry Christmas to you sir ... I am sure that you will be having a good one compared to us here in the USA ... SNOW here for us in OHIO and so have a good one and hope to hear from you sometime !!!
  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family Lady Karen! :groupray:
  4. Hi guys,

    The first church I went to last week was a baptist church and this week I am going to try an assembly of God church. I want to experience at least 2 different churches before I settle on one.

    Does anyone have any experiences with Baptist or Assembly of God churches?

    Thanks and Happy New Years everyone! :) :groupray:
  5. There are as many Churches as Baskin Robbins has flavors of ice cream. It is usually best to pray and have God lead you to one Brad. Enjoy your visit my friend.

    PS: I had gotten saved in a Baptist Church as a boy and spent some time in the AOG. Both are filled with people who love God's Word and have a love for the lost. You will find the services a little different but the heart will be the same.:)
  6. *Pops in*. Great thread ya got goin here Caveman! I read most of it. Sounds to me like you are already progressing in your Christian life! Way ta go, mate!!

    Seems like ya got some good mates n buddies here, so I reckon yer in good hands!

    I hardly ever have time to go on other threads as the Inner Room and personal discipling I do keep me flat-out all the time. So just here to say a big G'day to you and everyone! *pops back out!*

    - BM [​IMG] Anyone always welcome!

    Oh, I used to be a primary teacher here in Qld - many moons ago!
  7. Believe me, ive been talking to caveman for a while now and ive noticed that my friendship with him has grown in the last few weeks time as well as his walk with God...Im glad to be helping him out....

  8. Hi Bondman

    It is an honour to have you come and visit my little old thread when you are so busy in the Inner Room! :eek:

    WOW an Aussie and a primary school teacher! If only you were Victorian as well! :D
  9. I really appreciate your friendship and our chats mate. I know this is a friendship that is going to last a very long time...............ETERNITY!!! :D :groupray:
  10. Good Morning Sir from ... WINDY OHIO !!!

    Have a great day and see you soon ... :groupray: if not then HAPPY NEW YEAR to you !! Take care Brad !!!

  11. Heyy big bro! :D What's up? I'm on here now! :) Should be working but I thought I'd drop by here and say Hellooo! :D :cool:
  12. Welcome bud :)
  13. My weight loss journey!

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I would post my main plans for 2009. The 1st is to read the bible as much as possible and attend church as much as possible.

    The 2nd one is that I want to lose weight. I have tried many times before but when I was praying I made a promise to God that I would do it. I also promised to my wife Penny that I would do it as well. Each week I am going to post how much I weigh and I would love for you guys to support me and even join me on my weight loss journey.

    I weighed myself on the 15/1/09 and I was 119.7 kg. I will weigh myself each week and post my results here. The promise I made to God was that I will get under 100 kg.

    Although this is only my 2nd day I am confident and feel really good about this. Knowing that God is with me for every step helps me and encourages me to do this. I have made a promise to the Lord and I am totally committed to it! :)
  14. I am here for you, bro! :) I'm here to support you the whole way! :) You're always there for me, it's my turn to return the favor! :)
  15. Hey caveman,

    Good to hear your 09 commitments....I will do my best to help and support you in any way that i can...

    God has lots of good things in store up for you this year! Just be still and know that he is God..;)

    Your friend
  16. Thanks guys!

    The hardest thing is giving up my Iced Coffee that I love! :(

    I have also given up ALL junk food. It will be hard and I have already had a few headaches because my body is not getting the junk food that it is use to. Hopefully my body will adapt to the new lifestyle in a few days!

    Once I get to a healthy weight again then yes I will have an Iced Coffee but it will be in moderation but while I want to lose weight then I am going cold turkey!
  17. Brother Caveman, drink a big glass of water 15 minutes before your meals, this has been a lifesaver for me, as I've lost over 50 pounds so far.
  18. Thanks! I will do! :)
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    I am sure that you do this Brad ... I am here for you too. And, you will soon find out that your dear ol' Ohio Mum will be calling on your help to get some WEIGHT OFF too. So, we can be there to encourage each other throughout our new journey ... so take care and remember I am just a click away if you need me !!
  20. we sure can do this together and we will with God by our side! :)

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