Favourite fruits

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  1. Did you know they have square watermelons in Japan?
  2. What!!
    They broke it!
  3. My favorites are
    Red grapes, peaches, apples, oranges and cranberry salad. Ooohhhh and raspberries. Used to get some right off of my grandmas vine...and put them on vanilla ice cream.
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  4. How in the world did they achieve that? Wow!
  5. Raspberry jelly and vanilla ice cream are a good combination.
    Nobody's mentioned cherries..or bananas..I like mine yellow with a tinge of green.

    Funny that pineapple is actually a berry. And strawberries are such a funny fruit, they are inside out. Their seeds on the outside. Strawberries also good with ice cream..in fact...most fruits are.
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  6. I have no idea. I'm sure we can find out.
  7. They grow them in a square box -
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  8. I would say that apples are my favorite fruit. I eat one a day. I do love a cool, crisp, watermelon on a hot summer day though!
  9. I like red cherries myself. That is an interesting fact about pineapple.......which i also enjoy!
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  10. One fruit salad, coming right up.
    Now there is a big thing for fresh juice smoothies. If you buy them from the juice stand though they very expensive! But worth it, good for fasting.

    My favourite would be any containing mangoes, strawberries, pineapple, apple, lemon, watermelon
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  11. I feel like making a case for the apple. It can be sort of like the potato in the veg world - you sort of take that one for granted but you can chip (US would be French fry I'm not sure about NZ terms) it in hot oil, you can boil it and knock it to bits with a masher, maybe you'd like them boiled and cubed with some mayonaise as a potato salad. Now to come on to that apple, as well as raw, you can have apple juice, apple crumple, apple pie, maybe bake them in the oven with sultanas, or maybe apple Charlotte is more to your taste...

    One I'd like to be able to grow here is the apricot. It can thrive in parts of the UK where I live but conditions need to be right - a sunny south facing wall that doesn't get a lot of wind is ideal and we can't make that. My mother tells me of reaching out of her bedroom window and picking fruits that had been warmed by the days sun where she lived as a child though.
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  12. I have never tried apple charlotte...

    Yesterday I planted three blueberry bushes and a cranberry.
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    Have tried a blueberry but didn't do so well.

    Have you ever heard of a billberry? I was born in Shropshire and the Stiper Stone area is supposed to be on place for them growing wild (I'm not sure they are cultivated much) . Similar to the blueberry but someone like my mother who is native Shropshire would probably say the billberry has the better taste (not that blueberries are bad)/
  14. No...never seen or tasted one.

    Apparently blueberries like peaty soil. They grow on moorlands and like it acidic and damp. Dont put them in pots as they like it cool. Also, plant differnt varieties for cross pollination, thats why I have three. They nice plants, with good autumn colours.
  15. Yep, some things like it that way. OT but I have a Venus fly trap growing on the windowsill. They are supposed to hate lime so I only give it rainwater...

    Autumn colours may be a different subject to me again and I do wonder what New England may be like in their fall.

    Got me thinking of other trees now... I think our own best to look at for much of the year is a silver birch. Then there was an old tree somewhere I lived before - a walnut big enough to house a big tree house - squirrels always beat to the nuts though. And I can waffle on, can't I...
  16. These are the fruit trees and bushes have in my garden...

  17. Also passionfruit vine and grapes, and blackberry
  18. Tangelo and Feijoa, I don't know.

    Citrus like orange and lemon usually fail in the UK,

    Peach, similar to the apricot.

    Olive I'm not sure I've even thought of whether it might be possible.

    Here tree wise, there are a few apple trees. 2 planted last year pear trees. Of the plums, a Victoria, a damson, a greengage and another gage. Bushes mostly black currant but we have grown the red ones. Raspberries too. Some years we've had gooseberries. Up the field growing wild later in the year, there will be blackberries. Also up there, not that I'd advise eating them raw - they are very bitter and dry your mouth out -are sloes. Elderberry is common here - although my mother prefers to make an elderflower coridial to the wine some make with the berries.
  19. I heard of damson and only had it once.
    No greengages, although a lady did give me a cape gooseberry plant which, I probably planted in the wrong place.
    Chinese gooseberries have become our biggest export crop - kiwifruits. But none are growing in my garden...they do require lots of sun and lots of room.

    my climate is temperate, we get frosts but no snow.
  20. I like all fruits, except apples. I don't really have a favorite.

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