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  1. Our climate would (I think) still be classed as temperate. Snow is perhaps not an every year thing where I live but we certainly can get even heavy snow falls sometimes. - winters vary. Frosts, with our seasons you can get them as late in spring as in April.
  2. Apples do not do it for me either, when younger I had some allergic reaction to apples and stopped eating it. Now, the taste just put me off, same thing happened with my dad and uncle and bananas, allergic when small, outgrown it, but they could not stand the taste when they grew up.
    I do eat pears, and enjoy it when just right, but pears often goes soft and have a funny texture, almost going powdery, then I can't stand it.
    I can say, reading this thread, I have heard of fruit that I never knew existed - so cool.
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  3. I agree, though I do like bananas. Had a banana smoothie a while ago.
  4. Fruit can vary a bit, eg. perhaps our best known UK cooking apple, the bramley is quite different to an "eater". West country cider apples are supposed to be different again...

    Somewhere else I lived had a pear tree with small pears as hard as bullets. I don't think anyone would have wanted to eat them raw. You could stew them and do a pear crumble though. We've gone for a couple of "desert" types for the new planting. One is a William pear. I think the other might be Doyenne du Commice.

    Another place I lived had an "inedible" plum but my mother did mange to make a wine from it.

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  5. I love most fruits. Most especially when they are fully tree or vine ripened. If you have never had them this way, it is a BIG difference! So much sweeter and much more flavour!
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  6. I suggest that you make a thread about meats next. I would make it, but this seems to be your thing. @OP
  7. One fruit that I was blown away by the difference between tree ripened and ripened after picking, is the peach. Man, I tell you...a world of difference! I remember the first and only time I tried them was at a fruit farm; it was years ago with a friend of mine. We both had the same reaction...I think we both fell in love with a fruit that day LOL!
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  8. I sure hope this thread keeps going - much to learn here.
    Any way, off home for me now, then one hour sleep and off to church I go - the wonders on night shift.
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  9. How the check do you get by with 1 hour of sleep??? [emoji15]
  10. Man that sucks. I'll be praying for you.
  11. Tbh, I suspect the variety makes more difference with something like an apple. Possibly (I'm no expert on this) the best are some of the older varieties eg. not suited for commercial (supermarket, etc) handling but smaller growers may have???

    My mother's apricots mentioned above just picked out of the bedroom window may have been a candidate for what you say though (I wasn't around to try them).

    If I could extend things I definitely agree though. Garden peas just picked can beat anything you can buy. Sweet corn is best just picked. There is something special about that ripe tomato you just pick from the greenhouse, etc.
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  12. Even bananas fully tree ripened are way better. First time I had them was in Ecuador. I was surprised by the difference in taste.
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  13. Sounds interesting! I've not had the opportunity to try a banana just picked off the tree!

    They (all imported) seem to vary over here and I'm not sure why. The worst to me are like pithy cardboard. The best are lovely to me.
  14. If you ever get a chance to go to a tropical country, make sure you get some local freshly picked fruit if you can. Most tropical fruit is picked and shipped only partially ripe. Again, fully tree/vine ripened is a huge difference. Mangoes, papaya, sugar cane....so good!
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  15. Forgot to mention have this loquat tree but never had any loquats from it as its too cool here for it to fruit.
    Reminds me of when Jesus cursed the fig tree. ?!

    I was thinking on this topic and wondered, if not seeing any fruits in my life that I'm just in the wrong place? Would I be better transplanted somewhere else? Some of us only blossom in warmer climates. I'd really like to go check out living in the Cook Islands or somewhere tropical.
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  16. It only happens when I have to work night shift, when on Mondays, I get up at six in the morning, start work at 22:00, then get home at 06:30, the next morning, so that is more than a 24 hour day, but sometimes I might get an hour or two in the afternoon(Monday) , but not often, and then, like on, Saturday, I was up at roughly 10:30, to work at 22:00, got about 45 minutes sleep before going to church this morning, and I'm still awake, I've now been lying in bed for an hour, without sleep, giving up.
    I'm not alone in this circle, I have six other colleagues have to endure same from time to time. You do not get used to it, just accept it.
    My body is telling me that it's a time for a change though.
    I do not wish this on anyone, every week you have to change your sleep pattern, the body just does not work that way.
    I trust in my Father for the future of my family, change included.
  17. I definitely want a peach tree again one day, it's a lovely fruit to have from your bank yard.
  18. Peach cobbler my fave.
  19. A fruit farm lol. You mean an orchard?
    Strawberry fields forever...I have potted up mine, as they had lots of runners. Hopefully I will get a nice crop come summer.
  20. Strawberries do not take up much room and you can have them in pots on the balcony.
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