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  1. Over here fruit trees now available for planting at the garden centres. Best time to plant when they bare. I already have enough trees on my land but if there was room for more i would definitely go for a plum tree.
  2. Actually..wonder if could plant one on my grass verge. There used to be an olive tree there as all our street got one each but out one fell over when a car ar crashed into it.
    So I have my own in a pot instead, inside my property. I dont know if i will plant it out again.

    I suppose it would be a bit weird to be the only neighbours in the street to have a plum tree on the verge but then another neighbour has planted agapanthus plants all on theirs.
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  3. Before the land got subdivided into housing it used to be an orchard growing apples i think.
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  4. I eat at least one apple every day, usually Granny Smith.
    I also love Blackberries, Watermelon, and grapes (depending on type).

    Although I've been juicing fruits and veggies every day for the past 2 weeks. I usually just grab whatever fruit is on sale at the grocery store along with vegetables like kale, cucumbers, carrots, and beets. I'll juice those things with fruits (especially apple, melon, blueberries, and strawberries). It's very delicious and extremely healthy.
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  5. Arrgh! My thornless blackberry seems to have some kind of disease, its leaves have all turned purple and underneath got these yellow spotty infestation of something?!

    I planted another cranberry bush today. I have never had fresh cranberries, but they say they good for juicing and making jelly and sauce. You meant to plant them in the coldes, wettest spot in the garden.
  6. Oh no, its rust. Im gonna have to pull it out. It hasnt even fruited yet.
  7. Man, that sucks.
  8. Sounds like bad news. Can you look it up on a web site - ideally one for NZ?
  9. Yea I looked it up. I dont think it would have tasted any good anyway..being an american hybrid and thornless. Better stick with the wild ones down the reserve.
  10. I pulled out my blackberry bramble. I am thinking of obtaining a blackcurrant bush instead. I like blackcurrant juice.
    Also, it doesn't have thorns.
  11. Most of our blackcurrants go to blackcurrant jelly and to a blackcurrant cordial. We freeze the cordial in plastic bottles.
  12. My mother uses imperial measures for this one but I think this conversion should work out for you if you are interested.

    Blackcurrant cordial

    800g blackcurrants
    500ml water

    Prepare the fruit. Strip fruit off stalks
    Place in a large bowl and mash well
    Add the water
    Cover container with a clean cloth and secure with string
    Leave covered for 2-3 days in a cool dark place
    Tip the contents in to a large saucepan, heat it up and squash the fruit to release the juice
    Strain through a jelly bag over night
    Measure the volume of liquid.
    Add 300g of sugar per 500ml liquid
    Heat very gently to ensure that the sugar is dissolved
    Pour the liquid into clean dry bottles filling to 13mm inch below the stopper
  13. Thanks boltardy!

    Ribena was my favourite drink as a child.
    If I obtain a blackcurrant bush, be able to make my own! I wont put as much sugar as ribena does though. A high school student once did a science fair project and found ribena did not have the vitamin c in it that it claimed. Well, not drink does when its not fresh and as processed as they are these days.
  14. Just planted my blackcurrant. It is the 'sefton' variety, said to be the sweetest.
  15. I've not a clue what ours are.

    I thought they had all gone but apparently we still got some redcurrants as well as the blackcurrant bushes. I quite like these with raspberries in a jam. Raspberry jam can get that bit too sweet for by taste and redcurrants seem to me to offset that sweetness.
  16. I like Ribena but I think this one my mother makes has the better taste. I don't know if this makes any sense but to me, it has more of the "taste of the berries on the bush" about it. Of course, with a recipe like this, you are free to alter the sugar content. I've just given the ratio we use.
  17. Blackcurrants are said to have the most vitamin c content of all the fruits.
  18. Went to the garden centre yesterday, considered buying a plum...some are self fertile so you only need one.
    But...decided to buy a magnolia instead! I know...you cant eat magnolias...but I thought I would plant this in memory of my friend who is now with the Lord. She never had children, she died too young. So I think its fitting she has this tree.

    There were also mulberry trees which I have never tasted before.

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