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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Caveman, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone. I am back from our trip to my sons bowling tournament. Our van broke down and is at the mechanic in Melbourne and luckily my Dad could bring us back up to Bendigo.

    I am dead tired but I am very proud of my son and his efforts in his very first tournament. They finished 6th out of 11 teams which is quite good.

    Take care everyone and hope to hear from you soon.


    P.S This forum is awesome and has really got the fire inside me going!
  2. Welcome back Brad! I am sorry for the van but glad you had a good time anyway.:)
  3. Hi Brad,

    Congrats to your son! Hope the van is all better soon.


  4. Thanks for the beautiful welcome Carolyn. You are awesome! :)
  5. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks! The van is still in Melbourne but we will survive. When things like this happen I just try and put it into perspective and think about all the people who miss out on necessities like water and food.

    Then I realise I dont have anything to complain about at all. :)
  6. I have been in Australia for around 2 and 1/2 years.
  7. Heh Brad, it is easy to see that you are loved here!
  8. Thanks Brother Larry! :) You guys have made me feel so welcome I really feel like I have found my home.
  9. Gday everyone! I have a question for you. I have a copy of " The Bible Experience" and I am going to start reading the bible. I have my good friend (Reverend David Lewis from Matthew 7) guiding me with where I should start with the Bible.

    I would love to know what you guys think of the Bible Experience? I havent listened to much yet but I tried the start of Matthew and I found that I could sit there and really relax and visualise what is happening.

    Look forward to your comments! :)
  10. After that amount of time you must surely be a true blue Aussie Jeff! :D

    Are you planning to live here permanently?
  11. Most probably no but it will depend on God's will. ;)
  12. Hi Jeff,

    I find the comment 'Gods will' very interesting. I believe that God has a plan for everyone but we make our own decisions for what happens. For example if you really want to live in Australia then you would exhaust every avenue to live here or on the other hand if you dont then you will just make plans in the future.

    I think we have to realise that God has given us the responsibility to make choices and judgements on our journey. (This wasnt directed at you Jeff but your comments got me thinking!)

    I dont know if that makes any sense but I hope so! :)

  13. What you say is true my friend, we make choices. But it is a wise man who prayerfully seeks God's will for his life and follows Him.
    There is God's perfect will for our lives and God's permissive will for our lives; the first is the place of blessing the second can be one of hard lessons. It is only in the very center of His will for our lives that we will find our peace, our true purpose and fulfillment.
    Can you imagine a sports car trying to be a dump truck? Or vice-versa?
    Until a man finds himself in Christ he has no idea of who (or what) he really is.
    Can you imagine a loving Father allowing His child to be content with anything less than what is really best for him?

    Rom 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.
  14. I just love your user name "Caveman" it's so.......down under M8 God Bless

    Buddy Chili
  15. Right back at you "Chili" your user name is just so...........HOT! :D

  16. They are such wise words Brother Larry but it is so much easier to read than to do! :eek:
  17. I guess that is another one of those choices my friend.:)
  18. This is exactly why I have started to read the bible so I can make an informed choice! :)
  19. It is truly only when we begin to hear the Holy Spirit speak that we can be wise. The fallen mind of a man will always move in opposition to God as that is simply the nature of the flesh. Yet even when we are quite lost we can sense His love drawing us to the truth of His Word.
    It is no accident that you are here and no accident that you are readng His Word.:)
    You my friend are on the right path.
    If I mighy ask what book of the Bible are you currently reading?

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